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Protection Against Old Age Problems

Weight Loss: Guaranteed Protection Against Old Age Problems

It is important that you should maintain your body weight to remain fit for your whole life especially in the old age. I am writing this article especially for those who are looking for successful ways to loose weight. Keep in mind to that quick weight loss is the most important thing of your life.

There are many people in this world who are overweight. Some part of this population is ok with it but some part wants to loose weight but do not know exactly how. They just try many different things like dieting, Weight loss pills and creams, belts, taking steam daily and even exercise but the result is negligible. But what is the reason behind this?

Loosing weight is not an easy task. The most important thing is that there should be willingness from inside. If it is then you can loose weight without any problem. Just follow the tips that I am going to share with you in this article.

Nowadays people spend most of their time in office. They leave for office early in the morning and come back late at night. Due to this they do not get time for work out or for any other activity which involves physical exercise. In office they do not think and just work and eat, work and eat and that is it. They take coffee, tea and other junk food which helps in gaining weight.

I have good alternative for this. Just stop taking junk food and avoid tea and coffee. You can also consult your dietician about the supplements that are best for weight loss and give you no side effects. These supplements help you a lot in reducing weight by increasing the metabolic rate and reducing the appetite. This helps a lot in loosing your weight.

When you eat something, you gain calories. Now what your body does is it uses the calories it needs and store the left over calories for future use in the form of fats. No doubt dieting will loose weight but will also make you weak. If you start dieting, you will eat less but your metabolic rate will also slow down and hence your immune system. Also it is not the point that you will live on dieting for your whole life. And even when you start eating again, weight gain will be double than your previous weight. Do you want this?

Obviously your answer will be no. I have a special way using which you can loose weight. If you are on dieting it does not mean that you just live on water and fruits. It is important that you take right thing at the right time. First of all note the amount of calories that you consume each day. Suppose you consume 1800Kcal/day. So just subtract 500kcal from it and you will be left with 1300kcal/day. Consume 1300kcal per week added with workout. Every time notice the change in the weight and repeat the process if you do not get the desired result. But do not reduce the intake of calories less than 1000kcal/day. This will lead to weakness.

If you need easy ways to take a shower after a workout if you’re an elderly or disabled, I recommend checking out Fawssit’s products.


Have a healthier life and opt for a great homemade pizza

Homemade pizza is becoming an increasingly popular favorite among American families. Pizza in general is an all-time favorite food of many Americans. Besides the fact that it tastes so good, it can be delivered to your house. You don’t even have to get out of your pajamas to go get it. In 30 minutes or less you can have one delivered for a fee and piping hot. While the easiest and quickest thing to do perhaps, is to order for delivery, making a homemade pizza has its own special advantages that are positive enough to be worthwhile. Controlling the ingredients, bringing families closer by bringing your kids into the kitchen, and saving money are all advantages of making your own homemade pizza.

One of the first advantages to making your own pizza is, of course, is the ability to control the ingredients that are put into the pizza. Making sauce, for example is a good way to cut down on preservatives, sodium, and other ingredients that you cannot control when you order take-out or delivery. Also, when making a pie yourself, you can control the freshness, cleanliness, and variety of ingredients that go on your pizza as toppings. You also control the cleanliness of the utensils, cooking equipment and hands that prepare your pizza. For example, there are many less than sanitary places that sell food. You do not know what is going on behind the scenes. We have all heard the horror stories of fast food restaurants, did someone drop the green pepper you are about to eat without washing it off? You will know what is going on in your kitchen. Also, freshness is a key to great pizza and if the ingredients are old or not fresh, it comes through in the overall taste of the pizza.

Another advantage to making a pizza from scratch is that, if done together as a family in the kitchen, it can be quite entertaining and can result in a closer family. Have younger kids do things that require little or no contact with heat or sharp utensils such as spreading the sauce, spreading the cheese, and placing the cut up vegetables on the pizza, etc. This will help them to feel like part of the process. Older kids can help you with the slightly more risky operations of cutting and dealing with the oven. For quality ovens with affordable prices, check out the offers made by Californo. Making meals together has the tendency of bringing families closer. Find homemade pizza recipes that your family will like and get into the kitchen.

One final reason for making your own pizza is money. There are pizza joints that will sell you a five dollar pizza, but you get one topping and a 10 inch crust. For anything more than a couple of toppings, pizza prices can quickly sky rocket out of control. Some places charge up to 25 dollars for a large pizza. This is definitely not a cost effective way to buy dinner. It is even worse when you have a large crowd to feed; the more people the more pizzas. This can become very expensive. By buying your own ingredients, you can make sure you control the cost. Also, buying your own ingredients means saving the delivery fee and any tips you fell obligated to give the delivery person. If you learn how to make homemade pizza it also cuts down on this expense.

There are many different reasons to begin making your own pizza. Controlling the ingredients that go into your pizza, getting closer as a family in the kitchen, and saving money are all ways making your own pizza at home can be positive. The experience is worth the try, and it might just be a very tasty experience.


Tibetan Medicine: Correct Conduct

Tibetan Medicine: Correct Conduct

Daily conduct

Daily conduct includes activities which prolong the lifespan, those associated with mundane human customs, and those associated with Buddhism. First, those wishing to live a long and prosperous life should take supreme medicines such as chebulic myrobalan, frankincense, and precious medicines, composed of the diamond, beryl, ruby, sapphire, and emerald. Protective cords blessed by realized tantric adepts should also be worn around the neck.

