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Cemetary is located 7 miles from Elizabethon, TN on Hwy 91 north and is visible from the road. Turn left on Hugh Wilson road, if you pass the Citgo gas station you've gone to far. Cemetary entrance is on the right. Readings are taken from right to left starting at the fence. All information was obtained in person.
b.=birth d.=death

Peters, Benjamin Hooper b.5/15/1911 d.7/5/1991; WWII TEC 4 U.S. Army; wife Bernelda L. b.7/2/1920.
Lewis, Elmer 1907-1988; married 9/26/1931; wife Vernie L. 1905-1992.
Donnelly, Oscar J. 1885-1960; wife Hattie A. 1890-1948.
Estep, Pauline A. b.1/29/1914 d.3/30/1998.
Frazier, Ray C. 1907-1959.
Frazier, Mary b.4/20/1913 d.7/1/1997.
Davis, Martin C. b.3/27/1931 d.2/20/1972; wife Edith I. b.5/12/1937.
Campbell, Will b.2/2/1929 d.6/13/1994; married 3/17/1951; wife Florence b.5/31/1933.
Bowers, Nick C. 1901-1950; wife Eliza J. 1910-1977.

Berry, Ladawn & Ladonna b.4/19/1973 d.4/20/1973.
Frazier, Lester C. b.12/6/1909 d.1/12/1972; wife Dora L. b.6/13/1919 d.3/4/1991.
Frazier, Lon Grayson b.12/8/1902 d.11/13/1982; wife Nell L. b.7/7/1907 d.10/13/1995.
Lewis, Charlie Hamp b.6/13/1916 d.1/17/1994; WWII PVT U.S. Army.
Harris, Ellie Lewis b.7/7/1907 d.11/6/1990.
Lewis, Willie L. b.6/24/1901 d.6/15/1974.
Lewis, Charles C. b.3/14/1872 d.4/7/1971; wife Ruth A. b.7/15/1880 d.3/17/1966.
Lewis, Howard C. b.7/16/1910 d.5/21/1939.
Davis, Jenifer Lynn b.1/15/1976 d.5/17/1976; Daughter of Mr.& Mrs. John Lewis.
Smith, "Shorty" Walter H. b.7/12/1915 d.1/22/1984.
Barlett, RosaLie J. 1923-1967.
Bowers, Bruce 1892-1953.

Richardson, James E. b.12/15/1951 d.12/16/1951.
Richardson, Alice S. b.2/7/1953, 3 months 20 days old.
Richardson, Rhondel E. 1912-1984; wife Mary E. b.1922.
Stines, Rev. C.H. b.1895 d.(no date); wife Alma J. 1902-1977.
Richardson, William A. 1891-1973; wife Sallie B. 1882-1957.
Wilson, Robert B. 1881-1965.
Davidson, William M. 1884-1943; wife Allie W. 1893-1980.
Davidson, Bonnie b.2/2/1910 d.10/9/1984.
Davis, Lela J. b.12/5/1922 d.10/12/1996.
Blackburn, Cora Ann b/d.5/16/1963; Daughter of Mr.& Mrs. Silas Blackburn.
Blackburn, Silas Nelson, Jr. b/d.3/4/1965; Son of Mr.& Mrs. Silas Blackburn.
Blackburn, Silas Nelson, Sr. b.8/1/1923 d.5/27/1989; wife Margaret J. b.4/17/1927 d.10/21/1988.

Gouge, Infant b/d.1/13/1953; Child of Howard & Opal Gouge.
Gouge, Troy T. b.6/11/1945 d.2/18/1953.
Gouge, Wayne E. b.3/16/1944 d.7/20/1975; Vietnam SP5 U.S. Army.
Gouge, Duard L. b.10/9/1928 d.5/16/1974; WWII Tennessee S1 U.S. Navy.
Gouge, Harold A. 1908-1953; wife Mattie N. 1906-1986.
Gouge, Harrison b.9/9/1867 d.(no date); wife Susan b.7/16/1887 d.4/26/1940.
Gouge, James Milton b.12/23/1887 d.6/5/1932.
Davidson, Howard P. 1981.
Davidson, William M., Jr. b.10/20/1915 d.9/2/1971.
Sheppard, Allen H. b.9/9/1956 d.5/20/1978.

