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Nearly every culture and civilization on Earth has ancient legends and myths about dragons. These often winged reptiles appear in many guises, including serpents, snakes and worms. Even the science of geology has its own dragon myths: The Age of Dinosaurs, when huge reptiles stalked the planet.

Repeated, persistent occurrence of this creature in ancient tales throughout the world identifies dragons as universal symbols for the primal powers of the planet. Their persistence in our modern world hints that dragons are still with us. These creatures of ancient legends are not only fanciful tales, but express in metaphor and symbol an understanding of the nature of the forces that shape our natural environment. They also are projections of instinctive primal energies which well up from deep within the human psyche. In dreams, dragons are classic manifestations of Jungian archetypes-symbols of the deep, impersonal Collective Unconscious-the Intuitive Mind.

Myths About Dragons

In the Far East, dragons remain firmly rooted in culture. No Oriental parade is complete without men dancing beneath a cloth serpent. In China, Feng Shui is their ancient art and natural science of sacred landscape design. Feng Shui means wind and water because it deals with the intangible, invisible forces of the environment which, like wind, can't be seen, and like water, can't be grasped. In Feng Shui, Turquoise Dragon and White Tiger represent the two primary polar forces in the land. Feng Shui's goal is to guide human development on the land so as to not interfere with the flows of energy that are Dragon and Tiger. Feng Shui's intent is to determine the auspicious site where the energies of Dragon and Tiger mix. The ideal is to harness the power of that auspicious point for human benefit.

In the New World, too, reminders of dragons also persist. In southern Ohio, a famous ancient earthwork depicts a serpent swallowing an egg. In Central America are found Aztec and Mayan legends of Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent. Seneca Indians of the western Finger Lakes have an important legend about Bare Hill by Canandaigua Lake that had a huge two-headed serpent under it. Their neighbors, Onondaga Nation, remember in the Peacemaker Legend an evil wizard Tadodaho who had snakes in his hair. He controlled Onondaga Lake and was the last man to stand in the path of Peace. In the Southwest's Painted Desert, every summer the Hopi Indians perform their Snake Dance in which men dance with live snakes in their mouths. One purpose of this ceremony is to bring rains to ripen crops, and every year after this sacred ceremony, it rains.

In Europe, dragons abound in many traditional legends from the Arctic Sea throughout the mainland to Mediterranean cultures of Greece, Rome and Phoenicia. In Celtic Britain, King Arthur's father was Uther Pendragon ("the great dragon"), and Merlin is associated with dragons and sorcery. At England's Avebury is a huge megalithic stonework in the shape of a serpent. One of the most vivid of these European legends is a Scandanavian tale which states that a winged serpent traveling through the heavens became tired and curled in a ball to sleep. The Earth formed around the coiled ball of this serpent, whose name is Ourobouros. The legend concludes with the warning that someday the dragon will awaken and continue its journey.

Modern America is perhaps the only culture on Earth lacking any active dragon myths, although there are many dormant symbols of this ancient understanding. Today in modern western culture, the principal dragon myth seems to be the Hebrew tale of the serpent in the Garden of Eden who seduced Eve and Adam to eat the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, resulting in their shame and eviction from the Garden.

However, despite this neglect and bad press, dragons keep cropping up in the modern Western world in bizarre ways. One is persistent sightings of a serpent monster in Loch Ness in northeast Scotland. Then there's Draco, the Dragon, coiled halfway round the Pole Star, still shown on astronomical star charts. Another are colorful colloquial sayings like "opening a can of worms." Curiously, Kekule, a European pioneer in organic chemistry, discovered the benzene ring's circular structure in a dream about a snake eating its own tail.

In a bizarre twist, in recent years there's been stories of a huge serpent in Lake Champlain between Vermont and New York. Its earliest sighting was by the first white explorer in the region, Samuel de Champlain, who wrote of it in his journal. Whether it's organism or apparition is undetermined and unimportant. Locals give it the affectionate name "Champie."

Power of the Earth Spirit

To a metaphorical mind, a Dragon is no mere creature, but a symbol for the Earth's power as a whole, living being. This image bestows personality and spirit on what science has reduced to mere physical objects of matter. As a Dragon, the Earth is alive, conscious and imbued with great power. What atom and molecule are to physical science, Dragon is to a metaphysical conception of Nature and the life that is the Earth. No scientist has ever seen an atom; atoms are "invisible" to our physical eyes. Nor have I met anyone who's seen a dragon. Nonetheless, both atom and dragon are useful ideas to describe our world and the forces that shape it.

