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Carter County, Tennessee

Highway 91
Elizabethton, TN 37643


This cemetary is located north 8.5 miles from the town of Elizabethton, TN on highway 91 in the Carter community. The following tombstones are read beginning with the first row located near the maintenance shed at the cemetary entrance. Tombstones information was retrieved in person.

b=born d=death


Hardin, Robert 1890-1875 wife Jennie F. 1894-1981.
Lewis, Walter b.4/8/1909 d.3/5/1969 wife Anna Lee b.10/20/1909 d.4/20/1992.
Peters, Clate S. b.4/8/1904 d.9/3/1986 married 1/26/1965 to wife Mary J. b.12/16/1919.
Peters, Buster b.1/12/1904 d.1/30/1985 married 10/19/1927 to wife Maggie b.9/15/1908.
Peters, Garney Jack b.8/10/1936 d.12/29/1991; SP4 U.S. Army.

Sheffield, Landon C. 1911-1967 wife H. Clara 1913-1992.
Grindstaff, Annie J. 1892-1970.
Peters, John W. 1886-1965 wife Venia C. 1889-1973.
Seaton, Elma I. b.5/10/1907 d.5/21/1975.
Peters, James b.5/4/1911 d.4/2/1970; F2 U.S. Navy WWII; wife Burnece T. 1915-1980.
White, Brenda G. b.2/16/1942 d.11/20/1993 husband Perry R. b.11/1/1939.
Diamond, Loretta P. b.1/4/1927 d.12/25/1991.
Branch, Willie M. b.3/18/1904 d.3/18/1991 wife Violet G. b.1/24/1908.
Carrick, Branch,sr. "Ben" b.7/24/1931 d. 12/3/1993 SGT U.S. Army Korea.
Shelton, Rudolp H. 1919-1997.
Estep, Jackie b.6/25/1929 d.6/6/1997; married 8/27/1973 to wife Jessie L. b.10/10/1945.

Hardin, Leonard C. b.5/3/1922 d.12/16/1980; CPL U.S. Army WWII.
Frazier, Terry Lee b.5/26/1963 d.11/19/1963.
Hall, James Carl b.7/7/1930 d.8/29/1994; SFC U.S. Army Korea/Vietnam
Hall, James W. 1909-1968 wife Mary O. b.1912.
Peters, Hugh James b/d.10/4/1963.
Peters, Paul H. b.5/11/1913 d.5/31/1980 married 6/25/1965 to wife Leona O. b.12/21/1922 d.11/5/1982.
Oliver, Austin 1887-1966 wife Amanda 1901-1968.
Oliver, Hannibal b.3/19/1916 d.3/25/1963 Tennessee PVT3 Armored FA BN WWII, married to Ada Pearl b.1920.
Peters, Daniel W. 1900-1946 wife Dessie G. 1906-1988.
Peters, Conley H. b.12/4/1934 d.7/11/1981 wife Emma J. b.11/24/1941.
Pierce, Dewey W. b.7/28/1938 d.7/7/1986.
Williams, H. Hoover b.9/22/1929 married to Rada L. b.3/20/1931 d.1/15/1998.
Stout, Asa R.jr. b.3/10/1927 d.7/20/1947 Tennessee Tec5 U.S. Army WWII.
Hardin, Ronald "Connie" b.8/26/1939 d.1/15/1991.
Hardin, Dewey A. 1911-1991 wife Edna T. 1909-1969.
Berry, Pauline 1935-1976.
Hardin, Wesley W. b.5/25/1907 d.9/23/1989 wife Hazel G. b.7/12/1914 d.3/2/1981.
Proffitt, James L. 1869-1948 wife Susie E. 1875-1946.
Proffitt, Fred b.6/5/1912 d.12/25/1993.

