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Lafarge Redland Aggregates have put forward a plan for a 113.6 hectare western extension of the existing quarry, which has been operated by Redland Aggregates since 1981. The quarry produces sand & gravel for aggregate use.

As part of an opening sweetener, Lafarge delivered a so called 'fact sheet' outlining all the benefits this would bring to the local ecology in the way of reed bed & wet grassland creation. In fact, this piece of blatent propoganda would have us in Golden Green, who will be directly affected by these plans, believe that this is the ONLY reason this scheme is going ahead!! Nothing to do with profit margins, just open water margins!

The fact is that this quarry extension has a 'lifespan' of 21 years. Only after this time will the 'restoration' begin. Are we to believe that Lafarge will still be responsible for this site at that time - or even still be trading?

The dust and noise, uglyness and damage to the existing ecology makes this plan totally unacceptable. This in an area which is just a rural 'pocket' between towns - an area which needs to be preserved not further blighted. The Teacher family who own this land should be hanging their heads in shame for allowing this through with scant regard for ecology or community.

Latest: (July 2000) Lafarge have formally applied for planning permission after
claiming to have amended the plans in consultation with local residents.
I am told these amendments are 'window dressing' and will not affect the detrimental
damage this plan will have on this part of the countryside.

We are now urged to write to Sir John Stanley, MP or contact the Dept. of Enviroment.


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