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Kids Sewing Page

Want to Learn to Sew?
Ask your mom to pull out the old sewing machine and let's go!

For the first lesson, please ask your mom to thread the sewing machine for you. You will soon learn to do this, but at a later time. We're gonna get to the fun stuff first.

Now Mom, we need you once more. Please find a regular sheet of paper. It can be computer paper, typing paper, or just about anything. Please take a pencil and draw one large square (2 by 2) or so. Then draw a rectangle about the same size. Now let's go for a nice large circle. Kids, while mom is being kept busy, I need you to find an easy coloring page from little brother's favorite coloring book. Make sure it is very easy.

Now kids, do you see these designs your mom has drawn? It is very important to follow these directions. We are going to sew these designs. Yes, we can sew on paper for good practice. Now, listen carefully!!! You may NOT put your hands inside of these designs. Your fingers, thumbs or hands may NOT go inside. Every little part of you must stay OUTSIDE these designs. It hurts very badly to sew your please be careful. I have taught many children and they have all done very well with this project.

Now, before you begin to sew, Moms, please watch their fingers. If they should try to grab loose threads or move their fingers to the inside of these designs...they must stop. Take their foot of the foot pedal and show them what they have done. I want them to be very aware of where their fingers are. ALWAYS, when they are done sewing...the foot MUST come off the foot pedal.

Ok kids, you are ready to begin sewing. Sit at the machine...slip your paper under the presser foot. (Mom please show them the presser foot) may begin sewing very slowly. I know you will want to drive fast...No No No...let's take it slow. Follow the lines around your design. Keep your fingers out of the design. Now when you are the rest of them the same way. You are doing great!!! Now you are ready for your coloring page. Pick out where you want to start...put the presser foot down...and begin slowly. Follow the lines all the way around. Remember, where are your fingers?

If you me,Miss Sharon and I'll email
a surprise back to you. You've done great!
Come back to visit me and I'll
have a new lesson for you soon. Be ready!!

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