Hardin, Celia J. 1870-1933.
Harden, Dan b.10/18/1894 d.7/15/1917.
Hardin, Grace b.10/6/1915 d.10/28/1929 (wife of Homer, daughter of D.N. & Nancy Hardin).
Hardin, Nancy b.9/15/1894 d.6/26/1976.
Eakles, John B. b.3/26/1875 d.9/9/1956 Spanish American War PVT CO M 2 Regt. Tennessee Infantry.
Hardin, Rober 1870-1940.
Estep, INFANT 1932.
Estep, William B. b.12/18/1892 wife Annie b.7/14/1898 d.3/5/1977.
Taylor, Jeff J. b.10/20/1888 d.2/14/1939.
Rambo, Maxine (no date)
Taylor, Nancy b.7/22/1892 d.8/5/1927.
Eldridge, Billy Wayne 1943-1961 (student at Science Hill H.S. Johnson City, TN.).
Rambo, Thelma & Georgia(no date).
Rambo, J. Webster 1878-1964 wife Zellia R. 1882-1965.
Rambo, Bonnie M. 1910-1988.
Holder, Doxie L. b.2/1/1919 d.3/15/1996 married 10/12/1940 to Arben L. b.10/22/1918 d.1/12/1992.
Anna (no date or last name).
Rambo, Mack W. 6/19/1945 d.6/27/1966 Tennessee PVT U.S. Army WWII.
Rambo, Will b.11/22/1906 d.6/17/1983 wife Martha B. b.6/13/1907 d.10/15/1989.
Taylor, Glen L. b.7/12/1929 d.1/7/1981.
Taylor, Jeffery Glen b.5/1961 d.4/1978.
Taylor, Mary b.10/8/1908 d.9/11/1930.
Taylor, Shay G. b.8/24/1903 d.6/6/1983.

Davis, Jennie "Dee" 1879-1966.
Cole, Arlie M. b.5/15/1913 married 1/7/1954 to wife Bernice P. b.2/1//1932.
Cole, INFANT 1926.
Cole, Joseph C. 1881-1946 wife Maggie F. 1882-1962.
Hill, Clyde b.6/23/1917 d.10/10/1982 TSGT U.S. Airforce WWII wife Helen b.11/11/1920.
Cole, Ruby D. b.2/18/1916 d.5/30/1989 CPL U.S. Army WWII married 6/24/1936 to wife Gertrude L. b.3/21/1919.
Cole, Monna Marie 1910-1988.
Cole,William C. 1884-1967 wife Mary D. 1889-1964.
Cole, Elizabeth b.12/17/1848 d.5/10/1910.
Cole, Martha J. (no date).
Sheffield, Retta Mae b.4/22/1903 d.7/25/1919 daughter of Martha.
Cole, Lora b.2/17/1859 d.3/11/1919 husband was Samuel S. Cole.
Estep, Blanche S. b.4/8/1900 d.5/8/1973.
Shuffield, L.C. b.5/2/1858 d.3/22/1911.
Estep, Infant of Blanche & Andy.
Shuffield, Sallie b.2/24/1862 d.2/25/1896 wife of L.C.
Fletcher, Pauline b.10/29/19922 d/11/6/1923.
Fletcher, Landon Cecil b.12/19/1928 d.12/21/1928.
Lowe, Roy Lee b.3/30/1924 d.11/20/1987.
Rogers, Corrine Lowe b.1/22/1922 d.4/19/1977.
Peters, Henry C. 1908-1963 wife Eliza J. b.1901.
Hardin, Elizabeth 1843-1917.
Hardin, Eli (no date) A Company 13th Tennessee Calvary Civil War.
Echols, Tina 1916-1961.
Echols, Clarence V. b.9/12/1915 d.6/16/1993 GM 3 U.S. Navy WWII.
Lowe, Sabine 1932-1933.
Lowe, Earl R. b.3/1/1910 d.1/8/1990 married 1931 to wife Hallie E. b.5/12/1911 d.3/25/1985.
Echols, John B. 1875-1956.
Echols, Rosa L. 1880-1951.
Echols, Cora b.4/22/1897 d.10/19/1918.

Vance, D.D. b.1/20/1893 d/1/17/1919.
Peters, Virginia E. b.8/7/1927 d.11/3/1927.
Peters, Emily b.6/12/1871 d.11/25/1958.
Hardin, Father Eli H. 1868-1920.
Owen, Daniel b.9/9/1919 d.11/7/1923.
Hardin, William H. 1885-1953.
Hardin, Ellen b.5/15/1887 d.12/28/1974.
Harden, Powell b.8/19/1861 d.Unreadable wife Amanda b.6/7/1863 d.6/18/1933.
Unknown, 1890.

