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The Coming of the Elohim Part 4
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We are taking a break from the story of the Elohim, to tell you about the origins
of the pyramids. I will expalin why in chapter 5 of the Coming of the Elohim.
"When I probed for more knowledge about Knut (The Great Pyramid) and the
Sphinx, which to us were already unutterably, aged, they related a strange
tale about the great Beings called the Anaki, the Mighty Ones, who came to
Earth ages ago from another solar system, arriving from spaceship. They came
from the star Sothis (Sirius). They landed on a land called Aztlan (Atlantis).
They brought with them a divine consciousness and knowledge of all the secrets
of nature. My grandfather called them the Sons of God.

When the Anks first arrived from their home planet, they brought with
them a crucible called an Ark of the Covenant. This Ark contained a peculiar
pulsating crystal infused with a living light. Under guidance, it emitted
rays of force. It was constructed so as to become an instrument, a device,
a store-house, containing the power to generate the very highest creative
cosmic frequencies, capable of transforming matter into pure energy-force
and energy-force into matter. It was called an Ark of the Covenant because
it possessed the potential of harmonizing its divine potencies with the
material frequencies of Earth, a covenant of love and peace between the Sons
of God who brought it and the sons of men, the Earthborn. Thus it was the
manifestation of a promise that the Sons of God would never forsake the
Earthborn sons of men. The covenant was the pledge of eternal guidance and

The Ark brought from Sirius was built as a miniature pyramid because its
dynamic force could best be generated inside this peculiar construction. In
the hands of the Anaki - my grandfather also called them the "builders" - the rays
of natural cosmic force could render Earth's objects temporarily either
weightless or more ponderous, according to the will of those operating it.
It was with its tremendous rays of power that the gigantic stones of the
enormous knut had been shaped and levitated into place.

The Ark was similar to a thermonuclear reactor with rays of energy
similar to our laser beams - but considerably more advanced. Contained
within it were the "Tables of the Law," "rods of power," and a "vase filled
with manna." These were all symbols of that which would produce powerful
laser rays. They bcame far more than electric condensers. They contained
generators that were constantly recharged through the construction of the
Ark itself. They also contained mysterious pulsating crystals.

Thus Knut, the very Great Pyramid itself, became an Ark of the Covenant.
When, in its early days, it was covered by engraved white casing tablets
and topped by a free floating crystal and gold capstone, the pyramid became
a living Ark of mysterious force. A fiery halo was often seen to glow around
its tip, and strange sounds like deep rumbling thunder rose through its

Knut was the scene of initiations performed within its heart and bore,
then, even as now, Earth's inextinguishable record of the Mysterious.
The candidate passing thru the initiation ceremonies progressed upward
toward the Chamber of Transmutation (the King's Chamber) where, surrendering
to the mighty Ptah, he as placed in a state of spiritual trance and "buried"
in the incomparable granite-crystal sarcophagus, which lay in direct alignment
with the stream of cosmic forces downflowing through the crystal capstone.

My grandfather explained that at the time when Knut was built Earth was
aligned with an infinite light ray called the Kosmon Current, a radiant
light wave of illimitable power. He explained that there were many solar
system in God's universe. Ours was only one of many inhabited planets. He
drew charts showing me the Great Central Sun which projected a bema of
light force from its heart, right through the suns of all the solar systems
aligned with that particular evolutionary universes of time-space dimensions
which orbited the Eternal Godheart. Our mite of a planet had fallen out of
alignment with the Grand Orient at the time of the flood and the fall at
Atlantis (Aztlan).

When the space gods built Knut, the sun of our solar system had been
perfectly aligned with this great Kosmonic wavelength. The pyramid acted
as a focal point to gather in and distribute this tremendous infinite
light. The pyramid in turn projected the light deep into the heart of
Earth, keeping alive the proton sun radiating at the center (in 4th
density). Responding, the etheric sun at Earth's center acted as a
perpetual generator, returning upflowing energy through the Ark of the
capstone floating at the top.

