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"Woe to them that desire the day of the Lord:
to what end is it for you?
the day of the Lord is darkness, and not light." Amos 5:18

Many televangelists and fundamentalists sects are voicing a cry that the end is near and they expect the return of Jesus Christ. In spite their dire warnings, the year 2000 has come and gone without mishap, so they will have to revise their predictions. The Catholic traditions have a somewhat different view of End Time prophecies.

A Summary of specific Catholic teachings on the End times
These are the teachings of the Catholic Church on the End Times that must be believed by all the Faithful.

The Resurrection of the Dead. The teachings of the Catholic Church teach the actual resurrection of all flesh in their own bodies (including the damned), not merely a spiritual resurrection. This teaching is affirmed in both the Nicene Creed and the Apostles Creed.

The General Judgment. After the resurrection of all flesh, there will follow the universal judgment. Christ will sit upon the throne of judgment and render to each man according to his works (Matthew 16:27).

The Destruction of the World. The world will be destroyed at the command of Our Divine Lord Jesus Christ. The fulfillment of this prophecy will be supernatural and not as a result of atomic wars, or geological or astronomical disturbances.
The Reign of the Church Victorious. The faithful of the Church will live and reign with Christ forever. The devils and evil men will be damned forever without reprieve.

Errors in Interpreting End-Time Prophecy

Over the history of the Church, some errors have sprung up concerning the End Times.


The teaching of millenarianism, that Christ before the Final Judgment will come visibly to rule over this world, is a serious error condemned by Pius XII. Indeed, the teaching of millenarianism is the very thing the Antichrist will need to set up his rule over the world.

Setting Dates

A common error is to try to set actual dates on the Second coming. The Sacred Scriptures point out this error: But of that day or hour no man knoweth, neither the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but the Father. (Mark 13:32).

However, in 1832 Pope Gregory XVI did indicate that the time of the "plague of locusts (Revelation 9:3)" had arrived in his Encyclical "Mirari vos arbitramur."

The "Rapture"

A popular belief of the 20th Century among Bible fundamentalists is the concept of a taking up of the true Christians before the coming of the Antichrist. Their scriptural support for this theory largely vague and symbolic, and based on the assumption that the rapture theory is true.

They cite I Thessalonians 4:16 as the basis for this claim. However, the verse before, I Thessalonians 4:15, clearly shows that the dead in Christ rise first. This same event, the first ressurection, occurs after the return of Our Divine Lord Jesus Christ and the defeat of the Antichrist. In fact, those that rule and reign with Christ a thousand years are those that are martyred during the reign of the Antichrist. (Revelations 20:4-6)

The Rebuilding of the Temple

In this day we find many sects and denominations looking for the re-building of a temple in Jerusalem with great anticipation. Why any Christian would welcome such a thing is beyond me. If animals are again sacrificed in a temple in Jerusalem, would not the blood of every calf, lamb or goat sacrificed be a denial of the perfect sacrifice of Jesus Christ upon the cross? (Hebrews 10:10) Is not the denial of the perfect sacrifice of Jesus the very spirit of the antichrist?

In Matthew 24:2, Jesus prophesies about the destruction of the temple and Jerusalem. Jesus says nothing about the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem. It is true that Jesus said, "Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up." (John 2:19) However, Jesus was speaking of His Body, which is the Temple of the Holy Ghost. (John 2:21)

The prophesy of the destruction of the Temple came about in 70 AD with the siege of Vespasian. There were a few stones left of the foundation left. Later, Emperor Julian the Apostate attempted to discredit the prophesy of Our Divine Lord Jesus Christ by ordering the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem. Jews from all over the Roman Empire supported the task with great zeal and huge amounts of gold and silver. The task was accompanied by great scorn for the Christians in the empire, who believed that the Temple was not to be rebuilt. In order to provide a foundation for the "new temple" the final stones left of the old foundation were cleared away, completing the prophecy of Jesus.

As they began the re-building, earthquakes broke out all over the temple mount, halting the effort. When the earthquakes subsided, they attempted to begin again. As they approached the foundations, balls of blue fire exploded from the ground burning many of the workmen. Finally the effort was abandoned without laying a single stone of the new temple.

How to Interpret End Time Prophecy

The Sacred Scriptures and Church teachings hold the primacy of place in what we are to understand about the end times. Moreover, the writings of the early Fathers (Patristic) and the Saints have much to say about the end times also. The Church does not censure the study of these private revelations, in so long as the prophecy comes from a virtuous source. In fact, it is even considered acceptable to study the writings of Nostradamus, who was a Catholic Scholar. However, the Church teaches us to approach any end-time prophecy with a critical eye. Here are some guidelines to follow in the study of end-time prophets.

