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Make: TRB 99
Engine: 575 CI Arias Chevy
Engine Builder:Performance Machining Greeneville TN
Owner: Tim and Jill Cupp
Driver: Mike "The Hammer" Cupp
Hometown: Bulls Gap TN "worlds Fastest 1/8 short Track"
Best Advice: "Trust no one except the results"


Luckily In 03-04 We haven't had much luck mechanical failure due to our new latest and gratest toys have caused our 20yr old engine to begin to waiver. Luckily we've Found some new iron to help keep the arias alive and breathing. Luckily we found Perfomance machining in greeneville which has helped us out alot. We don't have to go back and double check there work as with other builders. The Awsome Ride has evolved from Bill osborne's wedge frame which is over 11 years old at the time it was and still is one of the most competitive tractors i've seen. It loves less than idea tracks matter of fact let's take Bristol invitaional in 2001. We finished 2nd 17ft behind koester, when we poped the blower. The latest Cepeks, engine and chassis technology. But only 17ft ahead when we had engine damage. Amazing. In it's prime it was dominate and at the last of the 2001 season it returned to it's former glory

Other highlights were greenville where we litterly obliterated the competiton that year low tirespeed coupled with massive torque helped us get 310+ on the first pass coming. Back in the pulloff and blowing the tires completely off. When the compaction of the other classes caused water to resurface..In Late 2001 we went to the raliegh state fair and after wiping out 2 gear boxes and almost a ring gear and pinion.

After this Mike setout to find something stronger to handle the increased engine output Team Ar Racing was about to unleash on the pulling world. After looking in the Full Pull Magazine Mike seen an ad for a Planetary rearend. Wow we had seen such a rearend in the Rat posion of the fairbanks in 2000 in bowling gear. So we made hast and called and after talking to todd we aquired all the pieces to make a very competitive and reliable mini.

The 2002 season we ran hard able to just about get in the top 3 in regional. Also 10-20ft outside the top 10 in GN competition Even with our timing moving to 24 degrees btdc vs 28 so all in all a perfect "test" season.

Look for some more radical changes though Firestones will soon propel the 2003 Awsome Ride Mini. Look for tons of increased power as new piston rod designs are tested helping with Power Distribution and durability. Winning at Saluda and coming in 2nd at brandenburg Ky. Then going on to a 9th place performace at Connersville In GN event.

The worst track 2 years running is greeneville which is an almost perfect rutledge track if brooks rods wanted to sponsor a pull this would be it as it would Sell truckloads of rods