Thus the pyramid served not only as a receiver of the force but also as
projector. So tremendous was the upflow of energy currents from inside the
Earth, they held suspended in space the capstone of the pyramid. Detached
from the pyramid itself, the capstone floated there suspended in shimmering
light. I inquired of my father of what the cap was made that caused tit to
glow with a light that occasionally was almost blinding. He explained that
it was a type of "spermatic" crystal, a crystal of living light, held
suspended by the power of the force rising through the center of the pyramid
itself. At the time my father spoke of the capstone, its inner light had
almost vanished from our visual sight. It increased and decreased in
intensity, like slow-beating cosmic heart.

So etheric was its substance, the flow kept fading from view. Only when
the priests, priestess, and initiates of Melchizedek could generate enough
additional power did the crystal cap glow as it had in the centuries gone by.
It had lost much of its power. So had the pyramid itself, though it was still
considered the greatest House of Light existing on Earth. A second capstone
made of copper occasionally replaced the one of crystal and gold.

More Arks were created, both large and small. Most were constructed of a
certain kind of wood and lined with gold inside and out. The Arks were called
Sekets, sacred chests. A few special large ones were patterned after the
Great Pyramid, but most were rectangular. They rested on pedestals called
Aras, which were shaped like the crescent moon, making the Arks appear as
boats, or vessels. They were topped with a golden crown and two cherubs
called Ariehs. My parents called them the Two Truths. The cherubim were
two winged creatures. Each cherub had four faces - of a man, an eagle, a
lion and an ox.

The unitiated unprotected sons of Earht were not permitted to touch
the Ark because of its radiating voltage, placed there by the generated
cosmic rays. The priests who had charge of it, called the Arkites, wore
protective garments. But there were themselves charged with cosmic power.
Such human Arks were somewhat immune from the rays of the crystal because
each radiated frequencies harmonious with the crystal. Since the Ark
radiated an energy destructive to all inharmnious with it, a gold sheath
was constructed to insulate it, to partially shield the people from the
power emanations. When small Arks were carried in sacred processions by
the Arkites, staves were passed through rings attached to the boat.k

When the Elohim first arrived on Atzlan, a massive stone structure of
pyramidal form was constructed because such a form would produce the
required resistance to the ravage of time. The pyramidal form would itself
sustain the charges of White Light generated in the Ark, which graced
the peak of the pyramid. Since the pyramid form was the most conducive to
generate the White Light, it also became the symbolic form of the initiate
godman. It represented the spiritualization of matter.

The Elohim came to Earth to serve the cause of light and to help Eartheans
emerge from their darkness and hasten their evolutionary progress. To achieve
such an acceleration of consciousness, they intermarried with the sons
and daughters of the Earthborn, thus planting the seeds of future briths
the potential for divinity. The lifewave evolving on Earth at that time
dwelt in tribal communities. Theirs was a constant struggle against nature
and animals to survive, thus their forms were physically powerful. But they
had limited mental powers.

Jesus, if he is related to the Great Pyramid (as explained by "lkhst" further
below), is more likely a Son of a senior Anaki who came to Earth to save it
in a most unselfish act. The following is what Astara says about Jesus and how
he came to save the planet from negative karmic debts (accumulated throughout
ages since the arrival of the Anaki) which could destroy our civilization.

Dr. Earlyne Chaney wrote:

The Mystery of Piscean "Salvation"

Man has been brought abruptly to account for the consequence of his own
behavior pattern established since Earth entered the Piscean expressions two
thousand of years ago. Jesus, Lord of Light, took on physical form at that
time with one cosmic purpose - to give himself to the cross for the spilling
of his divine 'blood'. The blood of the this "Savior" was permeated with the
high voltage of Akashic substance and it was necessary that the blood be
spilled so that it might enter the soil of the planet. The cross became
the touchdown point of this contact. As his divine blood, with its mysterious
mystical etheric essence, entered the soil of the planet, its akashic
alchemical substance, mixing with the kundalini essence of the earth, became
a transmuting akasha. Rising like a mist of light, it diffused the atmosphere,
totally purifying the ethers of the karmic darkness.