Pierce, Annie Rains 1889-1974.
INFANT, Florine 1915 daughter of P. Hunt & Annie Pierce.
Pierce George W. b.5/9/1886 d.8/10/1907.
Pierce, Settie E. b.8/4/1853 d.8/20/1913 wife of R.H. Pierce.
Pierce, Robert 1856-1927.
Rasor, Rev. R.B. b.9/16/1855 d.12/5/1900.
Rasor, George W. b.11/3/1872 d.8/16/1886.
Rasor, Jane b.12/1/1827 d.1895.
Rasor, George W. b.12/1/1825 d.2/8/1894.
Rasor, Infant 8/1875.
Lowe, Lillie Mae Glover b.10/13/1939 d.3/12/1963.
Colbaugh, Anthony C. b.4/5/1944 married 8/30/1963 to Loretta Peters b.1/9/1943.
Colbaugh, Louella b.4/5/1946 d.4/6/1946.
Colbaugh, Arthur M. b.1/3/1917 wife Nannie Pearl b.9/1/1916 d.7/8/1972.
Nave, P.G. 13th Tennessee Cav.

Row 8 and on are scattered down hill in uneven rows.
Jordon, Faye 1928-1929.
Jordon, Kate b.2/22/1918 d.10/18/1918 daughter of John & Ada Jordon.
Jordon, John S. b.6/26/1890 d/12/20/1968 wife Ada Pierce b.2/3/1896 d.8/21/1975.
Forbes, Daisy b.3/8/1879 d.8/2/1902.
Frasier, Jennie b.11/7/1870 d.5/18/1907.
Frasier, D. G. Williams (no date).
Frasier, Annie F. 1840-1929.
Frasier, SGT. J.W. 1889 13th Tennessee Calvary Co B.
Hardin, Albert R. 1918 infant.
Hardin, George W. 1882-1934.
Hinkle, Sallie b.1/5/1860 d.6/20/1911 husband was U.N. Hardin.
Hardin, Jonnie (no dates).
Hardin, Nickie (no dates).
Hardin, Lonnie (no dates).
Hardin, Celia (no date).
Harden, Lydia b.1/9/1895 d.10/10/1912.
Harden, Elijah D. (no date) 13 Tennesse Calvary Civil War.
Canon,(Cannon) Margaret b.2/20/1891 d.4/18/1894.
Cannon, Elbert (no dates) Co. L 13 Tennessee Calvary.
Hardin, William b.5/16/1889 d.10/29/1966.
Hardin, Martha F. b.11/20/1892 d.7/16/1976.
Garland, Charles b.8/27/1912 d.9/10/1970 Tennessee PFC 558 Base Unit AAF WWII wife Ina C. b.1913.
Garland, William O. 1890-1960 married 1910 to wife Ada C. 1896-1976.
Peters, Carmaletta b.10/11/1930 d.5/30/1978.
Hampton, Walter E. 1906.
Hampton, Willie b.3/28/1904 d.5/9/1904.
Hampton, Martha b.12/19/1959 d.12/31/1902.
Peters, William K. "Bud" b.11/16/1915 d.6/12/1985 BNK 1 U.S. Navy WWII wife Aleene b.11/2/1917.
Wade, Henry b.5/28/1878 d.6/12/1960.
Hampton, Bessie b.8/6/1911 d.11/11/1911 child of J.H.S. & Amanda Hampton.
Hampton, James A. b.11/10/1880 d.7/12/1917.
Hampton, Bessie b.4/10/1884 d/8/9/1974.
Ferguson, Robert J. b.12/16/1864 d.7/11/1936.
Ferguson, Dr. I.D. b.4/19/1866 d.7/20/1902.
Rasor, Dannie b.5/1/1901 d.11/10/1902.
Rasor, Elizabeth b.12/19/1886 d.7/3/1906.
Rasor, S.N. b.12/28/1869 d.7/3/1907.
Rasor, Robert 1892-1924 wife Marguret 1900-1922.
Renfro, Latta b.12/22/1905 d.7/8/1989.
Renfro, Juanita E. b.2/12/1909 d.10/23/1991.
Hardin, Walter R. b.6/20/1930 d.11/23/1979 wife Betty J. b.5/9/1929.
Renfro, (no name or date).
Pierce, Alf b.6/3/1899 d.12/6/1974.
Pierce,Ellen b.8/1/1907 d.2/20/1975.
Hampton, Samuel E. d.11/14/1884, 32yrs & 8 days.
Pierce, W. M. 4/16/1936.