Bowers, Nancy Ann L. b.7/29/1873 d.1/11/1975.
Bowers, Erice R. b.7/4/1931 d.8/30/1931; Son of E.J. & Mary Bowers.
Dumic, Frank 1872-1945.
Dumic, Mary W. 1882-1952.
White, Ama Hurrell b.6/26/1915 d.2/17/1987.
Oliver, Mollie Alice b.8/18/1877 d.11/8/1940.
Oliver, Charlie b.11/22/1884 d.9/25/1963.
Oliver, Grace b.12/27/1908 d.3/19/1998.
Moore, Diane b.9/14/1952 d.8/3/1956.
Moore, Faye Oliver b.11/22/1927 d.7/1/1959.
Oliver, Linda Faye 6/6/1945.

Bowers, Clint 1894-1951.
Williams, James A. b.3/2/1963 d.11/29/1957.
Williams, Chrystal Dawn 11/7/1978.
Davis, Douglas Mac b.9/4/1942 d.1/29/1998.
Long, Sherri Dee 1962-1970; Daughter of Bobby & Leona Long.
Dumic, Lewis(Louis) B. "Big Chief" b.8/1/1912 d.4/8/1970; PVT U.S. Amry; wife Ruth E. b.1918.

Lewis, Betty Jo b.4/26/1933 d.7/13/1933; Daughter of Berne B. & Georgia Lewis.
Lewis, George McBernie b.1/5/1942 d.3/4/1947; Son of Berne B. & Georgia Lewis.
Lewis, Berne B. b.4/3/1908 d.7/12/1991; PVT U.S. Army; wife Georgia W. b.8/9/1909.
Wilson, Eston b.2/2/1910 d.2/11/1961; PFC Coastal Artillary Corps.
Wilson, Jessie F. b.2/19/1914 d.6/28/1979.
Davis, Infant (no dates).

Nave, Chris D. b.4/25/1964 d.1/1/1984; E.H.S.; end of grave, sisters names Cathy, Cynthia, Marsha.
Nave, Ora Gay b.4/27/1885 d.12/28/1936; wife Sallie E. Buckles b.5/24/1895 d.1/24/1975.
Nave, Ray b.6/3/1917 d.5/22/1978; WWII S1 U.S. Navy.
Nave, Annie Taylor 1855-1948.
Nave, Fornia D. 1892-1933.
Nave, Mable V. 1904-1977.
Nave, Infant (no dates).
Nave, Infant (no dates).
Peters, Charlie P. 1896-1968; wife Allie M. 1903-1992.
Wilson, Taylor Love d.9/26/1892 d.11/3/1945; WWI Company G 117 Infantry "Cook" U.S. Army.
Wilson, Edith F. 1898-1976.
Wilson, Emma Jean 1933.

Bryan, Clarence L. 1905-1978; wife Gladys G. 1918-1993.
Collins, Lena Jenkins b.9/8/1896 d.3/6/1922; wife of R.B. Collins.
Robinson, Charles W. 1872-1922; wife Emma W. 1870-1961.
Lewis, Hazel B. 1915-1970.
Peters, Charles B. 1963.
Peters, Paul P.,Jr. b.9/1/1935 d.5/17/1997; Sheriff Carter County, TN; married 12/28/1960; wife Carol Joan b.2/2/1941.
Peters, Paul, Sr. 1902-1974; wife Mary E. b.1916.
Peters, Susan Ann 1872-1933.

ROW 10
Cannon, Linda Sue b/d.1/27/1950.
Jenkins, Helois E. b.2/24/1919 d.11/13/1975.
Cannon, Barbara E. 1940-1963.
Cannon, Loretta 1875-1948.
Cannon, Blonnie 1910-1952.
Bryan, Ella C. 1906-1942.
Bryan, Infant 1938.
Cannon, Hildred & Mildred (no dates).
Cannon, George A. 1898-1940.
Lewis, William Paul b.4/24/1906 d.11/26/1960.
Robinson, Kynon J. 1905-1989; wife Burtha M. 1910-1996.
Robinson, Gerald b.4/6/1933 d.4/12/1933.
Robinson, Ronald G. b.10/20/1911 d.10/31/1992; married 7/4/1931; wife Ada E. b.1/5/1912 d.6/23/1986.
Robinson, Llama 1932.