The study should edify the soul

Studying end time prophets should draw us closer to God, not away from Him. It should not bring on a morbid preoccupation of the end times, to the exclusion of Christian charity and duties. It should not lead you to wish for the damnation of others or to hasten destruction of the world, etc. (Amos 5:18)

The study should not lead to errors of the faith

The study of end time prophecies should not lead you into beliefs contrary to the teaching of the Holy Church. You should be suspicious of any revelation that purports or promotes dogmatic errors. (Deuteronomy 13:1-3)

A Generally Accepted Sequence of Events

The following is a summary of the sequence of end-time events based on the Scriptures, the writings of the early Church Fathers, the Saints and noted Catholic scholars.

The threat from the kings of the east.
A pope makes a special decree and is driven from Rome. He dies a terrible death.
A new Pope is elected outside of Rome.He crowns a Christian king. This King defends the west from the kings of the east.
Three days of darkness and the great chastisement (associated with a comet).
The Christian king is victorous over the east, and a period of peace and evangelization occurs.
The people do not appreciate the grace of the peace, and after a time, the Antichrist rises to power out of Babylon.
The Antichrist rules for three and a half years. The two witnesses preach against him.
The Antichrist kills the two witnesses. They rise from the dead on the third day, and are taken into heaven.
Forty days later, The Antichrist tries to rise up to heaven by magic. He is struck from the heavens.
Christ returns to the earth, appearing in the heavens.
The dead Christians rise from the grave and are taken into a new heaven and a new earth.
The Christians yet living are taken up to a new heaven and a new earth. As the "Rapture" fans can see the Catholic scholars are very post-tribulation.
Christ destroys the old heaven and earth.

Sinfulness, Barbarity, and Loss of Faith
Scripture References
Isaiah 30:8-12
Matthew 24:4-5, 9-12, 23-26
I Timothy 4:1-4
II Timothy 4:3-4
II Timothy 3:1-6
II Timothy 3:12-13
II Peter 3:3
Jude 14-19

In the last days false prophets shall be multiplied, and such as corrupt the word, and the sheep shall be changed into wolves, and love into hatred: for through the abounding of iniquity [injustice] the love of many shall wax cold. For men shall hate, and persecute, and betray one another. The Didache (90 A.D.)

Men will surrender to the spirit of the age. They will say that if they had lived in our day, Faith would be simple and easy. But in their day, they will say, things are complex; the Church must be brought up to date and made meaningful to the day's problems. When the Church and the World are one, then those days are at hand. Because our Divine Master placed a barrier between His things and the things of the world. St. Anthony of the Desert

Impart to me, O Senanus, information concerning the latter ages of the world;
What shall be the condition of the race of people who will not observe rectitude in their judgments, who eill entertain false and treacherous intentions; shall any individual of them be admitted into the regal mansions of heaven? Falsehood will characterize that class of men who will sit in judgment to pass sentence according to the law: _between the father and his own son, litigations will subsist. The clergy of the Holy church will be addicted to pride and injustice; the advantages they will aim at shall be the possession of worldly substance. Women will abandon feelings of delicacy, and cohabit with men out of wedlock; they will follow those practices without secrecy, and such habits will become almost unsupressable. All will rush into iniquity against the will of the Son of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The earth will not produce its fruits for the race of people to whom I allude; full mansions will be deserted, and unpleasant will be the tidings concerning them. Dreadful plagues will come upon all the rcae of Adam. St. Senanus (560)

Wars and Civil Strife
Matthew 24:6-7

In the latter days there shall be great wars and bloodshed. The fury of the wars shall last a long time. Whole provinces shall be left naked and unihabited, many cities forsaken of people, the nobility slaughtered, pricnipal persons ruined, great changes of kings, commonwealths, and rulers. Blessed Johannes de Sylva (d. 1482)

Catastrophes and Natural Disasters
Isaiah 24

God has answered and said unto me: Into twelve parts is the end divided, and each one of them is reserved for that which is appointed for it.

