A Divine Human…….

From the Desk of  GraceWatcher Ministries


Does not need to seek a connection with God-Spirit, is fully aware that one IS Spirit and that all life experiences, individual and collective, are spiritual _expression; Does not feel separated from any part of Creation, feels intimately connected with the All.

Does not fear change, individual or collective; Knows that every experience is a growth experience and a chance to recreate one’s own Divine Presence in human form; Knows the nature of the illusion we live in, and uses it to enhance personal experience and to serve humanity.


Has no feelings of low self-worth or self-esteem; Knows that no part of All-That-Is has less value and worth than any other part; Does not compare self with others in any way, privately or publicly, and does not feel self-conscious or superior to others. Does not envy or pity any other person.

Honors the needs and desires of self above those of all others; knows that one cannot truly serve others from a place of co-dependency or victimhood, and one cannot love others without first loving self.

Knows fully that The Truth is not held by anyone or anything outside of self, and that the only Truth is found within; Has no need to know because one has access to all that is ever needed through the higher intuition.

Cannot be untrue to self; Does not compromise one’s own reality and viewpoints in favor of that of others; Lives embodied life on the basis of I choose, rather than I am afraid of……Actions are consistent with words. Does not say one thing and do another; Has no feelings of shame.

Cannot be untrue to others; Has no desire to misrepresent self, manipulate or control people or events, be secretive, hoard, be greedy or dishonest even in small ways; Lives in the highest integrity at all times; Has the wisdom to know when to speak and when to keep silent, when to act and when to do nothing, but will not alter the _expression of inner truth for the sake of others; Knows that what benefits the one must benefit the All in order for Divine Order to be maintained; Gives and receives in a balanced flow.

Trusts self, and consequently trusts others; Knows that there are no mistakes, no failure, only choices; Is in tune with the higher consciousness which is orchestrating the Divine Flow of our human experience and evolution; Has no feelings of guilt or blame, self-doubt; Is unaffected by the criticism of others.

Has no desire to prove self right and another wrong; Knows that all viewpoints are equally valid and an inherent right of free will; Sets and enforces personal boundaries based on choice rather than fear. Does not argue or engage in power struggles.

Does not criticize and judge others directly or indirectly;. Does not care to listen to criticism and gossip; Does not complain; Does not try to stir up drama and conflict amongst others; fully knows that the need to criticize and complain comes from fear; Grants all others the right to be as they are. Does not confusing another’s actions with another’s being; Knows that all beings are Divine and equal.

Operates in Now time; The embodied consciousness is not off in the past or future, but only in the now moment and the chosen experience of that moment; Does not worry or have regrets.

Is fully capable of experiencing the entire range of human emotion, but is able to choose which emotions one wants to feel in any given experience; Does not experience the random and uncontrolled emotional response of most humans.

Makes life decisions and choices based on the higher intuition rather than logic and linear thinking, or the fear-based survival instincts of the emotional body; Knows that the higher intuition operates in Divine Flow and is not subject to the inconsistencies of the emotional or mental body; Does not need reasons other than I choose.

Knows the true meaning of Love, and is incapable of loving any part of creation more or less than any other part; Does not need any specific type of relationship with other humans, animals, etc.; Chooses relationships with others which enhance the life experience and releases those which do not; Knows that it is not possible to hurt another unless the other, on some level, has chosen to experience it; Knows that it is not possible to be hurt unless self has also chosen that experience,

Does not fear any part of creation; Does not experience concern and apprehension. Does not feel threatened by the thoughts-words-deeds of any other, individual or collective body, but is alert and aware of one’s immediate environment and the potential choices presented by same.

Is not attached to people or other life forms, places, things Does not grieve over separation or death, because one knows that we all are eternally connected in the One and that the separation which appears to play out on the Earth plane is an illusion.

Does not experience the normal ups and downs of human life, because one is free of karma and operates at a frequency level above duality; Seldom experiences illness or injury, because the body is free from the influence of lower emotional thoughts; Can transmute lower energies of others without being affected by them.

Does not judge or condemn the events of the world; Knows that they are a manifestation of the collective consciousness, and that one’s most powerful tool for changing the world is self-transformation; May choose to actively work for change in the world if so guided by the higher intuition.

Is able to act in true compassion at all times, serving humanity and rendering that assistance which is needed from a higher place of non-judgment; Has no personal agenda or motivations for assisting others; Chooses to do so or not based on higher intuition.

Has no interest in putting self above others, controlling the beliefs or actions of others, taking the personal power of others; Does not have anything to prove to others.

Honors the boundaries set by others, individual and collective; Respects the free will and personal space of others at all times and the laws of the land in which one lives; Occasionally chooses to cross a boundary, but does so taking full responsibility for the possibility of consequences.

Wakes up each day with a sense of joy and excitement about what may unfold; Has no expectations about what may be experienced, but takes full responsibility as a co-creator; Is fully willing to experience all that one has co-created for self.

Is an extremely powerful catalyst for transmutational change upon Earth; Emanates the higher frequencies of Love, Light and Joy continuously into the planetary consciousness; Heals and transmutes fear energies for Earth and her life forms, simply by being present in human form.