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Well one of the most active forum on AOL, Yahoo and MSN, where freedom of speech is paramount. Our host put it this way. Come check the most successful, most active, and most talked about Current Events forum on AOL, with over 1 year of heated, lively debate!

 What is the truth behind what is going on in this world. We will find out in these pages. Life will never be the same.  If I offend, maybe it will make you study and research more. The Truth will be told here. What you do with it is up to you. We are composed of every tongue, tribe and nation. With this in mind, we must learn to live together. It can be done.

This is a place where I will share my views on the news, the media, spirituality, philosophy, psychology, environmental issues, paranormal and earth mysteries .

Lets show the truth. Lets expose the lies. Lets make this a better world to live. Our world is changing. Values and morals are being demanded from every direction. What you see may not be what is behind the scenes. What we do with it will have an impact on many. So watch what you do, watch what you say, someone is watching you too.

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