Earth as a whole, then, is Ourobouros, a Great Winged Serpent coiled about itself. But any region of land can be presumed to possess its own lesser dragon. To speak of dragons is a way to describe Earth's power as manifested in the land.

Modern geophysical science tells us the planet is enfolded in a own magnetic field within which flow vast electromagnetic currents arising from entrapped solar radiation and impulses surging deep in the Earth. Dragon is a concept to define how impulses of the planetary energy field are stored up here and flow out there as channels and pools of terrestrial electromagnetism. To see a dragon is to perceive the channels of subtle natural energy at the planet's surface. The dragon's body is defined by the physical features of the land where these invisible telluric currents circulate and collect.

It's important to realize the dragon is no mere object, idea or collection of landscape features. Nor is it merely an energy flow in the landscape. Each is but a representation for our own reve lation to describe the living, vital spirit that inhabits and animates the Natural World. This concept of Earth-as-Spirit is lost entirely to modern technology and material philosophy that prevails and dominates today. And the rapid destruction of ecosystems highlights the dangers of this blind course. It's time for the modern mind to rediscover the Dragon.

Fire and Water

A dragon unites the opposite qualities of primal natural energy symbolized as Fire and Water. These two antagonistic forces are but one of the many faces of the ancient Oriental Taoist symbol of Yin and Yang. Fire and Water have an opposite and inimical relation to each other; Fire is hot and goes up, while Water cools and flows down. A dragon harmoniously combines these contrary forces in one organism.

This alchemical union is most simply understood in the image that dragons live in water and breathe fire. From another perspective, dragons reportedly live in caves under mountains in underground lakes. They guard gold, silver, crystals, and precious metals hidden deep in the Earth. They also hoard virgins or guard eggs in a nest. Although myths depict dragons of both genders, most often they are female. These images provide clues to the nature and function of dragons in the minds of ancient peoples.

Dragons control air, winds and weather. They control Fire (lightning and mountains) and Water (streams, lakes and clouds), to create rain and winds. In mythic tales they had wings and flew. They're reported to cause storms and violent weather, but this is only true when they're angry or disturbed. Normally they maintain a climate favorable to life and living creatures.

Dragons also control regenerative vitality, or fertility. This reproductive vitality results from the creative union of opposite polarities of lifeforce. Hence their mythic association with virgins-symbols of purity, fertility and procreative power. The beneficial influence of the dragon is necessary for animals and plants to be fertile. When natural energies flow harmoniously, then the land is fertile as plants and animals reproduce and thrive in healthy balance. If the dragon is disturbed, then the flow of lifeforce is obstructed and perverted, bringing infertility and devastation.

Dragons also control wealth, represented as precious metals in the Earth, especially Gold, Silver and Crystals. In many legends this wealth is depicted as jewels and treasure hidden in a cave guarded by a winged serpent. Gold and silver are not only precious metals with monetary value, but are the purest energy conductors. Jewels are Earth crystals which transmute energy much as semiconductor crystals resonate and modulate electronic impulses. The internal anatomy of the planet is a complex network of crystals and veins of metal to transmit and resonate the impulses of cosmic and terrestrial energy streams.

Dragons are associated with consciousness and awareness. They depict the Unconscious-the deep powers embedded in the human Psyche. As reptiles they symbolize a deep, ancient state of Mind in human evolution. The clearest myth depicting this comes from India where we find Kundalini, the coiled serpent power at the base of the spine which can be trained to spiral upwards along the spinal column to the brain. In the Iroquois Peacemaker Legend, the evil wizard Tadodaho had snakes in his hair, symbolic of his twisted state of mind, trapped in a lower, animalistic condition of instinctive consciousness. Even the myth of Adam and Eve seduced into eating fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil preserves this association between serpents and consciousness. In ancient Greece, Hermes (later the Roman Mercury) carried a winged staff with coiled serpents.

Dragons have an association with healing, too. Doctors still retain the Hippocratic Oath and symbol: two coiled serpents ascending a staff. And in the Old Testament, Moses raised up a staff of serpents to remedy the sickness of the Israelites.

War between Man and Nature

Unfortunately European legends also include numerous tales of dragon slayers. In Britain and across the English Channel on the continent, St. Michael and St. George are the two most often remembered of these dragon slayers. In Ireland, St. Patrick drove snakes from the Emerald Island. Because of these ancient exploits, dragons were vanquished from Europe's culture.