In the first part there shall be the beginnings of commotions.
In the second part there shall be slayings of great ones. [WWI?]
In the third part, the fall of many by death [WWII?]
And in the forth part the sending of the sword [Nuclear Arms Race?]
And in the fifth part famine and the withholding of rain [El Niño,?]
And in the sixth part earthquakes and terrors
[the remainder of the Prophecy is unknown]

A prophecy of Jewish Tradition

Specific Prophecies about America

Before the comet comes, many nations, the good excepted, will be scoured by want and famine. The great nation in the ocean that is inhabited by people of different tribes and descent by an earthquake, storm and tidal waves will be devastated. It will be divided, and in great part be submerged. That nation will also have many misfortunes at sea, and lose its colonies in the east through a tiger and a lion [China and Islam?]. St. Hildegard (d. 1179)

When Intellectual Christianity will have suffered enough it will find its heart, and the whole world will see it; then will come the peace of Christ. The peace will coe first to the United States. Anonymous Prophecy, Phoenix, Arizona,

Specific Prophecies in the Sequence of Endtime Events
The prophecies are listed according to the generally accepted sequence of end-time events. Included are the writings of the early Church Fathers, the Saints and noted Catholic scholars.

The Threat of War from the Kings of the East.
Revelations 9:13-18.

Near the birch-tree [Westphalia] the army of the west will fight a terrible battle aginst the army of the east. The soldiers of the east will retreat over the Haar." Old German Prophecy

Woe to the people of the east, thou shalt spread afar the cries of affliction and innocent blood. Never shall such an army be seen. Prophecy of Mayence

A pope makes a special decree and is driven from Rome. He dies a terrible death.
At that time the Pope, with the cardinals will have to flee Rome under trying circumstances to a place where he will be unknown. He will die a cruel death in exile. The sufferings of the Church will be greater than at any previous time in her history. John of the Cleft Rock (1340)

I saw one of my successors by name fleeing over the corpses of his brethren. He will flee to a place where he is unknown, but he himself will die a cruel death. Pope St. Pius X (d.1914)

The Pope crowns a Christian king [The Great Monarch]. This King defends the west from the kings of the east.
The Great Gaulish Monarch, who shall subject all the East, shall come around the end of the world. Hippolytus (d. 235)

A time will come when the enemies of Christ will boast; "We have sujected the earth and all its inhabitants, and the Christians cannot escape our hands." Then a Roman emperor will rise in fury against them...Drawing his sword he will fall on the foes of Christianity and crush them. Then peace and quiet will reign on earth, and the priests will be relieved of their anxieties.

St. Methodius (385)

The Great Monarch will be in war until he is 40 years of age; a King of the House of Lily, he will assemble great armies and expel tyrants from his empire...the Turk and barbarians he will subdue and have all men worship the Crucified One. He will at length lay down his crown in Jerusalem. St. Cataldus of Tarentino (cir.500)

Our principal doctors agree in announcing to us, that towards the end of time one of the descendents ofthe kings of France shall reign over all the Roman Empire; and that he shall be the greatest of the Empire: and that he shall be the greatest of the French monarchs, and the last of his race.

After having most happily governed his kingdom, he will go to Jerusalem, and depose on Mount Olivet his scepter and crown. This shall be the end and conclusion of the Roman and Christian Empire. Blessed Rabanus Maurus (d. 856)

The Kingdom of France is predestined by God for the defense of the Roman Church, which is the only true Church of Christ. This kingdom shall one day be great among the kingdoms of the earth, and shall embrace all the limits of the Roman Empire, and shall submit all other kingdoms to its own sceptre. It shall last until the end of time. It shall be victorious and prosperous as long as it will remain faithful to the Holy roman See, and will not be guilty of those crimes which ruin nations; but will be rudely punished every time it will become unfaithful to its vocation. St. Remigius (535 A.D.)

When the entire world, and in a special manner France, and in France more particularly the provinces of the north, and of the east, and above all, that of Lorraine and Champagne shall have been a prey to the gratest miseries and trials, then the provinces shall be succored by a prince who had been exiled in his youth, and who shall recover the crown of the lilies.
This prince shall extend his dominion over the entire universe. St. Caesar of Arles (469-453)

Three days of darkness and the great chastisement.

Three days the sun shall rise upwards on the heads of the combatants without being seen through the clouds of smokeProphecy of Mayence

He foretold "the destruction of impenitent persecutors of the Church during the three days darkness. He who outlives the darkness and fear of the three days _ it will seem to him as if he were alone on earth because of the fact that the world will be covered everywhere with carcasses." Blessed Caspar del Bufalo (d. 1847)

There shall come over all the earth an intense darkness lasting three days and three nights. Nothing will be visible and the earth will be laden with pestilence, which will claim principally but not exclusively the enemies of religion. During this darkness artificial light will be impossible. Only blessed candles can be lighted and will afford illumination. He who out of curiosity opens his window to look out or leaves his house will fall dead on the spot. During these three days the people should remain in their homes, pray the Rosary and beg God for mercy.

