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Identifying Chopper frames

I've included manufacturers part numbers for ID puposes when available.Im not sure if they are actually stamped on the parts though.If anyone has one of these frames and has found the part number stamped on it email me and tell me the location of the stamp and I'll add it to the page to help others find theirs.

Here's an old AMEN ad

Here's an old AEE ad

This is a Santee "Rigid Arm" frame for the Honda 750
AMEN Honda frames

Honda twin frames
H350S-uses stock neck bearings and races
H350H-1" neck
H450S-stock neck hardware
H450H- 1" neck
H450 frame also fits cb500 twins

HONDA 4 cyl Frames
H500S-Stock neck

H750S-Stock neck
H750H -1" Neck

AMEN Kawasaki 900

K900S-Stock neck diameter
K900H-1" diameter neck

AMEN Triumph frames

AMEN Part Numbers
T650-63 up non OIF
T750-OIF 2 cylinders(weld on)

Savior bolt on part numbers
ST650-63 to 70 Triumph 650
ST750-71 and 72 Triumph and BSA 650 and 73 Triumph650 and 750(weld on)
STY650-Yamaha 650 (weld on)
Bolt on Hardtail
HT6502- 2" extended with exhaust and brake tabs for 650 Triump
HT6505-5" extended with exhaust,brake,and oil tank mounts

Savior Rear Suspension Breakdown
A= Adjuster bolts
B= Housing
C= Axle Shafts
D= Top Springs
E= Bottom Springs
F= Top Crown Nuts
G= Aluminum Bushings
H= Guide Plates
I= Lock Washers
J= Bottom Nuts
K= Axle

This is a Smith Bros and Fetrow frame for the honda 750