The negativity of body, speech and mind including dangerous pursuits, should be abandoned and there are certain rules of conduct to be observed in relation to sleep. Insomniacs who are subject to the harsh attributes of excessive wind should sleep at will. Those who have been unable to sleep at night should miss breakfast and recuperate by making up half the period of missed sleep. Those who are subject to drunken intoxication, depression, exhaustion, old age, fear or the shortness of the night in summer are weakened, and subjected to an excess of wind, for which reasons they should sleep a little during the daytime. For healthy persons, however, daytime sleep is counter-indicative because it increases phlegm, which may cause swelling, oedemata, headaches, colds and contagious fevers. In cases of excessive drowsiness, it is helpful to take an emetic fast or engage in sexual intercourse. In cases of insomnia, the patient should be given warm milk, curd, wine or meat broth; the head should be massaged with sesame butter and the ears lightly waxed with oil.

Seasonal conduct

Seasonal conduct. Each year is said to consist of the following six seasons, each lasting two months: early winter, late winter, spring, dry summer, wet summer, and autumn. At the mid-summer and mid-winter solstices, the sun changes direction moving southwards as the days become longer and northwards as the days become shorter. Also eighteen days after the vernal equinox, the period of thunder begins and this is said to cease eighteen days after the autumnal equinox.

Each season has conditions to which human behaviour or conduct should adapt. In early winter, when severe cold weather occurs, and especially in late winter, when the weather becomes even colder, the organism loses strength and needs a nourishing diet in which sweet sour and salty food should prevail. It is helpful to massage the body with sesame oil, to drink milk or broth made of good quality meat, to eat rich oily foods or sweet molasses, and to drink wine. One should also wear fur hide clothing and high boots that retain warmth, and keep warm on the second storey of a heated house. In springtime, through the warming influence of the sun, the phlegm which had concentrated in the internal organism during the winter begins to rise and may cause indigestion. Hence, one should partake of foods with a bitter, pungent and astringent taste. It is healthy to eat aged barley, roasted meat of animals from arid regions and honey; while one should drink hot boiled water and ginger decoctions. Physical exercise, massage and rubbing of the body with pea flour will also promote the healthy condition of phlegm; and it is desirable to stay under shady trees in a fragrant garden or sylvan grove.

During the dry summer season when the hot sun reduces bodily vigour, one should eat sweet, oily, light and cooling foods, such as honey, rice and beef, while rejecting salty, hot and sour things. One should avoid direct sunlight and take up bathing in cool water, drink wine only when mixed with water, and wear fine silk or cotton, live in a cool, clean house, and occasionally enjoy cool shady breezes.

During the wet summer season, the wind, dampness, and coolness harm the body's inner warmth. One should partake of sweet, sour and salty foods conducive to the regeneration of bodily heat, such as fresh buttermilk, mutton, strong wine prepared from grains grown in arid regions, and one should avoid the cold by staying on the warm rooftop of a house.

In autumn, the bile which had accumulated during the summer season begins to rise. Consequently, one should partake of sweet, bitter and astringent foods, wear clothes scented with camphor and white sandalwood, and frequent fragrant meadows.

Sexual conduct

Rules of conduct also apply to sexual intercourse - one should not copulate with animals or with women who are married, unpleasant, frail, emaciated, pregnant or menstruating. In intimate relations one should know that in winter when sexual desire increases the quantity of sperm in the adult male, there are no restrictions on the frequency of coitus; in spring and autumn intercourse is allowed every two days; and in summer, once a fortnight. If these rules are not followed the sensory organs become weak and dizziness develops, along with other unhealthy symptoms.

Those of adult maturity who wish for a long life should also perform regular oil massage and ablution which slow down aging and increase vigour. The vigorous massage of the body with pea flour counteracts phlegm diseases and obesity gives lustre to skin and strengthens the limbs. Regular ablutions increase sexual potency, strengthen the organism, improve skin complexion, eliminate dirt, perspiration, and bad odour. However, those suffering from feverish diarrhoea, abdominal spasm, common cold, indigestion, or disorders of olfactory and visual functions, and also those who have just eaten, are recommended to avoid washing entirely. Running eyes should be treated with eye drops of yellow barberry once a week throughout the winter season or longer.

Conduct for Buddhist practitioners

Daily conduct associated with mundane doctrines, includes virtuous and humanitarian actions which benefit society. One should be impartial, keep one's word, refrain from misbehaviour, speak out thoughtfully, look after the elderly and relatives, and live in harmony with friends, and neighbours. One should work diligently, without humiliating inferiors or envying superiors and without relying on evil-doers.

Regarding conduct for Buddhist practitioners: teachings should be requested from an ordained monk a white-robed maintainer, or a realized yogin. One should avoid those who disparage or wrongly interpret the doctrine, including those with a tartar-like mentality who disrespect the sacred texts and willfully destroy sacred images or shrines. Moreover, one should completely refrain from the ten non-virtuous actions of body, speech and mind u; . In keeping with bodhisattva conduct, one should assist those afflicted by sorrow and mental suffering invalids, destitute beggars, and all living creatures, especially one's enemies.

Buddhism also overlaps with another popular form of Eastern medicinal treatment, acupuncture. Visit AB Acupuncture to learn more about the healing benefits of this centuries-old therapy and consider booking an appointment.

Occasional conduct

Occasional conduct indicates that one should avoid suppression of natural functions. Suppression of the pangs of hunger will weaken the organism, causing vertigo. The condition will be alleviated if the patient is gradually given light, oily and warm food in small quantities.

Suppression of thirst causes dryness in the mouth, vertigo, cardiac ailments, deliriousness, and amnesia. The condition improves when the patient is given refreshing food and drink. Suppression of the urge to vomit causes loss of appetite, uncomfortable breathing, anemia or morbid pallor, erysipelas, coughing, and sight disorders. The patient is advised to fast, and to inhale the fumes of sandalwood and aloeswood, or to gargle using a decoction of these medicines. Suppression of sneezing causes dullness of senses, headaches, the rigidity of the cervical muscles, and lockjaw. The recommended antidotes are fumigation, nasal medications, and gazing at the sun.

