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Its Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse remains one of the most popular and recognizable cartoon characters ever. A star of stage, screen, television, and comic strips, and the host of the Disney theme parks, Mickey is the example of a universal image if ever there was one. His likeness and his smiling image can be found on tee shirts, jewelry, posters, coffee mugs, sheets, and just about anything imaginable. He is not only the symbol of the ever-increasing Disney empire, Mickey has also become a symbol of American success and capitalism. Mickey has even become a part of the language. According to Webster's, the term "Mickey Mouse" is used to refer to a bland or corny dance-band music, and things or concepts that are oversimplified and unrelated to reality.

MICKEY MOUSE, Walt Disney's most famous character, made his screen debut on November 18, 1928, as star of the first sound cartoon, Steamboat Willie. Since his debut, Mickey Mouse has become an international personality whose success laid the financial foundation upon which Walt Disney built his creative organization. Besides being the personification of everything Disney, Mickey Mouse has become one of the most universal symbols of the Twentieth Century. Mickey Mouse was born in Walt Disney's imagination early in 1928 on a train ride from New York to Los Angeles. Walt was returning with his wife from a business meeting at which his cartoon creation, Oswald the Rabbit, had been wrestled from him by his financial backers. Only 26 at the time and with an active cartoon studio in Hollywood, Walt had gone east to arrange for a new contract and more money to improve the quality of his Oswald pictures. The moneymen declined, and since the character was copyrighted under their name, they took control of it. "