Legends of dragon killers in Europe point to an ancient time when conflict erupted between Man and Nature, disrupting relations between the power that is Earth and human culture. In the centuries after this, European culture evolved in an unbalanced way, having severed its connection to the living Earth power. The mentality this divorce nurtured blossomed centuries later in the Industrial Revolution and the emergence of physical science and mechanistic technology as new ways were developed to harness and manipulate the ancient powers of Fire and Water. Dragon were vanquished to myth and fantasy as industrial civilization began its assault on Earth's natural resources.

This split between Man and Nature accelerated since the birth of Industry-a rift that now threatens the entire planet with devastation and destruction. This inevitable confrontation between Good and Evil was foreshadowed by the serpent's seduction in the Garden of Eden.

The lack of dragon myths in modern American culture exactly defines this broken relationship between Nature and human civilization with its materialistic technologies. To the modern American, dragons were slain or banished in ancient Europe. As a European transplant into New World ecology and culture, modern American culture has never truly connected with the spirit and lifeforce of Turtle Island.

Return of the Dragon

To modern Westerners, to think seriously of dragons is quaint, arcane and more than a little daft. In a world of atom bombs and atom smashers, it's really an absurd fantasy to use this symbol to explain the realities of Nature instead of the atoms, molecules and chemicals of physical science.

However, my investigations into dowsing, Geomancy, Feng Shui, macrobiotics, and meditative intuition hasn't destroyed all the knowledge I gained from modern physical science. Quite the contrary, my understanding has been greatly enhanced and given unexpected depth. My predicament now is that in the ongoing war of Man against Nature, I must side with Nature.

In trying to explain this children, I've found it simple to explain that despite the best efforts of dragon killers, dragons haven't become extinct. Some were slain, but many escaped by becoming invisible and hiding deep in caves beneath the Earth. As a result, no one has seen a dragon in 3000 years and most people don't even remember how to see one. Because some things, such as dragons, must be believed to be seen, while modern humans only believe what they see. However, the dragons are still alive. Many are asleep, much like animals, plants and insects which hibernate in the Earth during winter.

Seeking Dragons And Working With Them


Dragons have a wonderful power that is beyond our imagination. Being a lover of Dragons working with them is quite an experience. Here I will help guide you in to how to find them and work with them. If you are familiar with any magickal workings you should know the fine line between spell working with positive energy and negative energy that may fall back on you. (You know the good ol’ 3 fold law) Any Magician knows what is in their mind and heart and any negative energy is selfish and unjustified. There is no “Black nor White” Magick. A good Magician knows the consequences of their actions and knows themselves better anyone else and they have to be honest with themselves about their intentions and purposes for using magick, more so when using dragon magick.


In Dragon Magick you should not have any doubts lingering within yourself as to ask help from these power creatures. Like other beings, physical and nonphysical, dragons will take advantage of anyone who vacillates in their commitment or if they are unclear about their intent. There are dragons who are evil and distrust humans. That working with them you need extra special care. Most dragons become evil when there is an imbalance of energies, disruption of the powers flowing from the earth, human to dragon and back again. To re-establish a positive flow of power, they know that changes begin within themselves. A good example used is like the ripples in a pond. When the self becomes becomes balanced, the immediate atmosphere and community are affected. When community becomes balanced, it spreads further and soon can take in the world. But as with all things, one must desire change. This does not mean that you must be perfect to contact and attract dragons. However if you desire to have a continued companionship with them you must strive to better yourself.


Ok, you are probably saying, “How do I go about finding dragons?” First you must learn as much about dragons and their magickal habits. Then you look at your reasons for practicing magick with them. When you are comfortable with this, you begin to build an atmosphere that will attract the dragons. Perform certain actions that arouse their curiosity and they will draw to you. Beam a mental welcome setting aside time and place to communicate with them an the astral level through mental visualization and speech. You must believe they exist, even if you cannot see them with the physical eye or prove their existence to others. You will know they are there. Mentally invite them to make their presence known. Be aware of what occurring around you Most dragons tend to be subtle with their first contact. They may choose to make their experience in dreams or as flashes of movement seen in the peripheral vision.


You need to have a great deal of patience, self-control and self-discipline when you are learning to work within specific set of magickal laws in order to consistently attract and elicit the help of dragons. Just remember, depending on the energy and power flow that is around you you must take the responsibility of consequences in your own actions! The same goes with working with dragons. Different power flows attract different types of dragons, so be aware of what type of dragon you call upon.

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The first thing People Usually want to know is "What is Dragon Lore? And what is Dragon Magick.". Dragon Lore is the set of Precepts we use to guide us in our life in order to bring us into balance with nature. Dragon Magick is how we learn to flow with that balance and use it for the good of others. Our main practices are those of Healing and Astral Projection as from this start you can Progress slowly along your chosen path and Learn much. The main reason for Astral Projection is that we get teachings off the Dragons themselves if we ask.