The suppression of yawning causes similar disorders and is alleviated by those remedies which subdue ailments associated with wind. Suppression of breathlessness following energetic activity may lead to internal tumours, heart disorders, deliriousness and fainting or amnesia. The condition is alleviated by rest and therapies which remove excessive wind. Suppression of sleep causes yawning, general debility, weariness, heaviness in the head, dimness in the eyes and indigestion. The remedy is to drink broth and wine or to have a massage and fall asleep.

Suppression of the urge to cough out expectoration leads to its accumulation in the organism, to uncomfortable breathing, loss of weight, heart ailments, hiccup, and loss of appetite. Expectorant medicines or compounds of ginger and pepper with molasses are recommended. Suppression of salivation leads to pains in the heart, headaches, excessive nasal mucus, vertigo and loss of appetite. The condition is alleviated by drinking wine, sleeping and conversing with an agreeable friend.

Suppression of intestinal gases impedes the natural movement of the bowels, causing swelling, constipation, colic, dimness of sight, decrease of bodily heat and heart disorders. Suppression of defecation results in the vomiting of impurities, cranial pains, and cramp of the limbs. Suppression of urination leads to urolithiasis, infection of the urethral area and genitals. Recommended treatments for such conditions include mild enemata, submersion in waters from hot springs or medicinal sources, as well as massage, compress and medicinal butter.

Lastly, suppression of the ejaculation of semen causes spermatorrhea, the pain of the genitalia, retention of urine, urolithiasis, impotence, and other forms of infertility. The condition is alleviated by sexual intercourse, as well as by enemata and fomentation, and the consumption of sesame oil, milk, chicken and good wine.


Are you depressed?

Are you depressed?

Depression is not just one of those blue feelings. It is a condition that could last for years, and if left untreated it could become more serious, resulting in suicide.

Depression is an illness that affects the entire body. Both the mental and physical well being is affected by an individual. The World Health Organization defines depression as a common mental disorder, affecting more than 120 million people in the world, and classifies it as one of the leading causes of disabilities in our society. When one suffers from depression they feel extremely down and out and may have many fears of not ever getting things back on track in their life.

Depression is not a feeling that anyone enjoys feeling, and believe it or not, it is not a normal feeling. Have you ever thought about why you may feel depressed? Genes play a part in the development of this condition and this may be why some people are more likely to suffer from this disease than others. For example, did you know that depression may be caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain, and certain circumstances may trigger the onset of this imbalance? Death of a loved one, divorce, change in a career, good stress, and bad stress are a few of the circumstances that may trigger depression. In cases like this, alternative therapy may help to relieve these circumstances, acupuncture has several benefits in those cases.

Types of Depression:

There are different types of depression, some forms are simple and chronic, not affecting or disturbing one's ability to function and carry on in their everyday routine. Other forms may be acute and major, affecting one's ability to function, and severely interfering with their ability to work, and enjoy life, etc. This is why proper diagnosing is essential in this illness.

Signs & Symptoms of Depression:

      • Saddened feeling lasting several days to months

      • Feeling of hopelessness

      • Loss of pleasure in once enjoyable activities

      • Untidiness

      • Sleeping disturbances

      • Changes in appetite

      • Decreased energy level

      • Feelings of guilt

      • Anxiety

      • Unable to concentrate

      • Unable to make decisions

      • Restlessness

      • Thoughts of death

      • Thoughts of suicide

      • Suicide Attempts


The signs of depression listed above are not written in stone. One may or may not have multiple signs of this illness. The signs may change over time also. Types of depression are diagnosed with some of the signs listed above along with the length of time one may have been experiencing their depressed mood. These signs also help determine the treatment plan for this condition. This is why it is so important for an individual to seek help early, and obtain a proper diagnosing for this disease. No two individuals are alike. Some may need medications to combat this illness, some may need therapy and some may need hospitalization.

Depression is a disease that must be treated or serious complications could develop, and suicide may be one of these complications. Depression may also be a symptom of a serious medical condition and this is why seeking medical treatment for this disease is imperative. Many people are depressed but don't do anything about it because they may feel ashamed about feeling this way and they may fear that they will be looked down upon. But why should anyone feel ashamed about something that they had no control over? Did you give yourself a chemical imbalance in your brain? Is it your fault that depression may be in your family genes? How can you blame yourself for something you had absolutely nothing to do with? Don't let fear control your destiny. Don't be ashamed, be smart, and do something about feeling down and out!


Therapeutic Strategy For An Obese Patient

Therapeutic Strategy For An Obese Patient

A treatment stategy can only be based on a case to case evalutation of each obese patient. More than with any other current pathology, treatment will have to be tailor-made despite a rough outline being made of the treatments that will follow.

The first step is a thorough evaluation of the patient's medical history (illnesses, any surgery they may have undergone), treatments already tried, eating habits +++, behaviour and psychological profiles, physical activities and hobbies, family and professional surroundings. A strategy is then devised for each case.

What needs to be understood from the start is that any form of treatment of obesity needs to be undertaken with the long-term in view. Obese patients sometimes find this hard to accept as they are desperate to find a 'miracle treatment'. Long-term effectiveness is, however, the only guarantee of success. The treatment programme can be set up as a gradual succession of therapies, the choice of which will depend on the seriousness of the case and the results obtained from previous treatments.

First, the patient and the doctor must agree on weight loss objectives. This must be reasonable and adapted to the patient, that is to say, it must be realistic. This is where a lot of the problems arise, between the patient who wishes to lose 'all excess weight' as fast as possible, and the doctor who, based on his previous experience and on the available literature, knows that only realistic objectives can be met. It is important to realise that a loss of only 10% excess weight can significantly improve complications or morbidities linked to being overweight, such as diabetes or hypertension.