Before the birth of the Great Works of the Lord Jesus, the planet and its
atmosphereic ethers were surrounded by and permeated with a thought-cloud
of dark essence, created by the mass consciousness of mankind. The hates,
lusts, greed, selfishness, wars of man, rising as thought-force to permeate
the ethers of Earth, had enclosed the planet in an auric cloud of darkness.
The planet and it shuman lifewave of souls faced their Piscean initiation and
Judgment Day. Earth stood in need of purification and humanity in need of
salvation from its karmic sins.

When the mystical akashic blood of the divine Son of God struck the earth
at the time of crucifixion, the ethers of the planet were instantly purified
through a cosmic chemical process totally beyond human concept. Thus, the
"blood" of Jesus did "save man from his sins" - his thought-cloud of karma
existing at that time.

Note: The following is further information from Iksht about the connection
of Jesus to the Great Pyramid

Iksht wrote:

Now, Isaiah 19:19-20 says that. "In that day there shall be an altar to
the Lord in the midst of the land of Egypt and a pillar at the border
thereof to the Lord. And it shall be for a sign and for a witness unto
the Lord of Hosts in the Land of Egypt."

The prophecy has clearly as yet not been fulfilled, for the day mention,
that day (repeated 3 times in context, ver 21,23,24), refers to "the day
of the Lord", which is still in the future. The it conveys the idea that
the altar and the pillar are not two different objects, but one and the
same. The word "altar" in Hebrew means "Lion of God", and could refer to
the Sphinx, but the Great Pyramid is pre-eminently the "lion" and
massiveness and strength among buildings, and its shape also answers to
the description of a "pillar". The position of the Great Pyramid
harmonises with the location of the "altar" and "pillar", which was to
to be in the "midst of the land of Egypt" and the border thereof. If one
draws a curved line touching all the prominent lines of the coast, an
arc is formed ofa sector whose centre is located at the site of the Great Pyramid. The
Great Pyramid is located at the centre or at the "midst" of Egypt, and
as the Delta, or Lower Egypt, comprised the section of Egypt included in
the sector, and the Great Pyramid stands on the border between upper and
lower Egypt, therefore the Great Pyramid is both in the midst of Egypt
and on its border. If this be true then, it becomes us to discover what
the Great Pyramid as a "witness" has to reveal to us, yes?

It says further in Job 38: 4-7."Where was thou when I laid the
foundations of the earth? Declare if thou has understanding. Who hath
laid the measures thereof, if thou knowest? Or who has stretched the
line upon it? Whereupon are the foundations thereof fastened? Or who
laid the corner-stone thereof; when the Morning Stars sang together and
the Sons of God shouted for joy?"

Now we know that the earth has no foundations, for it is a sphere in
space? The building referred to in the passage must be one that Job was
familiar with. And to what else can it better refer to than the Great
Pyramid of which, I believe, Job was the builder, for what other form of
building has 4 foundation stones, and a capstone, or head-corner stone,
but a pyramid? In the passage the foundations are distinct from the
corner stone and it was not until the building was completed by the
laying of the corner or capstone that the sons of God shouted with joy,
as doubtless the builder of the Pyramid did too. The Great Pyramid is
the only form of building that conforms to the symbolic description of the "Spiritual
Building" spoken of in the scripture, of which Christ is said to be the
"Corner Stone", which leads us to the next passage.

Eph 2:21-22. "Ye are built upon the foundations of the apostles and
prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the Chief Cornerstone; in whom all
the building fitly framed together growth unto an Holy Temple in the
Lord; in whom ye also are building together, for an habitation of God
through the Spirit."

There is no "chief corner stone" in architectural construction but in
the building of Pyramid form, and in shape it is exactly like the
building it tops out. To its angels all the building "fitly framed
together". Being 5 sided there is no place for it in the building until
the last touch is given, and therefore the builders rejected it until it
was needed. The same is said of Christ.(Psa 118:22), "The stone, which the builders
disallowed, the same is made the "head of the corner" (ver 6) and a
"stone of stumbling" and a "rock of offence" (1Pet 2:7-8) The capstone
of a pyramid until needed would be in the way and a "Stone of
stumbling," a "Rock of Offence" to the workmen. So with Christ. It says:
"We preach Christ crucified, unto the Jews a "stumbling block," and unto
the Greeks foolishness or a "rock of offence." (1Cor1:23)

One represents before, the other is empty, He has risen and we are free!
Hence the symbolic continuity and similarities etc.