On this terrible occasion so many of these wicked men, enemies of His Church, and of God, shall be killed by this divine scourge, that their corpses round Rome will be as numerous as the fish, which a recent inundation of the Tiber had carries into the city. All the enemies of the Church, secret as well as known, will perish over the earth during that universal darkness, with the exception of a few, whom God will soon convert. The air shall be infected by demons, who will appear under all sorts of visible forms. St. Anna Maria Taigi (d. 1837, recently canonized by Pope John Paul II)

The comet by its tremendous pressure, will force much out of the ocean and flood many countries, causing much want and many plagues. All the seacoast cities will be fearful and many of them will be destroyed by tidal waves, and most living creatures will be killed and even those who escape will die from a horrible disease. For in none of those cities does a person live according to thelaws of God. St. Hildegard (d. 1179)

A period of peace and evangelization occurs.

Matthew 24:14

After the three days of darkness, Sts. Peter and Paul, having come down from heaven, will preach throughout the world and designate a new pope. A great light will flash from their bodies and will settle upon the cardinal, the future pontiff. Then Christianity will spread throughout the world. Whole nations will join the Church shortly before the reign of the Anti-Christ. these conversions will be amazing. Those who shall survive shall have to conduct themselves well. There shall be innumerable conversions of heretics, who will return to the bosom of the Church; all will note the edifying conduct of their lives, as well as that of all other Catholics. Russia, England, and China will come into the Church. St. Anna Maria Taigi (d. 1837, recently canonized by Pope John Paul II)

God will raise up a holy Pope over whom the angels will rejoice. Enlightened by God, this man will reconstruct almost the entire world through his holiness and lead all to the true faith, and everywhere fear of God, virtue, and good morals will be dominant. He will lead all erring sheep back to the fold, and there shall be only one faith, one law, one rule of life, one baptism on earth. All men will love each other and do good, and all quarrels and war will disappear. John of the Cleft Rock (1340)

The bride (Church) now all deformed and clothed in rags, will then gleam with beauty and jewels and crowned with the diadem of all virtue. All believing nations will rejoice and have such excellent and holy shepherds, and the unbelieving world attracted by the glory of the Church, will be converted to her. St. Cathrine of Siena (d.1380)

At the same time there will be a great Pope, who will be most eminent in sanctity and most perfect in every quality. This Pope shall have with him, the Great Monarch, a most virtuous man, who shall be a scion of the holy race of the French kings. This Great Monarch will assist the Pope in the reformation of the whole earth. Many princes and nations that are living in error shall be converted, and an admirable peace shall reign among men during many years, because the wrath of God shall be appeased through their repentence, penance, and good works. There will be one common law, one only faith, one baptism, one religion. All nations shall recognize the Holy See of Rome and shall pay homage to the Pope. St. Caesar of Arles (469-453)

The people do not appreciate the grace of the peace
II Thessalonians 2:7-12

In the last period Christians will not appreciate the great grace of God who provided a Great Monarch, a long duration of peace, a splendid fertility of the earth. They will be very ungrateful, lead a sinful life, in pride, vanity, unchastity, frivolity, hatred, avarice, gluttony and many other vices the the sins of men will stink more than a pestilence before God. Many men will doubt whether the Catholic faith is the true and only saving one and whether the Jews are perhaps correct when they still expect the Messias. Many will be the false teachings and bewilderment. The just God will in consequence give Lucifer and all his devils power to come on earth and tempt his godless creatures.St. Methodius (385)

In the days of peace that are to come after the desolation of revolutions and wars, before the end of the world, the Christians will become so lax in their religion that they will refuse to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation, saying "it is an unnecessary Sacrament"; and when the false prophet and the Anti-Christ comes, all who are not confirmed will apostatize, while those who are confirmed will stand firm in the faith, and only a few will renounce Christ. St. Vincent Ferrer (d. 1418)

The world will be faithless and degenerate after the birth of the Anti-Christ. St. John Chrysotom

But after some time fervor shall cool, iniquity shall abound, and moral corruption shall become worse than ever, which shall bring upon mankind the last and worse persecution of Anti-Christ, and the end of the world. St. Caesar of Arles (469-453)

The Antichrist rules for three and a half years
Daniel 9:27

The Antichrist kills the two witnesses
Revelations 11:3-12

The Antichrist tries to rise up to heaven
Isaiah 14:12-14

The Second Coming
Matthew 24:23-28


Dead Christians rise from the grave
I Thessalonians 4:15

Revelations 20:4-6

Christians yet living are taken up
I Thessalonians 4:16

Christ destroys the old heaven and earth
Revelations 20:11

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