Steps To Transformation

From the desk of  GraceWatcher Ministries


As your life is transforming, here are a few hard-won tips (from my life!) that can help ease the transitions. I donít claim to know all the answers, but keeping these things in mind help me. Maybe they can help you, too.

Know that Spirit supports you: There are always more than two options; the one that counts is Creatorís. Simply allow it to come forward.
Honor Your Teachers: Everyone has teachers, people who lead by example, have wisdom to share. Sometimes they are not obvious. Recall who is the most helpful and how. Anchor yourself to this memory, so that you can grow from it. Give thanks to them; they are human, too. Help them whenever and however you can. When itís time, another teacher will appear. They are all around
Honor Your Medicine: Donít give away your power, fall into victimhood, waste energy on side issues, want what you canít or donít have. Rather, focus on what you do have and the opportunities that are staring you in the face, and the powerful energies around you: find healing power in what has wounded you, so that you may give to others and, thereby, heal the hurts of your heart. Use it to transform yourself. Your wounds are your medicine; they propel you forward into healing self and others.
Empower Your Vision: By holding a vision of who, how and what we want to be, we attract what we need. That attraction builds as we reaffirm it every time Spirit brings us what we want to attract. Build on those lines of attraction, so that you become what you were meant to become, propelled and supported by Spirit.
Be Aware Of Self Talk: Old negative voices from the past can diminish us. They are ghosts, wraiths, the have no validity. Banish them. If these voices are given life by those around you, donít let them dissuade you. Turn down the volume. Their voices will change, they will change, or they will go away. A great quip I heard recently: "What you think of me is none of my business." We do what we do, and others form their opinions, often having nothing to do with us, who we are, what we think, or what we do. Follow your heart, the positive, creative, empowered voice for change. As you change, your circle of acquaintances will change. Surround yourself with positive, energizing people, whose voices support you and your inner voice. Remember: You cannot hurt enough to help these people. Only through self healing can you help anyone. Their pain is their choice. Donít make it yours.
Know that Sebacks Are Opportunities: A setback is only a test of what was planned/expected. The Universe may be telling you that you need to look at other opportunities/resources. When the plans were set, they may have been right for the time/circumstance; maybe the Now requires something else. Open
yourself to all possibilities. It could be that only one issue needed resolving, or it could be that later would be a better time, or that what was needed was gained, whatever you may have been the originating thought or vision. It may have been a steppingstone to something greater. Allow the new way to unfold; see whatís available.
When in Doubt, Set The Matter Aside: Sometimes the best action is no action. It could be that your intent has run ahead of what is possible in 3-D reality (which can be slow as molasses). Allow things to come to fruition in their own time: Donít push the river! When the time is right, youíll know it. Trust in your own process and that of the Universe.
Help Those Who Come To You and Have Faith That Your Path is Secure: You were put here on Earth for a reason. We all are teachers, we all are healers, each in our own way. In Spirit work, there is no competition. You are who you are. People find who they need when they need them. Donít be discouraged. There is a Divine Plan. Our challenge is to allow it to unfold without interference.

As lightbeings on the planet who consciously connect and are interested inaccessing their knowing, you hold a place that is unique on the planet and in the universe. You are awake and conscious,
so you have a responsibility to uphold the energies that will take your Earth into the new energy that is waiting to manifest. I ask you not to be discouraged; for many of you, it feels as if you have been
waiting for a long time for the changes to occur.

To you I say thank you, and I ask you to go into the energy of  gratitude for self.Imagine the courage it took for you to say yes to this incarnation and know that you would "forget" who you were.
Now is the time to remember that you are the most magnificent lightbeings, and you hold the keys of transformation for the planet. These keys are in your DNA and the keys may not be what you would

The first key is self-love, which transfers to love for the planet and all who inhabit your beautiful Mother Earth, including the plantpeople, the winged ones, the furred ones and the sea creatures, to
name a few.

The second key is trust: trust in self, which anchors the energy oftrust on the plane. This energy is very essential to the well-being of so many here at this time. Many have lost their trust in themselves, their governments and their families; this lack of trust has debilitated them from moving forward. It creates a sense of anomie and discord, and a lack of grounding.

The third key is one of honoring your being as you make your journeyupon the planet. It is important to "remember" who you are and honorall aspects of you being, to speak your truth and access your inner

These keys are essential to the unfolding of your being and to allow the transformation of the planet to move forward. I ask you to understand that, as you unlock your DNA by embracing these energies
of love, trust and honor, you create a vibration level that emanates  from your being, and that vibration affects change at an energetic level.

This energy emanates out into the planet and the cosmos. If you allow yourself to believe that you cannot make a difference or that you do not have the strength to carry on, then you are ignoring the keys
that are placed in your hands.

When you chose to come here to this planet, you chose the time you would come, your beautiful body, voice, eyes, ears, nose and every amazing aspect of your being, so it is important to celebrate this
magnificent vehicle you came here in. Like a cosmic star, you can be the most magnificent comet of light, or you can hide your light in  the thirddimensional world of anger, hate, greed and sadness. These
emotions and fears can and will cover you with a thick coat of energy that hides the light you came to this planet with. Imagine that  before you incarnated into the world you were a bundle of light, and
that this light was meant to shine. Now is the time to let your  light shine to the external world. This will benefit not only the  common good but you at a personal and soul level.

I would like to suggest at this time the power of connecting to the highest realms. I ask you to unite with your breath and intentionally breathe in, connecting to your crown charka, and feel the energy of
your spirit flow into your body, feeding your blood, bones, muscles and cells, filling them with the divine essence that is available to you. Then notice your outward breath; as you breathe out, allow it to
help you to untangle the heavier dense energy that may be stuck in your being.

I now ask you to ask for the highest light, and notice the images  that appear for you. Notice how your body reacts to the calling  forth of the highest light. As you do this, my dears, you are giving
the call for the most precious and amazing lightbeings to come to  you now.

Then you can call for the highest love, and feel and trust that the most divine unconditional love, nonattached love, is entering into your energy field. Notice if you see any colors or feel the wonder of
accessing the highest light from the universal source; ask for this energy to join with your heart wisdom now. Then you are encouraged to ask for the highest truth. Feel the wisdom of the counselors of light
and love come forth for you now.

It is important that you know and trust that your communication can extend to the cosmic lightbeings. We are here for you, waiting for  you to call to us. We trust, love and honor each of you, and we are
available when you reach out to us. So whenever you want to ensure that you will be able to access the highest realms, I suggest that  you call for the highest light, love and truth. There is a universal
understanding that when you invite Spirit in this fashion, you are heard, and only those with all three of these qualities will come to  you.