Do you know how Zecharia Sitchin conclude that the purpose of the Great
Pyramid of Egypt was a signal tower to guide spaceships (of the Annunaki) going to
earth. Here's what in the book "The War of Gods and Men" page 143:

Sitchin wrote:

"Our solution gives meaning to an otherwise enigmatic poem exalting Ninharsag
as mistress of the "House With a Pointed Peak" - pyramid:

House bright and dark of Heaven and Earth
for the rocketships put together
E.KUR, House of the Gods with pointed peak
For Heaven-to-Earth it is greatly equipped.
House whose interior glows with a reddish Light of Heaven
pulsating a beam which reaches far and wide;
Its awesomeness touches the flesh.
Awesome ziggurat, loftly mountain of mountains -
Thy creation is great and lofty,
men cannot understand it.

The function of this "House of the Gods With Pointed Peak" is then made
clear; it was a "House of Equipment" serving to "bring down to rest" the
astronauts "who see and orbit," a "great landmark for the lofty Shems"...
End Quotation from Sitchin's book.

My comment on it is the following. Just because the Pyramid glows with light
doesn't mean it is a tower for guiding spaceships. Look. The Space Shuttle
doesn't need a Tower of Light to guide it down to earth. It can do so very
simply using navigational equipments and land safely at Edwards Air Base
with perfect record. Now according to Sitchin, the aliens from "Niburo" need
to build a massive stone tower to use as guiding signal. That's not sound.
The aliens who have already landed on earth can just beam up the topographical
map of earth to other spaceships coming (like how the Pentagon's Clementine
Satellite probe mapped the moon). Sitchin is suggesting the Annunakis are
more primitive than us in the 20th century.

So what could be other reason why the Pyramid glows with light. Who knows.
Maybe Dr. Earlyne Chaney is right. She describes what she saw by past life
memories of his stay in Egypt when the Anaki comes. She wrote:

"....... The selection of its location was not only because
it symbolized the exact center of the Earth, but it was a magnetic center
of spiritual force directly focusing an influx of divine power and, from
the temple, radiating outward to the entire land surrounding it. Each
such center on the planet was called an Omphalos, a navel, a force center -
Earth's chakras. And each force center was aligned with the others through
electromagnetic grid lines from one to the other, forming a planetary
network of charged force centers, making the planet a balanced magnet.
(details in the message "Pyramid, Melchizedek, Ptah, Ankh, Knut, etc.)

BTW... There is a deep esoteric fourth use of the Great Pyramid which is
the concept of Stargate (I read this somewhere). By some combination of
energies and other ultra high tech mechanisms involving manipulation of the Earth's
PowerGrids with Pyramid Energy Lock. The Earth's Grid can vibrate a hole in
space/time creating something like a wormhole allowing the entry and exit
points from distantpart in space/hyperspace. This is how the Reptilians from Orion came toEarth and wreak havoc causing spiriutal decay and the sinking of Atlantis (or The
Flood). They are the Bi'nai Elohim (the Bad Gods, or the Fallen Ones).

Far out? Wait till you get abducted by aliens (esp. by Reptilians). Then
nothing is impossible anymore.

For scrutiny.

