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The Poetry of Creativeminz

featuring works by Geoffrey D. Wheeler

"Restless Soul"
by: Geoffrey D. Wheeler

She calls to me, whispering in my ear pleading me to bring her to life.
She shows me what I must do, if only I could but time does not allow it to be, atleast not for now.
For you see, I have been summoned by your sister and her sister's sister.
Please take cognizance of my weary mind, for you fill my head
and so you should know what a tedious venture on which I have embarked.
Demanding are they, starving for my attention, calling to me all at once and at all hours,
even as I sleep.
Who should I tend to first?, I pursue the one that soothes my spirit, warms my soul and eases my mind
but when tomorrow comes one of the others may take her place.
Fresh is she, relieveing my anxiety allowing me to keep my sanity.
And now there is you.
Do not dismay, be at ease, assuredly you are as worthy as the others
and will not be forgotten, for, in time, you will be redeemed, brought out with your sisters and brothers,
superb in your own way, relaying the message that you hold for the world to see.
But for now, I must avert my attention and my brush to the purpose at hand.
Please be patient and understanding, I tell myself, and in time
she shall be born.

by: Geoffrey D. Wheeler

Here I am, a blank canvas before you, my own personnel purgatory,
patiently waiting to be resurrected by your hand
but until then, I am nothing but a fragment of your imagination,
a puzzle with many pieces that you struggle to assemble,
an apparition in the night that haunts you and you cannot see,
like a love that you believe you will never find until fate plays it's part.
Listen to the melody of Delerium, smell the aroma of incense lingering in the air,
meditate and free your mind of frivolous thoughts,
challenge your inner self, visualize what is in your heart,
soon, the smoke will clear, pull my image from deep within,
dip your brush into your soul and give me life.

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