ROW 11
Stoler, Sallie b.7/9/1897 d.2/7/1977.
Stoler, Jane C. b.11/11/1933 d.1/11/1996; husband Harold F. b.9/30/1920.
Stoler, Earnest Roy b.10/22/1922 d.5/14/1998; WWII PFC U.S. Army.
Buckles, Joseph H. 1883-1958.
Buckles, Arlie Fred b.3/31/1949 d.4/3/1949.
Buckles, Dora b.9/23/1908 d.2/11/1989.
Buckles, Laura 1888-1927; wife of Joe Buckles.
Bowers, Ruth A. b.5/27/1847 d.1/27/1912; wife of Buckles.
Mosler, (unreadable name) 1891-1944.
Mosler, Mack C. 1871-1949.
Mosler, Billy Joe b.12/21/1947 d.5/11/1962.
Feltner, Beulah Mae 1929-1970.
Cole, Nora C. b.9/3/1911 d.12/5/1977; husband Charlie D. b.4/21/1916.

ROW 12
Bowers, Irene Buckles b.12/19/1934 d.9/18/1990.
Bowers, Helton b.3/24/1922 d.6/23/1994; WWII PFC U.S. Army.
Campbell, Bobby James, Jr. b.4/28/1974 d.1/2/1995.
Bowers, Val "Sissie" b.2/14/1899 d.11/24/1909; Daughter of R.B.& Emma Bowers.
Bowers, Dora A. b.1/8/1888 d.1/11/1911; wife of B.J. Hicks.
Buckles, Jennie Stover 1855-1936.
Creasman, Emma Combs b.8/14/1900 d.9/11/1946.
Combs, Kell 1878-1946.
Taylor, Dan S. 1883-1931; wife Pearl 1888-1927.

ROW 13
Williams, Ray B. b.12/26/1924 d.1/8/1985.
Beam, Mary G. b.10/15/1935 d.10/6/1998.
Frazier, Mattie V. b.5/10/1882 d.8/5/1946.
Williams, William A. b.6/19/1849 d.11/24/1932; wife Josie N. b.11/11/1857 d.12/5/1928.
Williams, (unreadable name) b.11/9/1871 d.11/11/1916.
Frasier, Lida S. 1884-1956; wife of W.C. Williams.
Williams, W.C. 1877-1904; Spanish American War Tennessee PVT Company A 3rd Infantry.
Frasier, Archie C. b.7/11/1901 d.10/22/1901.
Unreadable Name b.6/18/1849 d.10/21/1900.
Frasier, Creston L. b.5/16/1917 d.4/20/1918; Son of W.A. & Mattie Fraiser.
Frasier, W.A. 1873-1955.
Williams, Millie D. 1894-1972.
Garland, Pauline b.11/23/1927 d.7/17/1997.
Lewis, Murry B. b.4/25/1903 d.10/2/1976; wife Tessie V. b.8/3/1903 d.1/16/1998.
Buchanan, Billy Joe b.10/16/1931 d.7/3/1966; Tennessee PFC Infantry U.S. Army.
Lawrence, Pansy b.2/25/1937 d.11/7/1975.

ROW 14
Street, Bonnie Moore b.4/20/1921 d.12/29/1998.
Bowers, Bertha b.6/5/1886 d.4/18/1913; Daughter of R.B. & Emma Bowers.
Bowers, William Henry 1851-1926.
Bowers, Annie E. 1853-(no date).
Bowers, Robert B. b.4/25/1862 d.6/22/1941; wife Emma 1861-1945.
Bowers, Rosa May (no date).
Bowers, Kate 1903-1945.
Oliver, Allen "Tom" b.6/7/1929 d.12/22/1987.
Oliver, Isaac M. 1891-1935; wife Gertie B. 1891-1970.
Morrell, William R. b.2/25/1846 d.10/8/1933; Company A 13 Tennessee Calvary.
Morrell, Mollie W. 1861-1951.