There are three things you must remember during the training:

1) You must never cause harm to your Dragon Nature.

2) You must learn to see the Dragon within everyone.

3) You must allow your True Nature and not your feeble mind to guide you.

There is a Ritual to be done each night, The ritual is a time for you to sit with your family whether it a physical family or your Astral Family, (who we all have), and enjoy the holiness of the Universe and Celebrate in her Majesty. The Rituals are done in a format of opening your circle, Honoring those you ask to visit and eating with them then thanking them for coming and closing the circle. We dont treat the Astral beings as Lords and Masters but as our friends and relatives. This is a point that many people get confused over as they believe Astral Beings are their Rulers but they are not.

There is a Hierarchy but this is there level of Attainment not a level of dominance as some people seem to think. I will give a brief explanation of the order of things but please keep it in context from what was said above. Goddess Dragons - Elves- Fairies Pixies - Sumerians - Atlantians Humans - Animals - Spirits This is not a complete list as there are many thousands of Astral races. Every Race has an equivalent Dark side but that is Balance and at this stage it is not of concern for you. Later when you start to Astrally Project you will need knowledge of this side so you can avoid them.

I will be writing a full book on Astral Races for those who want to make a Study of them from a academic point of view before commencing with there training. Although this is a cautious path I have never felt it important to know all before going to a new race but it comforts some to know. Dragon Lore Lore is the core of your foundations for practice. Without Lore you will attain nothing. Lore is the Medicine that opens up your heart. You need to treat Lore like your most Intimate Lover and try to understand it completely so it becomes the other half of yourself.

Lore also includes 7 subject you are expected to study here. These are as follows:

1) Herboligy

2) Crystal Healing

3) Basic Dowsing

4) Self Defence -

The world needs those who can help not those who wish they could.

5) Rune Casting

6) Dragon Tarot

7) Scrying

All seven of these apart from one are completely mental and are meant to aid your concentration as well as your spiritual energy. Self defense has 3 reasons of its own which are as follows:

1) Self Confidence

2) The ability to help others

3) Concentration.

The Precepts are your guide on this path. They are your light and source of inspiration at hard times. The Precepts are the whole of this path as without them you would be lost. I never give explanations of there deeper meanings in this format as this is the first time you will read them and you need to form your own concepts on what they mean and how to implement them into your life. I would of course be happy to converse with you by email if you wish.

The Ten Major Precepts

1) Do not intentionally hurt or cause hurt to another Being out of anger or malice

2) Do not intentionally remove or cause to be removed another persons property

3) Do not intentionaly cause dispute of any kind

4) Always be willing to help another even at the cost of your life

5) Always put others, (even those who hate or despise you), before yourself.

6) Honor the Dragon that is growing within you.

7) Honor the Goddess as she is your true mother.

8) Listen to your internal voice to guide you.

9) Listen to the seasons.

10) Connect with nature each day until you are One.

As you can see they cover a million different angles and it is hard to conceive of them being fathomed within 10 lifetimes never mind one. but if you work "With" them without trying to enforce them you will find they gently slip into understanding a lot sooner than expected. You see these are the Precepts of your true nature, the nature that all beings had at the very start. Dragon Magic is simple to understand. You form a friendship with Mother Nature and get to know Her. As you grow to know Her and Her ways you will see how to work within Her very heart and that is what people call Magick. Yes it is true you can do many wonderful things and play like two children with your new friend but first you have to decide whether you have the virtue to uphold the serious side. Mother Earth is most gracious to us on this plane and she looks for her children to advance in there separate directions. At the Moment we only have our physical bodies but with practice we will gain our Astral Bodies and be able to visit the Astral Beings. In order to do this we must first get to know our lost mother and learn to listen to Her as She talks to us.

We start this process in the following delightful ways:

1) Spend some time each day listening inwardly for your Dragons Words. Your Dragon talks to you all of the time giving you guidance and advice so learn to listen during your daily practice. Of course you should listen for your Dragon constantly but one or preferably two half or one hour sessions of formal practice is good.

2) Walk through the forest or woods near where you live. Talk to the Dryads, trees, plants and animals. But remember to listen to as they do answer back. This is the start of your awareness.

3) Spend some time with the sky especially the moon I find on the four moon phases watching them empowers me for the next week. Its also nice to watch the clouds on a summers day, laying on your back like a child looking at the pictures the clouds make above you.