Comments greatly welcomed (my own comments further below esp. about Sitchen
and his theories and how it may relate to Astara's information)

The following is taken from Dr. Earlyne Chaney book
"Initiation into the Great Pyramid" (where she shared what her Teachers have
taught her)

page 51:


Mysterious Knut served three purposes. First, as an observatory for the
ancients that they might better chart the celestial map of the changing
heavens. Second, as a temple of initiation. And third, as an insulation
chamber for the Ark, so that the populace would not be endangered by the
unshield rays of force. The selection of its location was not only because
it symbolized the exact center of the Earth, but it was a magnetic center
of spiritual force directly focusing an influx of divine power and, from
the temple, radiating outward to the entire land surrounding it. Each
such center on the planet was called an Omphalos, a navel, a force center -
Earth's chakras. And each force center was aligned with the others through
electromagnetic grid lines from one to the other, forming a planetary
network of charged force centers, making the planet a balanced magnet.

The pyramid itself possessed its own force centers: the heart of the
King's Chamber, the Third Eye in the capstone, the Chamber of Rebirth,
the Well of Life - its most vital and sacred points, where divine energy
was concentrated and especially powerful. And other chambers not yet
discovered. The candidate undergoing initiation was placed in the august
moment of the initation rites, because the sarcophagus was in direct
alignment with the downpouring ray of cosmic light through the Ark in
the Third Eye capstone. The voltage of such a fiery light ray could only
be endured by one in whom the physical, emotional and spiritual forces
were completely aligned and purified. The candidate with an unbalanced
polarity ran the risk of injury to the physical organism, or even death,
because the accelerated frequencies of manna-loa pouring through the
capstone. (note: This is probably why, Frank, that not just anyone can
enter the Holy of Holies. Those who enter who are not purified can get
seriously harmed. - James)

When the massive structure was first constructed, the final portion
to be levitated into place was the gleaming gold and crystal capstone
containing the original Ark of the Covenant, brought from Atlantis.
This Ark and capstone graced the very summit of Knut (the Great Pyramid).
Once this floating capstone was so placed, the Great Ones created several
lesser Arks.

The voltage of a second Ark was integrated into the structure of the
open granite sarcophagus in the King's Chamber. Since granite is
saturated with minute crystals, it was not difficult to charge the
initiatory coffin with incredible cosmic force.

To maintain its potency, each Ark had to be constantly recharged with a
creative energy of tremendous voltage. The principal source of that energy
was man himself, and only the highest initiates were capable of radiating
the particular force required to keep the Arks active. Many of this
responsibility fell upon the high priests, the Ptahs of the temple, who,
if they so willed it, could raise the frequency of their forms to radiate
so powerful a force an uninitate touching their bodies could be struck
down, just as if he had touched the Ark itself. Rarely was such voltage
required of them, except to recharge the Arks.

"The ankh worn by the Melchizedek is truly an Ark in miniture," said
my teacher. "The crystal is constructed to conduct the cosmic rays of
light in a transformed state, either amplified or diminished, according
to the initiate's will. In the hands of the dark forces, the Ark or
crystal asnk could producte negative radiation resulting in earthquakes,
floods, tidal waves, volcanic eruptions, diseases and epidemics of
incredible dimensions. And this is the reason the Arks and ankhs must
not fall into the hands of the profane, the necromancers and practioners
of the black arts. They would at once use the forces to war against each
other, unwittingly creating a chain reaction of utter destruction in Egypt.
Thus was Atlantis destroyed.

Please see past related message called "Sirius, Annunaki, Pyramid,
Ark of the Covenant, etc." for details about the Anaki's arrivals and
more information about the Ark. Anyway. The following is a recap and some
comments about Anaki and Annunaki...

The Ark of the Covenant originally came from Sirius. It is brought to earth
by very Advanced Beings called Elohim to start the divine lifewave on earth.
Because they are so highly evolved especially the Leader. The Ancients have
a right to call Him God. Unfortunately. Some of the sons of the Elohim called
Annunaki are not good. Genetic Engineering and stuff created mutants.
Zecharia Sitchin only concentrates on the bad Annunaki (the sons of the good Anaki)
who commandered a giant planetary spacecraft called the Twelth Planet. Note
that there is a big difference between the raw data from the Sumerian text and
his interpretated data. Said the researchers of Elohim (as opposed to Sithin
Annunaki). Well. I don't know if it's true. Can anyone help here please.
Many thanks.