ROW 15
Williams, Charlie C. 1879-1956.
Williams, Fannie L. 1883-1945.
Pierce, Victoria Grace b.5/18/1906 d.1/7/1981.
Grindstaff, James H. b.12/7/1937 d.2/9/1991.
Carden, Infant (no dates).
Harley, Don b.8/11/1992 d.12/23/1992.
Morrell, Joseph E. b.5/31/1862 d.10/6/1921; wife Sallie L. b.5/20/1865 d.(no date).

ROW 16
Crowe, W.R. b.2/6/1866 d.12/25/1950.
Crowe, Maymead b.4/3/1912 d.2/25/1937.
Crowe, Ella Rose b.12/20/1878 d.6/17/1933.
Peters, William b.11/6/1887 d.1/14/1912; wife Charlotte Creed b.11/17/1836 d.12/4/1914.
Lewis, Rebecca Elizabeth b.10/1/1859 d.11/22/1946.
Peters, Everett 1869-1952.

ROW 17
Nidiffer, W.D. b.6/24/1845 d.12/25/1920; wife Millie Peters b.3/14/1846 d.8/14/1942.
Bowers, Maggie b.5/1/1861 d.6/7/1929.
Lewis, Francis Winfred 1936-1942.
Lewis, Odess b.8/30/1912 d.1/31/1988; married 6/17/1933; wife Myra b.7/12/1914 d.4/30/1996.
Frasier, Martha S. Fair 1854-1895; wife of Jacob L. Frasier.
Frasier, Cordia B. 1875-1895; Daughter of J.L.& M.S. Frasier.
Frasier, Alice 1881-1895; Daughter of J.L.& M.S. Frasier.
Frasier, Jacob L. b.10/8/1842 d.4/2/1911; Tennesse CPL Company B 13 Regiment Walls Calvary.
Richards, Irene b.7/7/1907 d.4/10/1918.
Richards, Willie Frasier b.4/13/1886 d.7/31/1975.
Nidiffer, Mark D. 1876-1962; wife Lola Frasier b.1891-(no date).
Williams, Floyd a. b.5/19/1913 d.4/2/1969.
Elliot, Bonnie Moore Street b.4/20/1921 d.12/29/1998.

ROW 18
Widmyer, Gwene C. b.8/29/1943 d.1/6/1997; husband Warren b.2/12/1940.
Vannier, Pansy E. Carrier b.10/6/1922 d.2/29/1996.
Carrier, Joseph W. b.7/3/1875 d.5/26/1952; Spanish American War PVT3 Tennessee Infantry; wife Emma L. 1883-1960.
Carrier, Guy A. b.10/19/1915 d.11/10/1924; Son of J.W. & Emma Carrier.
Carrier, Ottougean b.6/25/1896 d.6/30/1896; Son of J.W. & Emma Carrier.
Williams, Abraham B. 1869-1953; wife Loretta R. 1872-1973.
Williams, Harry D. b/d.1/30/1907.
Nidiffer, Lawrence Q. b.12/15/1918 d.3/4/1920.
Nidiffer, Ruby V. Williams b.8/30.1895 d.4/24/1920.
Williams, Roy A. b.3/12/1928 d.3/13/1928.
Williams, Nora Ellen 1923-1925.
Hodges, David Wayne b.6/14/1936 d.6/15/1936; Son of C.L.& Josephine Hodges.
Grindstaff, Daisy A. Williams b.4/30/1898 d.5/19/1937; husband Claud.
Hardin, Joyce Cleo b/d.1937.
Williams, Lloyd E. b/d.7/22/1937.
Hardin, Daisy Joann b/d.1940.
Williams, Wayne W. b.6/19/1935 d.9/28/1948.
Williams, Jewell Bradford b.11/12/1942 d.5/24/1997; U.S. AirForce.
Shipley, R. Wayne b.12/12/1957 d.1/8/1997.
Williams, Albert R. 1892-1952; wife Dora Belle 1896-1984.