The second form of treatment is drug therapy. There are many treatments on offer but these can be divided into two groups : those that treat complications linked to obesity and those that treat the obesity itself. The first type includes the anti-diabetic and anti-cholesterol drugs. The second type are the appetite suppressors and those that modify fat absorption.

Gastric surgery offers the third type of treatment. Surgery is only available to those people who have failed with all other treatments and to the severely obese patients (so-called morbidly obese, with a BMI above 40 kg/m2, or 35 kg/m2 with co-morbidities linked to the obese state). The intra-gastric balloon is a more moderate alternative as it is less traumatic than surgery, but the objectives are less impressive with regard to weight loss. Plastic and reconstructive surgery should also be mentioned here, although they are explained in a section of their own.

Whatever the treatment envisaged, it is only worthwhile as long as the medical and nutritional follow-up is correct. No treatment, no drug (whether it be a miracle drug or not) can ever replace this aspect of the treatment, the absence of which almost inevitably leads to failure.

Finally, it is important to talk about preventative treatment, which should mainly be taken on board by the public authorities. Although this aspect of treatment is often overlooked, it is certainly one of the most promising grounds for future success. It will be the object of a special chapter.

Obese patients can supplement these new lifestyle changes with relaxation treatments. Visit AB Acupuncture to learn more about the benefits of acupuncture for a holistic lifestyle.


A Glitch From Heart And Spleen: Aphthous Ulcer

A Glitch From Heart And Spleen: Aphthous Ulcer

Aphthous ulcers (canker sore) are little, yet they are powerful enough to spoil your mood. Every time you eat, especially hot, sour, and spicy food; brush your teeth; or even talk to someone, the pain reminds you that happiness in itself cannot be granted, even the “little” ones.

According to Western Medicine, the causes of aphthous ulcers include impaired immune function, infections, nutritional deficiency, and Vitamin B Group insufficiency. In general, they can be healed in seven to 10 days.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), on the other hand, regards that our facial organs correspond with our internal organs. Take tongue and mouth as examples; while the heart opens into the tongue, the spleen leads to the mouth, suggesting that tongue and mouth diseases are mostly related to heart and spleen. In fact, the mouth as a whole is the sensory organ linked to the spleen and actually a branch of the spleen meridian extended to the bottom of the tongue. As for the tongue, in particular the tip, is connected to the heart.

Having said that, when a TCM Practitioner makes a diagnosis of the disease, the first thing he/she needs to do is to determine whether the condition is “excess” or “deficiency” (Yin, Yang, External, Internal, Cold, Hot, Deficiency, and Excess all belong to the “Eight Principles”, one of the most important diagnostic systems in TCM.)

Although both are aphthous ulcers, the symptoms that patients experience are rather different. “Excess-type aphthous ulcer is red in color and painful; it has swelling around the rim with yellow discharge. In addition, patients usually are accompanied by bitter mouth, bad breath, constipation, swollen gums, etc,” TCM Practitioner said. “This type of aphthous ulcer likely is induced by heart/spleen accumulated heat due to improper diet such as excessive spicy and deep-fried food, or staying up late.”

As for deficiency-type aphthous ulcer, it mostly is caused by a weak stomach and kidney function. Despite the ulcer area has little pain and color, it persists for a long time and recurs constantly. Sufferers generally are accompanied by loss of appetite, lack of energy, and insomnia.

“According to TCM, aphthous ulcer actually is an indicator that the environment in our body is imbalanced,” TCM Practitioner said. “In TCM’s approach, in conjunction with medicating the ulcers, patient’s lifestyles and general constitution will be properly modulated (with herbal medicine and other treatments) as they are brought to light, so that the contributing factors of the problem can be diminished.”

There are two DIY home remedies, though, that can mitigate your aphthous ulcers. Whether you prefer “salt” or “tea,” either one is simple and convenient.

Pour boiling water into a cup with five teaspoons of salt OR one teaspoon of black tea leaves. Rinse your mouth with the water after it turns warm. Twice per day, one in the morning and one at night.

“Both salt and tea can help reduce inflammation and kill bacteria; which are able to ease the pain of the ulcers and speed up wound healing,” TCM Practitioner continued. “If the condition is more serious, rinse can be done a few more times a day. However, if the ulcers show no sign of improvement over a week, one should go to seek medical treatment immediately as it might be a warning of mouth cancer.”

In TCM, acupuncture stimulates the acupuncture points releasing the qi in the body. To know more about acupuncture, check out AB Acupuncture.


A Straw To Conquer Herbal Medicine Bitterness

A Straw To Conquer Herbal Medicine Bitterness

If you ever visited a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Practitioner and also took the prescribed herbal medicine, you get the idea of what “bitterness” truly is! In fact, many Westerners hesitate about TCM only because of the infamous inky black, extremely bitter medicine.

“Unfortunately, herbal medicine is one of the core elements of TCM that you hardly can avoid when receiving TCM treatment,” TCM Practitioner said. “Fortunately, there is a way to minimize the bitterness.”

There are about 10,000 taste buds on our tongue. While the sides of the tongue tend to be sensitive to sour and salty taste, and the tip of the tongue to sweet, the sensitivity to bitter taste is highest at the base. The lesser the contacts between food and taste buds, the weaker the flavor of food you sense.

So, how to reduce the contacts between the herbal medicine and the taste buds? The answer is to use a straw to drink the medicine. “Stick the straw way down deep. In doing so, the medicine can travel through from the cup to your throat without contacting too many taste buds.” TCM Practitioner said.

Now you may ask how you are able to drink the medicine with a straw as the liquid is so hot.