I guess in the future. Inside the Catholic Church. People will pay tribute to
the good Anaki God who started the divine lifewave on earth (and given all
of us the chance to evolve spiritually). The Catholics will then concentrate on two
Things after paying the tribute: Prayers to contact the higher consciousness
aspect of God and meditation with Jesus Christ, the good Son of Elohim who
gave us a second chance on earth by dying for us in exchange of our bad
Karma by dissolving incredible negative thoughtforms which should have ended
life on earth 2000 years ago (see the message "Jesus: Son of Anaki?")


The Elohim chose husbands and wives among the fairest and most
enlightened of the Earthborn of Atzlan-Atlantis and brought forth a new
hybrid of children. Having placed their Ark in the pyramid they had
constructed, they taught their children concerning the Mysteries and
initiation. Inheriting the strain divinity from their parents, these
semi-gods - called the An-Anaki - easily evolved into children of light.
They became divine rulers over the great island of Atlantis. Under their
guidance, the Atlantean Earthborn established the highest civilization
the Earth planet has ever known.

After establishing the Mysteries of Atlantis and a divine bloodline of
descendants, the Elohim departed Earth, leaving their descendants, the
An-Anaki, to oversee the evolution of Earth's lifewave of souls. But the
covenant reminded the Earthborn that a Son of God, an Elohim, would
periodically incarnate, to keep alive the light they had brought.

For centuries the semigods allowed their children to mate only among the
families of divinity, keeping the bloodline pure. Their children became not
only the rulers, but the priests and priestesses of the Mystery temples,
teaching only their direct descendants their wisdom, their light and their
knowledge of the laws of nature, They created more Arks. They kept the Arks
with their cosmic rays secreted in their great stone monuments.

The An-Anaki, later called teh Anunaki, ruled wisely and well on Atlantis.
But the strain of divinity gradually lessesd. Some hybrid offspring,
inheriting more of the materialistic tendencies of the Earthborn, began to seek personal
power. Since they had received initiation, they knew of the cosmic rays of the
Arks and they sought to construct their own, or to capture those from the
Holy of Holies in the temples. But such cosmic power, in t he hands of the
profane and ignorant Earthborn, could only result in catastropic destruction.

Becoming aware of the impending disaster, the An-Anaki, carrying many of
their Arks, their ankhs, and their secrets with them, departed for other
lands later called Egypt, Peru, Yucatan, China, India, Greece, Cambodia,
Tibet and Americus.

After their departure, the Earthborn magicians of Atlantis began to
manipulate the rays without total knowlege of their proper use, immediately
releasing atomic, nuclear, laser and cosmic energies. These energies began
a destructive chain reaction of contamination and dematerialization -
transmuting matter into energy, disintegrating complete cities. The released
cosmic rays created vast cataclysms, principally the flood of historic
renown. Almost the entire island of Atlantis and its complete civilization
were eventually destroyed. Some portions submerged beneath the waves of the
seas. The incredible cataclysms created massive cleavages in the seas and
split asunder several continents which, through the ages, drifted increasingly
apart as nature's method of restoring equilibrium to the planet. Some portions
of the island remained, bearing the stamp of their ancestral inhabitants.

Just a little clarification. The Dark Lords of Orion are what is spoken
of here. There are three stars in the Orion belt, and only one of them
is the home of Reptoids. Another of the stars is the home of Enlightened

Nibiru is the 12th planet, home of the Annunaki, a reptoid race that has
been jerking us around a while. The Sirians are from the Sirian system,
and they wish to teach us the alchemy that will reverse all the negative
effects that the Annunaki have implanted in this planet.

The Sirians and the Orions (the Enlightened ones) built the pyramids at

All the Galactic Players in Gaia's history are described in the
Pleiadean Agenda, by Barbara Hand Clow.

Orion/Sirian, Nephilim, Adam, Serpents, Genetics, Hybrid, etc.
(or Good Aliens from Sirius A. Bad Aliens from Orion and Sirius B)

Eons ago. Good beings from Sirius A came to earth to genetically upgrade the
existing primitive humanity so that they can become containers for positive
higher diminsional spirits. They brought the Ark of the Covenant and created
the Great Pyramid in order to make earth become open to higher dimensional
consciousness (read Gregg Braden "Awakening to Zero Point" to get 101 of the
connection between our surrounding and our consciousness).