ROW 19
Morrell, James C. b.7/9/1902 d.12/27/1993; wife Armithie N. b.3/20/1906 d.10/7/1973.
Blevins, Richard A. 1944-(no date).
Morrell, Robert Wayne 1955-1958.
Wilson, Huey N. b.7/6/1903 d.6/30/1977; married 8/16/1925; wife Beulah b.8/17/1907 d.6/19/1977.
Wilson, Edmond C. 1876-1954; wife Mattie Ann 1878-1967.
Collins, William F. 1855-1932; wife Lillie M. 1860-1936.
Collins, Susan b.3/8/1822 d.3/4/1906.
Collins, J.C. b.12/9/1806 d.11/12/1900.
Taylor, Jacob A. b.12/18/1875 d.12/15/1969; wife Emma b.1/21/1889 d.1/30/1942.
Taylor, Willy W. b.9/12/1907 d.6/11/1986; wife Mamie W. b.3/29/1907 d.8/22/1989.
Crockett, Lyle Hoskins b.8/3/1913 d.8/15/1986; TSGT U.S. AirForce WWII, Korea, Vietnam; wife Mollie E. b.7/18/1919 d.3/2/1985.

ROW 20
Byars, Emory H. 1900-1973.
Byars, Dora L. 1901-1963.
Blevins, Morrell J. b.3/8/1892 d.3/1/1963; wife Eva b.10/15/1896 d.12/15/1968.
Lewis, John A. b.5/9/1903 d.2/17/1985.
Lewis, Wilburn L. 1890-1950: wife Clara V. 1899-(no date).
Lewis, Holly b.12/29/1906 d.10/22/1927.
Grindstaff, Lola L. 1893-1945.
Donley, Milon b.10/5/1890; 1 yr 5 days old.
Lewis, A.J. b.4/22/1871 d.July/1944; wife Armittia b.1/30/1869 d.2/19/1924.
Wilson, Maudie M. 1898-1907.
Wilson, Stella R. 1901-1918.
Blevins, Deliah Mae b.10/30/1896 d.3/3/1923.
Wilson, Beulah M. 1920.
Lewis, Mattie b.5/8/1903 d.10/28/1903.
Lewis, Mary b/d. 9/4/1904.
Wilson, Carl H. 1915-1929.
Wilson, Howard Thomas b.9/9/1942 d.5/17/1943.
Wilson, Alice A. b.12/15/1905 d.6/19/1907.
Wilson, Charles b.2/26/1912 d.5/14/1947; wife Ollie B. .
Wilson, Huey K. 1935-1967.
Whaley, Gene E. 1938.
Blevins, Nathaniel H. b.8/26/1898 d.7/29/1940.
Shank, Margaret Ann b.12/26/1961 d.1/28/1983.
Tate, David K. b.4/9/1974 d.10/6/1996.
Hart, Ethel 1889-1951.
Ama 5/11/1932.
Blevins, Richard A. 1944.
Blevins, Beryl b.12/6/1921 d.4/19/1998.

ROW 21
Whaley, Cart 1894-1958; wife Ama B. 1915-(no date).
Whaley, Kathleen M. 1946-1974; husband Billy Dale Whaley.
Shankle, William A. b.8/18/1927 d.9/24/1978; WWII PVT U.S. Army; wife Thelma I. b.1931.
Roberts, William Dwayne b/d.8/14/1944.
William, Infant b/d.4/3/1949.
Williams, Mike C. 1905-1965; wife Goldie L. 1905-1950.
Wiliams, E.G. b.8/1/1873 d.3/25/1938.
Williams, Clint A. b.11/14/1903 d.2/3/1904; Son of E.G.& Mary Williams.
Williams, John W. b.3/28/1901 d.11/24/1903; Son of E.G.& Mary Williams.
Williams, Ethel B. b.2/14/1900 d.3/4/1900; Daughter of E.G.& Mary Williams.
Wilson, Annie L. b.8/9/1891 d.9/11/1891; Daughter of J.W.& F. Wilson.
Wilson, Judie Annie Gracie (no dates); Daughter of James Wilson.
Wilson, Roy A. b.6/1/1890 d.6/9/1909.
Wilson, Bill 1900-1923.
Wilson, Donnie 1903-1923.
Wilson, Nadean H. 1912-1928.