Pierce, Millie b.1/1/1860 d.4/19/1936.
Pierce, Sam b.6/8/1888 d.4/6/1938.
Pierce, D.W. 1896-1955.
Pierce, Rube 1904-1970 wife Euvada C. 1907-1987.
Vetter, Josie Branch b.3/19/1890 d.5/1/1987.
Taylor, Grace d.3/19/1954 32yrs 9 mo 20 days.
Peters, Andy O. 1895-1967 wife Lillie A. 1899-1984.
Peters, Irene 1917-1918.
Peters, Alfred d.1856.
Peters, Nancy b.1/1854 d.7/16/1927.
Peters, Rube b.10/28/1882 d.1/18/1941.
Peters, Thomas N. b.3/12/1918 d.8/10/1991.
Peters, Annie Lee b.8/15/1920.
Peters, Albert b.6/12/1818 d.12/18/1888.
Peters, Alfred (not date).
Hardin, Viola b.11/17/1902 d.5/23/1976.
Hardin, Auda b.10/29/1902 d.8/11/1974.
Hardin, Dana Ray b.6/14/1932 d.10/2/1997.
Peters, Lucie May 1915-1915.
Peters, Floyd 3/11/1916, 6wks old, son of Powell & Lillia Peters.
Peters, Zola Mae b.4/23/1914 d.7/12/1915 daughter of Powell & Lillia Peters.
Peters, Worley b.1/2/1918 d.11/10/1970 Tennessee PVT U.S. Army WWII.
Peters, Charles "TN" PVT U.S. Army 1929-1987.
Peters, Earl B. b.2/2/1914 d.11/16/1970 Tennessee PVT U.S. Army WWII wife Maggie b.3/6/1919 d.7/27/1995.
Peters, Bonnie b.3/4/1911 d.5/18/1961.
Peters, Robert "Bob" b.5/7/1890 d.6/6/1961 wife Maggie b.5/5/1892 d.11/12/1953.
Peters, Arthur Gene b.1/23/1919 d.10/30/1978 S1 U.S. Navy WWII wife Opal H. b.9/14/1923.
Garland, Paul Alvin b.7/9/1916 d.1/10/1992 married 12/25/1940 to wife M. Magdalene b.11/30/1921 d.10/11/1981.
Peters, TN b.12/2/1864 d.5/19/1939 wife Martha Frazier b.6/13/1866 d.10/24/1942.
Colbaugh, Dewey E. b.5/6/1918 d.2/19/1988 SGT Mjr U.S. Army.
Colbaugh, Emma Madine b.7/27/1927 d.7/19/1935.
Colbaugh, Eula Fay b.2/23/1924 d.6/8/1941.
Colbaugh, Willie C. 1892-1920 wife Nancy C. 1896-1954.
Colbaugh, Clyde b1920-1962 wife Virna b.1925.
Hardin, Mike R. b.6/12/1868 d.8/4/1944 wife Lucy b.4/8/1878 d.3/25/1948..
Hardin, Walter E. 1907-1949 wife Julia P. 1910-1986.
Hardin, Lisa Kim b.12/10/1968 d.12/12/1968.
Hardin, Ina L. 1917-1976.
Grindstaff, Golda b.7/28/1899 d.10/17/1985.
Hardin, Mary 1904-1991.
Garland, Henry C. 1945.
Garland, Cindy (no date)
Garland, Billie J. (no date)
Infant, Boy S. (no date)
White, Emmit 867-1947 wife Connie 1875-1854.
Richardson, Verl b.3/10/1935 d.4/14/1980.
Richardson, Clarence H. b.2/3/1906 d.1/6/1990 married 6/8/1927 to wife Vena M. b.10/4/1907 d.9/8/1993.
Hardin, John R. 1872-1947 wife Hettie F. 1881-1962.
Hardin, Sibilia D. b.9/14/1914 d.8/18/1995 husband Gilbert G. b.11/10/1915.
Fisher, Trula M. b.1932 husband Vernon T. b.9/7/1927 d.7/30/1975 SSGT U.S. Army.
Peters, Jim 1887-1956.
Peters, George W/ b.11/14/1884 d.7/7/1960.
Braun, Elwood A. b.11/8/1921 d.9/29/1991 U.S. Air Corp WWII.
Cole, Michael Wayne b.4/20/1970 d.8/4/1996.
Burrow, Meagan Danielle b.11/4/1997 d.12/7/1997 sister Haley Lynn b.11/4/1997 d.11/27/1997.
Fletcher, David Wayne,jr. b.7/30/1972 d.5/21/1991 Class of 1991.
