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Military Info Page 2

This page last updated: 09/12/2002
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Information is on all my family surnames, however, the information may NOT all be related to my actual ancestors.
Tennessee Records

1890 Civil War Veteran Census Tennessee
(*From the book of the same title by Sistler.)
Name of Veteran: current residence: enumeration district: survey#: name of widow if any: veteran alias names if any: rank: unit: dates of enlistment & discharge: P.O. Address: disability incurred: remarks by census taker:
(*I also include the page in the book the name and info appears.)

DISMUKES, Robert: D-87-2: Pvt: A Co. 111th TN Inf.: 1/1864-66: Nashville PO: prisoner 9 months. (pg85)

LEWELLING, Alford M.: He-571: Pvt: G Co. 6th TN Inf.: 3/1862-11/1862: Law PO: Conf?. (pg189)

LEWALLEN, Campell: S-213-3: Pvt: I Co. 12th KY Inf.: 11/10/1861-65: Glenmary PO: rheumatism, loss of hearing. (pg189)
LEWALLEN, John: A-13-3: Pvt: B Co. 1st TN Inf.: 6/1/1863-8/1865: Prosise PO: diarrhea. (pg189)
LEWALLEN, John: S-216-1: Pvt: B Co. 1st TN Vol.: 8/1/1861-65: Huntsville PO: blind. (pg189)
LEWALLEN, William: S-213-1: Pvt: A Co. 1st TN Inf.: 6/1861-65: Huntsville PO: head and lungs, from measels in army. (pg189)

LEWALLING, John W.: D-138-3: Susan widow of: Pvt: 9/1864-4/10/1865: Glass PO: Conf. (pg189)

LUALLEN, James W.: C-24-2: Pvt: I Co. 9th TN CAV.: Agee PO: lung-affects of mumps. (pg195)

LLEWLLYN, William: K-161-2: Pvt: I Co. 9th TN CAV.: ?-1865: Knoxville PO: wounded in the back. (pg192)

Tennessee Pensioners War of 1812
(*From book of same title by Zella Armstrong.)
DISMUKES, Paul: 1832, age 71, served in VA line, drew pension in Jackson County, TN. (pg36)

Records of Commissions of Officers
In the Tennessee Militia 1765-1815
(*From book of the same title compiled by Mrs. John Trotwood Moore.)

DISMUKES, Daniel: Ensign: 20th Reg.: 7/11/1814: Davidson County Commissions. (pg222)
HEARN, George: Ensign: 35th Reg: 6/9/1812: Overton County Regiments. (pg184)
HEARN, Howell: Ensign: (Volunteer) Company of men not subject to militia duty: 8/31/1813: Overton County Commissions. (pg210)
LEWELLEN, Charles: Lieutenant in Volunteer Rifle Company attached to 13th Regiment: 10/1/1813: Anderson County Commissions. (pg196)

Roster of Soldiers from North Carolina in the American Revolution
(*From the book of the same title by Baltimore Genealogical Publishing Company.)
TYLER, Moss entry#91413
TYELR, Moses #403, Pvt, musc., Taylor's Company 10th Regiment- Col. Abraham Sheperd: served 3 yrs.
TYLER, Owen #89602, 90881, 91536: Pvt. Rainford's Company: served 84 months and was granted 640 acres 10/25/1783 by C.Ivey. (pg238)
TYLER, Thomas entry#22; #90497
TYLER, William: Pvt, Wilson's Company 10/1/1777 3 yrs service 10th Reg. Destd. 1/1780.
TYLER, Owen entry#1133:granted 640 acres in Davidson County, TN on the middle fork of Barton's Creek. (pg105&157).
TYLER, Owen: III #1183, assigned by John Murley, Private.

ROACH, Jordan: entry#533: granted 400 acres 1783 Washington County, TN, "joining William Cobb and Callihan's lines". (pg13).

1st Arkansas Union Infantry
Owen, Aaron
Owen, Francis M.
Owen, John
Owens, James
Owens, John
Owens, William

2nd Arkansas Union Infantry
Owen, James F.
Owen, Walter B.
Owen, William B.
Owens, George B.
Owens, William

3rd Arkansas Union Cavalry
Rank of PVT.
Owens, Charles
Owens, Harvey C.
Owens, Thomas
Owens, Thomas D.
Owens, Zachariah

4th Arkansas Union Cavalry
Owen, William
Owens, George W.
Owens, Henry

14th Arkansas Confederate Infantry
Owen, William
Owens, J.W.
Owens, Rufus

27th Arkansas Confederate Infantry
Rank of PVT.
Owen, T.H.
Owens, Jessee R.
Owens, Rufus
Owens, William
Owens, Zack

8th Alabama Infantry
Owens, Lewis G. PVT Co. A.

10th Alabama Cavalry
Owens, Marquis L. PVT Co. -?-.

11th Alabama Cavalry
Owen, James S. PVT Co. K.
Owens, James PVT Co. D.

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