“Well, you should know that when the temperature of food is close to that of our mouth (96.8-98.6 degree Fahrenheit / 36-37 degree Celsius), the sensitivity of our sense of taste is at its highest; whereas the sense will be less sensitive when food’s temperature is higher or lower than this level,” TCM Practitioner said. “However, medicine with temperature higher than 100.4 degree Fahrenheit / 38 degree Celsius would be too hot to suck up; the best way is to wait until its temperature drops to between 68-86 degree Fahrenheit / 20-30 degree Celsius).”

No matter how much you hate bitterness, there is one worst thing that you should never do: To add sugar to your herbal medicine like you do to the coffee! “This is because different flavor of herbal medicine produces different efficacy. For instance, while medicine in bitter flavor drys dampness and purge fire; sweet, on the other hand, replenishes “Qi” (essential energy) and blood, and relieves pain,” TCM Practitioner explained. “If sugar is added to the medicine, the property of the medicine will be altered.”

Furthermore, the chemical composition of herbal medicine is rather complicated. When the protein and tannin that herbal medicine contains interact with the iron and calcium in sugar (especially brown sugar), a chemical reaction may occur, causing some effective components coagulate, and generating turbidity and precipitation. As a result, not only the efficacy of the medicine is affected, it may also lead to diarrhea.

Last but not the least, some herbal medicines are administered to stimulate the release of secretion from digestive gland through the flavor of bitterness. “The extremely bitter Rhizoma Coptidis, for example, is used for boosting the gastric secretion in order to invigorate the stomach,” TCM Practitioner said. “If you add sugar in it, this function is destroyed and so is the treatment.”

Another mind and body practice used in TCM is acupuncture. Acupuncture may help improve the quality of life and certain health conditions. Visit AB Acupuncture to learn more.


How to Identify Acupuncture Points

How to Identify Acupuncture Points

Brief introduction on how to identify acupuncture points

Today I would like to do a brief introduction on how to identify acupuncture points accurately and simply. If you are interested in more detailed explanation, just feel free to drop me a note and let me know about it.

Acupuncture points are where the reaction occurs on the body. If there is something wrong with the body, a variety of responses would appear on these acupuncture points.

These reactions include:

      1. The acupuncture points ache (tenderness) if pressing them with fingers;

      2. The acupuncture points can feel lumps (nodules) if touching them with fingers;

      3. The skin itches (sensory sensitivity) even with the slightest stimulation;

      4. The temperature is different from surrounding skin (temperature change) and so on.

Whether these reactions occur or not is an important indicator that whether acupuncture points occur or not.

If you are suspicious whether or not it is the acupuncture points, you’d better first test by pressing and tweaking the skin with your fingers. If there are the above-mentioned responses, you can tell that they are the exact acupuncture points you are looking for.

How to determine the location of acupuncture points

In addition, these words such as “two-finger width” and “three-finger width” can be seen very frequently on descriptions of how to identify acupuncture points. These words such as “two-finger width” and “three-finger width” refer to the norm to calculate the position of acupuncture points on the body.

It is said that these standard sizes work only for one’s own body. For instance, “one-finger width” refers to the width of the thickest part of the thumb; “two-finger width” refers to the width of second finger joint of index finger and middle finger tied.

Finger size and width are greatly different from different ages, physical conditions and sex. As a method to determine the location of the acupuncture points, please make sure to refer to the width of patients’ fingers.

Acupuncturists from AB Acupuncture can help in determining the best acupuncture treatment for your pain. Book an appointment now!


Ways to Lose weight According to Five Elements

Ways to Lose weight According to Five Elements

Few books on identify acupuncture points

There are tons of Chinese medicine books out there on acupuncture therapy. Unfortunately few published books can be found when it comes to tips on how to identify acupuncture points by a simple and accurate way. In this case, that makes acupuncture an daunting task for those unprofessional people who would like to learn acupuncture from scratch.

There are many ways to lose weight out there. But it seems seldom to be heard how to lose weight from the perspective of five elements. The theory of five elements is the highly concentrated essence of Chinese ancient culture, which can still be seen and reflected in our modern daily life.

What are the five elements?

According to Traditional Chinese medicine, five elements are gold, wood, water, fire and earth. It is a cycled mechanism, in which elements mutually reinforce and neutralize each other: the wood connect to the liver, the fire to the heart, the earth to the spleen, the gold to the lung, and the water to the kidney. They interlock each other just like a circle.

One certain person’s property does not necessarily belong to only one single element. It might be the type of water but partial to earth, or the type of wood partial to fire.

Step One: Inquiry

Which element do you belong to in five elements?

Since it is the therapy according to five elements of Traditional Chinese medicine, of course the first step is the basic four diagnostic methods of Chinese medicine, including inspection, smelling and hearing, inquiry, pulse taking and palpation.

Based on the information acquired, the Chinese medicine practitioners can determine which element you are belong to. Also they would check which category of obesity you are in, solid middle or large size, puffiness, or edema in lower extremity. In turn the right medicine formula will be designed to lose weight according the pattern.

Step Two: Acupuncture

Tune the constitution and lose weight in local part.

After determining the type of constitution, then we should tune the constitution to lose weight. Acupuncture is a best choice when it comes to tuning physical fitness, which is, according to the constitution, to find the acupuncture points need to strengthen and stimulate, namely to clear heat in the fire excess constitution, while to strengthen qi in qi deficiency constitution.

Else, to those with obesity in local part, it needs to reinforce partial acupuncture to promote the local metabolism to lose weight.

Step Three: Herbal baths

Adjust metabolism and lose weight according to symptoms

According to different constitutions and shapes, different medicinal herbal bath package can be used to lose weight.

For those with solid middle and large size, it needs to use the herbal bath package of Fang feng (Saposhnikoviae Radix), Jing jie (Schizonepetae Herba), Lian Qiao (Forsythiae Fructus), Zhi zi (Gardeniae Fructus), and Da huang (Rhei Radix et Rhizoma) etc.

