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  Cherokee Hunting Guide Service


O'siyo Oginalii Tsilugi (Hello Friends, Welcome)


We are accepting bookings for Tennessee hunts! Please refer to our new website at Appalachia Adventures ( for updated information as we are transitioning from this site to our new one.

(423) 261-2039 Email us for information.

We are NOT located on or near the Cherokee Indian Reservation in Cherokee, NC

We are now excepting reservations for fall white tail deer and wild hog hunts in Tennessee only. Please refer to our new website at for current information on our hunts.

Appalachia Adventures

If you want to experience the challenge of the fast paced excitement of real hunting free range, fair chase in Tennessee we can assist your hunting needs.

We offer guide service to hunt wild boar, feral hogs, white tail deer, wild turkey and varmints in Tennessee only.

The animals that we hunt are not confined to an enclosed area nor held in pens. The only fences you will encounter are the ones that nature put there.

Since there are NO fenced in animals, we cannot give you a 100% guarantee that you will be successful. However, we can do our best to give you the opportunity for a successful hunt.  ,/p>

Due to insurance liability restrictions, we cannot supply tree stands. If you want to bring your own stand, it's permitted. All hunters must sign a liability waiver.

Cherokee Guide Service


(423) 261-2939 Email for Information



Please stop by often for updates and more information about  wild boar, white-tail deer, wild turkey, and small game hunting in Tennessee, USA.


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