Taylor, Ulyssess E. b.5/24/1938 d.5/4/1997 wife Dorathy L. b.3/15/1941.
Vernon, Jack Ray b.5/24/1935 d.9/28/1983 SP 4 U.S. Army.
Carrier, Volley E. 1915-1992 married 12/24/1932 to wife Gladys F. 1914-1972.
Gwaltney, Jackie M 1942-1977 married 8/17/1966 to wife Linda S. b.1948.
Wilson, Frankie E. 1956-1964.
Wilson, Sole b.7/24/1889 d.11/17/1957 Tennessee INF WWII wife Sarah 1896-1953.
Wilson, William O. 1950-1966.
Wilson, Betty Joyce b.1/1/1953 d.5/17/1978 husband Charles S. b.3/12/1949.
Blevins, Clark C. 1905-1961 wife Bessie P. b.1912.
Dallon, TN b.1/28/1920 d.3/12/1995.
Blevins, Walter Preston b.1/28/1911 d.12/29/1994.
Blevins, A. Bruce 1888-1969.
Richardson, Walter B. b.5/5/1900 d.3/5/1985.
Richardson, Daisy L. b.4/29/1916 d.8/8/1987.
Simerly, Howard E. b.9/5/1946 d.1/3/1993 married 6/22/1968 to wife Linda C. b.8/31/1947.
Corber, Hazel b.10/24/1911 d.12/16/1983.
Harper, Anna M. (no date).
Blevins, Joe L. 1902-1965 wife Beryl D. 1914-1996.
Clark, Red Cears b.5/18/1906 d.7/29/1989 wife Bonnie Mae b.10/3/1910 d.3/5/199.
Shankle, Hurshell b.4/5/1914 d.3/20/1970 Tennessee Corp 1755 SVC Comd Unit WWII.
Peters, Lola G. b.3/20/1913 d.4/22/1988 married 5/2/1937 to Conley R. b.3/16/1916.
Taylor, Benae Blevins b/d.1/10/1994.
Colbaugh, Herbert H. "Herb" b.11/12/1928 d.9/30/1983 SGT U.S. Army Korea wife JoeAnn B. b.6/8/1935.
Forbes, Mabel H. 1899-1971.
Forbes, Hazel M.1914-1951.
Forbes, Glenn A. b.11/2/1930 d.1/29/1985.
Cross, Harley E. b.3/8/1934 wife Lema Gay b.4/27/1936.
Hardin,Trula C. b.7/22/1922 d.9/13/1974.
Cross, Linda G. b.12/2/1962 d.6/17/1981.
Hardin, Ethel 1914-1954.
Colbaugh, Henry C. 1888-1966 married 7/14/1912 to wife Crecy P. 1889-1956.
Colbaugh, Kelsie R. b.8/28/1920 d.8/3/1996 PVT 1stClass U.S. Army WWII wife Cordie B. b.11/24/1924 d.5/31/1980.
Colbaugh, Kathy M. 11/3/1951.
Garland, James P. "Jim" b.9/23/1900 d.5/9/1976 wife Challmer S. 1914-1974.
Garland, Lyda L. b.4/12/1907 d.9/20/1979 married to Iva E. b.8/5/1920 d.9/20/1993.
Garland, John H. b.9/24/1874 d.11/26/1953.
Garland, Cora H. b.6/3/1877 d.4/14/1954.
Manning, Tina Marie 2/19/1968 daughter of Charles & Mildred Manning.
Hardin, Terry Lynn 1956 son of Don & Carol Hardin.
Manning, Charles Edward b.1/10/1941 d.6/21/1986 Airman 2ndClass U.S. AirForce married 5/16/1964 to wife Mildred Groce b.10/14/1944.
Peters, Alfred M. 1898-1968 wife Mae N. 1901-1969.
Shankle, Bobbie Jack 1932-1969.
Shankle, Elbert A. b.5/28/1898 d.2/13/1983 married 10/29/1916 to wife Ethel A. b.1/7/1899 d.9/14/1981.
Shankle, Clyde b.9/22/1905 d.9/11/1969.
Cowan, Anna Mae 1892-1982.
Philars,, Margert G. (no date).
McGuire, James L.,sr. 1897-1970 wife Anna Lee b.61/1906 d.10/2/1997.
Bryant, James R. 1881-1958 wife Corida P. 1883-1965.
Huskins, Charles L. b.1930 wife Fan b.1929.
Huskins, Leslie Wayne 1