Not long after that. A battalion from Orion who joined with rough elements in
Sirius B came to earth. Unfortunately. They don't have our spiritual
development in their interest. They simply want to expand themselves.
The group from Orion are the Reptilians. These rough Orion/Sirians elements
are called Nubiru (at this point. I'll quote from a researcher:
"Those from Nubiru were a tribe that came about as a result of a
"marriage" between some groups between Sirius B and Orion. It
was in essence a "royal marriage" between groups that formed a
"tribe". This "tribe" was called Nubiru. The word Nubiru, in
the ancient Sumerican language, means "between two peoples". I know
Sitchin calls it something else.) Well. These join Orion/Sirius B rough
elements came to earth and genetically tampered with humans. They
are the biblical Serpent who tempted Adam & Eve. Adam & Eve are the
original race created by the spiritual beings from Sirius A. What the Reptilians from Orion did with human genetics is to addtheir genetic essence to Adam. Note that Reptilians are by nature sensualists and very materialistic. The aliens from Sirian A are supposed to make Adam &Eve and descendants develope genuine love first before they will be exposed
to sensual knowledge and intellectual acuity. This is so that materiality
can be controlledby spirituality. But the Reptilians introduce Kundalini Genetics to Adam.And soon earth, materialism became dominant. On other planets. The beings first
develope love before sensuality and others. This is so that they can be
guided by intuition and love in anything they do.

Generations after the Fall. Humanity expands. The genetic hybrids are
called generally Nephilim. They are negative beings (see the Book of Enoch
which gives details about them). The Nephilim corrupt the genetic line of the
original humanity.

Note that there are two poles of consciousness. Divine consciousness
(service to others) and Luciferian consciousness (service to self without
regards for others). Not only this but they have paraphysical servants in
each side. In the positive. They are the good subspace beings. In the
negative. They are the bad subspace beings. Some UFOs are the body of these
demons themselves. While some are the body of the angels themselves. The
head of these demons are Lucifer (A Reptilian by genetics). The head of the
good Angels is of very benign lofty consciousness or what is known as God
(whom the good Sirians serve).

It's like this. Our bodies are created by aliens. But our soul came from
God. Right. That's the bottom line. Note that the nature of the container
genetics dictates how the higher consciousness can interface to them. The
container can be design to hold divine beings or demons.

Since our genetic container or interface can connect to both. We are a
hybrid. Our bodies have both Reptilians DNA and Sirians DNA as dominant in
addition to other genetic tampering but the two are the dominant alien

Fortunately. The genetics can be changed and the dominant regions can be
reprogrammed. We can even get rid of Reptilians genetic influences
(Note at this point that I am speaking of genetics-interface-to spiritual
bodies and not the normal genetics controlling physical body functions. You
see. We have higher spiritual bodies and they are connected to our physical
bodies thru these genetic interfaces).

Well. About how to reprogram our genetics with regards to connections to
spirit. Or, in other words. How to get rid of Reptilian genetics that connect
to Luciferian consciousness. Here's how:

When you love deep enough and unselfishly. A peculiar change would be
effected in the body which can deactive or bypass the reptilian genetics
"promoter regions". Slowly, the body will change. The genetic interface to
higher consciousness will be more enhanced. The cells will also change. This
is why Saints have incorruptible bodies. Not only will the effect be internal
but it can also manifest outside. That's why Saints can work Miracles.
Because they become a vessel of His Power.

The next chapter deals with what the book of Enoch says about all of this

The Coming of the Elohim: Chapter 5

Coming in October of 1999 chapter 5 of the coming of the Elohim. This next chapter will deal with the religions that were started back in the days that the aliens were here on earth. You will find out, why these religions were changed, and women are considered a lower class of people. In which, this should not be so. All this and more will be dealt with. So watch these pages for that mind boggling experience.


Chapter 5