For those with puffiness, it need to use herbal bath package of Fang ji (Stephania tetrandra), Huang qi (Astragali Radix), and Bai zhu (Atractylodis macrocephalae Rhizoma) etc.

For those with edema in lower extremity, it need to use herbal bath package of Fu zi (Radix aconiti carmichaeli), Fu ling (Poria), and Bai shao (Paeoniae Radix alba) etc.

Herbal baths can promote metabolism, gradually it will lose weight imperceptiblely.

Step Four: Tui Na massage

Relax meridian

According to the physical property of the person willing to lose weight, select the appropriate essential oils according to the five elements of metal, wood, water, fire and earth to carry out Tui na massage on the acupuncture points on back.

Given that one person may involves more than one particular element, it need to mix a variety of essential oils in Tui na massage. What’s more, Tui na massage is also very suitable for local part to lose weight.

SPA services use essential oils to massage, but few of them acquire some knowledge about traditional Chinese medicine. On the contrary, there are professional personnel of Tui na massage in Chinese medicine hospital. Unfortunately they never use those smelling good essential oils. Which one is better? It is up to you.

Step Five: Medicined diet

Eat away your weight

It is a totally a wrong idea that Chinese medicines are all those bitter herbs which can make you cry. Now it is very popular to combine herbs with delicacy to eat away your weight. However, if you want to lose weight by medicined diet, you have to bear in you mind to choose those food consistent with your constitution.

So we are back to our topic of ways to lose weight according to five elements again, firstly you need to figure out which element do you belong to in five elements? Gold, wood, water, fire, earth, or mixed type?

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Herbs for Hot Flashes

Herbs for Hot Flashes

Herbs for hot flashes is a more of natural alternative way to hormones therapy or Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) nowadays. It is a popular belief that herbs for hot flashes can relieve and cure the symptoms in a holistic and natural way, instead of man-made chemicals and drugs.

When it comes to herbs for hot flashes, probably these famous Chinese herbs such as licorice root, Panax ginseng, black cohosh and wild yams will come to our minds in the first place. It is true that most often these herbs for hot flashes have been used in treatment for hot flashes and they have been highly regarded for many centuries in China.

Theory of herbs for hot flashes

Hot flashes is a main symptom of menopause. Since menopause begins, women have to experience a lot challenges physically and psychologically, which affect their quality of life dramatically.

Besides hot flashes, a menopausal woman might suffer following symptoms as well:

      • Irritability;

      • Difficulty focusing;

      • Night sweats;

      • Depression;

      • Sleep disorders;

      • Extreme tiredness or fatigue;

      • Anxiety.

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) believe that hot flashes is mainly caused by the following elements:

      • Internal heat by Yin deficiency;

      • Hyperaction of liver Yang;

      • Deficiency of body fluids.

After menopause, usually women tend to suffer from deficiency of essence and blood in liver-kidney and declined functions of organs, which may lead to the symptoms of menopausal hot flashes in the end.

However, besides these above-mentioned herbs for hot flashes, other herbs, such as Shu Di Huang, Sheng Di Huang, Mai Men Dong and Wu Wei Zi, are used very often as herbs for hot flashes as well clinically according to different results of diagnosis.

Herbs for hot flashes: Shu Di Huang

As one of herbs for hot flashes, Shu Di Huang, the steamed and dried form of Sheng Di Huang, can foster Yin to enrich blood and benefit essence and fill marrow.

The main indications of Shu Di Huang are as follows:

      • Tonify blood for blood deficiency with hot flashes, night sweats, dizziness, pale complexion, palpitations, nocturnal emissions, insomnia, irregular menses, uterine bleeding and post partum bleeding;

      • Foster Yin – kidney Yin deficiency with constant thirst, steaming bone disorder, tinnitus, premature graying.

Herbs for hot flashes: Sheng Di Huang

As one of herbs for hot flashes, Sheng Di Huang is mainly used to clear the heat and foster Yin for production of body fluid.

The main indications of Sheng Di Huang are as follows:

      • Clears heat and cool blood. Sheng Di Huang is used for high fever, constant thirst, red tongue, bleeding due to excessive heat in the blood;

      • Fosters Yin and promote body fluids. Sheng Di Huang is used for Yin deficiency with damage of body fluids by excessive heat, symptoms such as mouth dryness, low fever, constipation, throat pain from deficiency of Yin;

      • Cool hyperactivity of heart fire. Sheng Di Huang is used for sores in mouth and tongue, irritability, insomnia, hot flashes and malar flush.

Herbs for hot flashes: Mai Men Dong

As one of herbs for hot flashes, Mai Men Dong is mainly used to foster Yin, promote fluid, moisten lung and clear heart fire.

The main indications of Mai Men Dong are as follows:

      • Moisten the lungs to stop cough. Mai Men Dong is used for symptoms such as dry coughing and coughing blood;

      • Grow stomach Yin and promote body fluids. Mai Men Dong is used for symptoms such as tongue dryness and mouth dryness;

      • Clear heat and calm irritability due to Yin deficiency or a warm-febrile disease falling into the yin scope. Particularly Mai Men Dong is used very often when symptoms are getting worse at night;

      • Moisten the intestines. Mai Men Dong is used for symptoms of constipation.

Herbs for hot flashes: Wu Wei Zi

As one of herbs for hot flashes, Wu Wei Zi is mainly used as an astringent preparation to decrease perspiration, benefit kidney to calm heart and benefit Qi to produce fluid. The main indications of Wu Wei Zi are as follows:

      • Stop asthmatic cough;

      • Nocturnal emissions

      • Enuresis frequency,

      • Chronic Diarrhea;

      • Spontaneous perspiration;

      • Night sweats;

      • Hot flashes;

      • Insomnia;

      • Palpitations.

