Clubs and mailing lists

Here are various clubs and email lists that you can join

Walk-ins Wanderers and Starseeds

The Ascended Masters Website

Circle of Light -Looking for soulmate, twinflame or true love

The Earth Rainbow Network

High Vibrations Academy, Higher Consciousness, Awareness

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Here are some of our mailing lists

This list deals with UFO's, Paranormal, Lightwork, Ascension, Keys of Enoch, Theosophy, Kabbalah Ascended Masters, Ashtar Command, Pleiadians, Walk-Ins, Star-Seeds, Angels, Occultic Wisdom, Pyramids, Ancient History, Earth Mysteries. Spiritual Lighthouse


everything from astral to Zen is discussed here, my friend Mystic host this group MystickblueSpirit


first online group I created A new age gathering


At this point in time we are trying to focus healing in specific spots. Think of it like a light grid, to form a healing network throughout the world. So that we can bring the health of this dear planet back to where it was long friend StarStuff's host this groupUniversal Healing


information about starseeds, walkins and many ETs, pleiadian