ROW 22
Jenkins, Rondal E. b.9/1/1932 d.8/15/1995; MSG U.S. Army Korea, Vietnam; wife Katie b.7/15/1935.
Jenkins, Douglas Jeffery b.4/23/1961 d.7/4/1991.
Wilson, George 1898-1969; wife Maude 1899-1988.
Wilson, Elbert 1924-1945.
Wilson, Earl 1928.
Wilson, Lynn 1926.
Wilson, Anna Lee 1919.
Wilson, George W. (no dates) Company F 13th Tennessee Calvary.
Wilson, Mary E. b.5/3/1846 d.3/11/1906.
Elliott, William G. b.2/23/1882 d.11/25/1975; wife Ida P. b.11/26/1882 d.1/5/1956.
Wilson, Lena 6/10/1888.
Wilson, Nora b.9/18/1881 d.9/22/1888.
Wilson, Dellie b.1/1/1884 d.5/9/1888; Daughter of G.W. Wilson.
Unknown, Infant b.10/3/1885 d.1/3/1886.
Wilson, Pnepe b.12/17/1887 d.6/17/1889; Daughter of G.W. Wilson.
Wilson, Annie b.5/12/1890 d.12/17/1890; Daughter of G.W. Wilson.
Wilson, James 1865-1957; wife Flora T. 1870-1925.

ROW 23
Wilson, Wade 1905-1974; wife Maude N. 1908-1973.
Wilson, Naomi M. b.11/24/1926 d.12/4/1926.
Cannon, Sallie b.3/15/1865 d.4/1/1904.
Cannon, William b.7/21/1890 d.7/22/1899.
Blevins, Rebeca b.3/10/1845 d.12/20/1887.
Blevins, Joseph 1811-1866.
Blevins, W.S. 1868-1888.
Wilson, Maude B. 1903-1921.

ROW 24
Lyons, John R., Jr. b.3/2/1924 d.7/3/1995; wife Helen Marie b.3/18/1914.
Berry, Samuel A. 1946-1992.
Berry, Hugh D. b.7/8/1917 d.5/24/1988; wife Amanda R. b.9/19/1918 d.11/20/1996.
Williams, Billy Gene b.d.7/10/1936.
Williams, Laura L. b.10/31/1901 d.11/8/1943.
Lewis, Mattie b.10/4/1895 d.7/4/1911.
Wilson, Infant (no date).
Wilson, Davis b.5/10/1835 d.1/10/1900.
Wilson, James b.3/31/1830 d.2/11/1917.
Wilson, Robert B. b.6/10/1883 d.9/2/1965; wife Cora B. b.5/18/1905 d.5/7/1941; Daughter Patsy L. b.4/26/1941 d.6/9/1941.
Wilson, Landon 1869-1925.

ROW 25
Lewis, Ida 1938.
Lewis, Isaac (no dates).
Lewis, Gidian b.3/3/1835 d.1/3/1894.
Lewis, W.T. b.5/4/1835 d.7/1/1836; Son of J.L. Lewis.
Unknown Lewis, Infant L.V. b.5/1/1891 d.5/28/1891.

ROW 26
Gentry, Richard b.1/15/1892 d.3/23/1956; WWI Wagoner U.S. Army.
Lewis, D. Willis 1880-1939; wife Rettie 1888-1973.
Lewis, Grady 1925-1935.
Lewis, Retta d.8/15/1929, age 65.
Lewis, John b.8/4/1854 d.7/9/1917.
Lewis, Sarah A. 1898.
Lewis, Ephraim d.6/17/1898; Company F 13th Tennesee Calvary.

ROW 27
Williams, Albert R. b.4/23/1892 d.2/18/1952; SGT Tennessee Company G 117 Infantry WWI.