      • Thirst due to injury of fluid.

Herbs for hot flashes can also help ease the intensity and severity of other symptoms of menopause besides hot flashes. If you are looking for a natural and effective way for hot flashes, herbs for hot flashes is a worthy remedy you can not afford to ignore.

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Guide To Eco-Friendly Fabrics

Guide to buying ecofriendly fabrics

For those of you who wants to play a part to save the environment and support the green cause, you will be delighted to learn about the existence of eco-friendly fabrics. Eco-friendly fabrics are healthy to wear as they do not contain harsh chemicals, unlike those petroleum-based fabrics and chemically-enhanced ones like polyester and nylon. These are among the common eco-friendly fabrics used in clothes that supports both fashion and the environment.

Bamboo Fabric

Bamboo fabric is made through a closed-loop process using dissolved bamboo pulps. It is a great source for mother nature as it takes only two years for bamboos to mature. It might look like silk, and it even feels soft like silk, bamboo clothing could be very stylish and comfortable at the same time. It’s built in temperature control feature makes it suitable to be worn in both hot or cold weather. Bamboo fabric is very durable and lasting.

Soy Fabric

Soy fabric is made out of the byproduct of soy food production, and it is extremely renewable. It is dubbed as the “cashmere” of green fabrics, but without the hassle of the care that comes with cashmere. Soy fabric feels soft, and is easy to care for.

Hemp Fabric

Hemp fabric had been used for a very long time, all the way back as far as 8000 B.C. The growing of hemp requires no pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers and requires very little water. Hemp fabric is used in many high-fashion designs as it is wrinkle-free, durable, lasting, strong and soft as cotton.

Organic Cotton

Most cotton fabrics used had been added toxins and chemicals in its farming and manufacturing process which is bad for the earth. Organic cotton are farmed with all the goodness of cotton fabric without the harmful chemicals, which makes it environmental friendly and a good pick for eco friendly clothing stores.

Alpaca Fur

Alpacas are not vegetables, they are animals mainly found roaming in South America. Alpaca fur is much lighter, softer and warmer compared to the common wool. It feels easy on the skin, and it is hypoallergenic.

Merino Wool

Merino sheep is known to produce the highest quality of wools. They are amazingly soft, and it lessens the itch-factor for those with sensitive skin. Merino wool clothing are the best to be worn to keep warm during winter as it is warm, but at the same time provides proper ventilation for the body with its breathable texture.

Tencel Fabric

Tencel fabric is made out of tencel tree wood pulp harvested from sustainable tencel tree farms. It is extremely comfortable and has 50% better moisture absorption compared to cotton, not to forget its natural breathability.

Silk Fabric

Silk had always been a fabric of luxury since the times of history. Silk fabric are extremely renewable, harvested from Bombyx mori silkworm farm. It is astonishingly soft and looks luxurious.

There are more and more fabrics that are eco-friendly and fashionable. These fabrics are not only soft to the touch but good for the environment and best for those with sensitive skin.

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7 Habits of Supremely Stylish People

7 Habits of Supremely Stylish People

Ever wondered how some people achieve their effortless style? Where they look like they’ve just rolled out of bed in the morning, perfectly preened and put together. They always seem to get it right no matter what the occasion, but look like they didn’t try at the same time. You may think it’s down to a team of stylists and make up artists but that’s not always the case. You can find examples of women and men in the celeb world who appear to have an innate ability to always get it right, in addition to the stylish individuals that are normal, everyday people.

1. Quality Counts

If you’re a regular reader you’ll be no stranger to my approach on constructing a quality wardrobe. It all starts with great investment pieces. The staples like a blazer or pair of jeans, bags, a great coat should all be items that you spend a little extra cash on. Build a solid foundation, with great quality pieces that you’ll wear everyday for years to come. Then seek out cheaper options if you want to get a lil trendy.

2. Signature Looks

Having a unique look you can fall back on in times of crisis means you don’t have to worry about looking great. Just looking at Victoria Beckham last year for example, she heavily relied on a monochrome uniform to give her a Parisian chic appeal.

3. Push Your Comfort Zones

You have to sometimes take risks and try things that you wouldn’t normally consider wearing. Even if you don’t eventually buy it, at least start trying things you wouldn’t normally consider. Actually trying something on and seeing yourself in it will help you think up new possibilities involving that piece. So next time you’re out shopping try on something you’d never usually consider.

4. Clever ‘Re-Cycling’

A wardrobe full of clothes doesn’t equal more clothes to wear. One of the main things I do with my clients is teach them how to get more from their wardrobe but also how to be a savvy buyer. The last thing you want is an item that can only be worn with one other thing. Make your wardrobe work harder, not your credit card.

5. Celebrate Your Best Bits

These style mavens know what looks good on them and what their best features are. If you’re hiding away your best assets then you’re not making use of what ya mama gave you! Great legs? Then show them off! Your clothes should always highlight what’s good about your body and celebrate it.

6. Accessories

Use accessories with a bit of thought, they’re a great opportunity to add your own personality. Take something that’s pretty normal and transform the mundane by adding a bit of ‘you’ with your accessories. Make the accessories the star of the show for a change and tone down the rest of your clothes.

7. Confidence

There’s no point wearing something if you’re worried about how you look in it. If you’re more worried about what others are thinking then you’re not going to pass and even the most stylish outfit will look odd. You need to strut your stuff! Walk with confidence, head held high like you’re a boss!

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How To Buy Neckties

How To Buy Neckties

Buying neckties can be a very personal thing, but if you're shopping for a necktie, we have some buying tips for you that you might appreciate.