4) Start your own herb garden grow all the things you need in it for your studies, nurture your plants with healing energy, so that your remedies are all that much more powerful. Always ask the plant before you take anything, and never take enough that would kill it. These seem like simple things and they are. That is the secret, Keep it simple.

The Universe can be harnessed in many ways, as we do with all forms of healing that is now known to the world. Dragon Healing, however is the most powerful healing technique precisely because a dragon healer is trained to harness universal energy to its full potential. This requires a dedication of the highest standard, as the compassion, wisdom and focus needed to heal this deeply must be cultivated with full faith.

A Dragon Healer makes healing his or her life, and everything else simply seems to slot into place - all dragon magick practices can be intermixed with healing, and every dragon magick practice also increases your healing abilities. Dragon Magick is composed of a plethora of imagery and representations to invoke the forces, and all these are at your disposal when you dedicate yourself to the path of a healer. This beautiful use of symbolism mixed with the magick of crystals is designed to open doors hundredfold to strengthen your practice and faith. The Dragon Healing technique is a progressive seven level attunement with corresponding crystal conductors. Crystals are the source of infinite healing power, and conductors being the mark of Dragon Magick users, it is clear that these will help you live in the myst of healing loving-kindness. The importance of every dragon magician to foremost be a healer is simply because without a firm dedication to help through compassionate wisdom, all the power you are privy to in dragon magick is misused. The Conductors are a choice of seven crystals corresponding to the seven major chakras - the reason for this is because Dragon Healing directly mixes with the natural healing of the body in much the same format, except for its infinite nature. This will obviously awaken your own essences.

Here is a list of the corresponding crystals to the chakras.

1. Root Chakra, Elemental Earth, Smell Sense, Red in colour, Red Jasper Crystal.

2. Sacral Chakra, Elemental Water, Taste Sense, Orange in Colour, Carnelion Crystal.

3. Solar Plexus Chakra, Elemental Fire, Sight Sense, Yellow in Colour, Citrine Crystal.

4. Heart Chakra, Elemental Air, Touch Sense, Green in Colour, Jade or Adventurine Crystal.

5. Throat Chakra, Elemental Spirit, Hearing Sense, Blue in Colour, Lapiz Lazuli or Sodalite.

6. Third Eye Chakra, Elemental Ether, Psychic Awareness, Purple in Colour, Amethyst Crystal.

7. Crown Chakra, Self Realisation, Enlightenment, Clear in Colour, Clear Quartz Crystal. The Attunements for Dragon Healing are given by a teacher in their own home, where the student will attend a week or a weekend for training. Here you will be given all the tools you need to use the Attunement you have recieved. Retreat is a reqular practice that is expected of all students of Dragon Magick.

All students are expected to participate in, or organize for themselves, four retreats per year centered around the seasonal equinoxes. These retreats lasts anywhere from one day to one month, depending on your time restrictions. The usual time is around one week and you are expected to do one one week or more retreat per year regardless. If not for the importance of these retreats you will hardly gain any spiritual understanding of Dragon Lore, and you may sink back into the limited perceptions of the world.

During retreat the following restrictions apply:

1. Four Meditation Sessions Daily lasting two hours.

2. Complete Silence.

3. Only Eat One Meal per Day before Midday.

4. Wear no Make-Up, perfume, or Jewelry.

5. Sleep on the Floor in a straight position to keep your back aligned.

6. Drink Only Water, Fresh Juices and Milk.

7. Sleep for no more than Six Hours.

8. Stay Alone or with Others that are on Retreat.

9. Read only Spiritual Books.

10. Keep a Journal of your Daily Thoughts.

The theme of your meditation retreat will be told to you by your teacher. The Last theme you are told is the one you should keep before another. Retreats are designed to give you realizations which take you deeper into Dragon Magick, but more importantly give you a deeper understanding of Dragon Lore.

Each of what is required of you to bring integrity to your effort is for a very good reason, and so you must trust and use each of them. They are tools also. Only two students get to stay with their teacher at any one time on retreat. Having your teacher in the same building on retreat as you is highly beneficial for many reasons, and it is a great honor to be asked by your teacher to come on retreat with him. The teacher decides who to offer places on retreat to by looking carefully at the progress of each student and determining who would benefit most. To spend one week on meditation retreat with your teacher is equivalent to spending one year in retreat on your own. The benefits are endless to list, just know that your teacher perfectly reflects your heart at every moment, and always knows which situation will assist you best. He holds the key to all the wisdom of Dragon Lore and has nurtured it to full realization. Your teacher represents your true nature, what you aspire to, a reminder of everything you want. Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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