For starters, we're in what necktie manufacturers call a "Woven Market". No it's not a like a bull or bear market, it's just that preference has been leaning to woven silk instead of printed silk - but printed silk ties do seem to be coming back which are currently 10% of the market

Jerry Garcia neckties, as an example, are printed silk.

Generally, printed silk is flat with no texture at all, just smooth.

Woven ties have depth and loft in the weave of the pattern. Woven neckties generally have a pattern that you can see and feel. If you're shopping online, look for the word woven.

Look For These Attributes in Silk Neckties:


The heavier the silk the better the tie will drape however, too heavy, and you'll end up with a big knot. In this case you are better off making a Four In Hand Knot


Wool is best and very forgiving to the elements, but poly cotton is the next suitable lining.


A tie with the rear of the tipping made from the same silk as the front of the tie is best - it hangs better and has a nicer finish.

This is known as a self-tipped necktie.


Look for fabric loops, bar tacks and double reinforced neck stitching which are all good indicators of quality.


Look for textures in the weave. Textures create depth of design.


A bottle neck or half bottleneck cut necktie will give you a better looking necktie knot.


Timeless designs are generally more acceptable for business. Timeless designs are stripes, and neats. The trendy designs are more acceptable for leisure.

Shopping For Silk Neckties

Familiarize yourself with some of the necktie brands offered online. Browse department stores where you get the opportunity to feel and inspect it. Once you're familiar, then shop online for neckties.

Online shopping for neckties will always save you some money - though, don't get greedy. Ignore those claims that you can save up to 80%. Realistically, you get what you pay for.

In conclusion, unlike years ago, like in the 50's 60's and 70's when the fashion look was fixed today there is no rule that you have to lean to one way or another when it comes to neckties.

Society has become much more accepting of individualism and comfort, so just wear neckties that you like. Don't be pressured by trends unless that's what you like.

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Womens Business Clothes: Your Womens Clothing & Fashion Guide

Womens Business Clothes: Your Womens Clothing & Fashion Guide

What your women's clothes say and looking your best in womens business clothes or business attire for women is important. Know why? It's important because how you look impacts your self-esteem and ability to advance personally and professionally...and you're priceless!

Womens business clothes are an investment in your professional future, all of your womens clothing are an investment in your future. Learn how to wear clothes well by dressing for your body type, life and career goals while avoiding wardrobe oops.

Do some savvy wardrobe planning for women because from business casual dress guidelines to business formal attire, every woman can successfully create a wardrobe that helps her to look great and get what she wants.

Ladies, match your best professional look and womens business attire with your brains and talent for a win-win solution...women's business clothes can really help make a difference.

Feel great about yourself, be noticed--for the right reasons, or land that promotion or contract by, strategically and artistically, planning and then dressing for your body type...whether the body types are an apple body shape, pear, or something else.

This women's clothing website will be your resource for creating a professional image and personal style that help you achieve your goals. Perhaps even more importantly, you can also use it to help match up who you are inside out.

Womens business clothing is one tool that anyone can learn to use to help craft the results they want.

Leveraging resources like Internet shopping services, online shopping, retail outlets, a variety of creative solutions, like searching out cheap name brand clothes, custom sewing, and the strategies of other women who’ve designed their best look in womens business clothes, will allow you to do the same.

No more wardrobe mishaps…now, planning and online shopping for female business attire is something to get excited about.

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How To Have A Perfect and Clear Complexion Without Freckles

How To Fade Away Freckles And Unwanted Brown Marks

Some of you may look at the above and say "Hey, I love my freckles - they are cute." And you would be right - freckles are indeed a sign of beauty, but for some too many brown marks or dark freckles on the face can be distressing. Sometimes it's a case of having spent too many hours sunbathing, or during pregnancy brown marks can appear on the face which do not totally disappear after the baby is born. Later on in life age spots can appear on hands and face - ie on areas which have sometimes been overexposed to the sun.

What Causes Freckles And Brown Marks On The Skin?

Freckles and age spots are caused by exposure to the sun - the easiest way to ensure you don't develop age spots later in life is to limit the time you spend in the sun - we're not saying don't enjoy your beach holidays BUT do make sure you use a good sunscreen of SPF 15 or preferably higher. You will still tan, but at a slower rate, without burning, which also prevents premature aging - yet another bonus.

How Can I Treat Freckles and Brown Marks Now?

If you have dark freckles or brown marks that you would like to fade away you can either wait and ensure that you wear a sun-screen all the time when outdoors, which means your freckles and brown marks will slowly fade away or you can try some of the following treatments:

  • Glycolic acid - this is a treatment which can be carried out at either a salon (where the treatment used will be slightly stronger than that available for the home market) or you can purchase home treatment kits. Glycolic acid is derived from sugar cane and it's part of the Alpha Hydroxy Acid family (AHAs) which can be derived from fruits, plants and dairy products. It works when applied to your skin by breaking down the bond which keeps all the sticky, dead skins cells attached to the surface of your skin promoting shedding of the top layers, along with your freckles.
  • Kojic acid is a natural product derived from mushrooms and was discovered in Japan in 1989. It is used to lighten skin discolourations and freckles and is a natural inhibitor of melanin production in the skin. It can be found in various skin creams and treatments for curing freckles and brown spots.
  • Wash your face with sour milk - hmmm.. not to everyone's taste, but the milk does contain lactic acid which will encourage gentle peeling without irritating or drying your skin.
  • Make your own fruit mask by mixing together peaches, strawberries, papaya, honey and enough oatmeal to make a paste. Leave the mask on for 10 minutes and the fruit acids will attack and remove your dead skin cells along with any freckles and marks - when washed off you will have a smooth and hydrated glowing skin.
  • Along with these treatments, make sure you use sunscreens and facecreams with a minimum SPF 15 so all your hard work isn't wasted.

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