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Mona Hurn Roach Genealogy

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Bible Records and Marriage Bonds
compiled by Jenanette Tillotson Acklen (Cullom & Ghertner Nashville, TN Publishers Copyright 1933.)

*Marriage Solemnized by Robt. Boyte C. Howell Norfork, VA
ROACH, Thomas W. to Miss Margaret A. Hodges 4/3/1833. (pg2)

*From Diary of Rev. John Beard, Circuit Rider Father of James Newton Beard.
ROACH, Joseph to Mary D. Barton 12/1/1829. (pg236)
ROACH, Anchrson F. to Margaret M. Alexander 11/6/1838. (pg237)
ROACH, Joseph E. to Louisa Jane Roach 4/1/1849. (pg238)

*Marriage Records of Knox County, TN
ROACH, Jesse to Rebecca Gower 7/6/1799. (pg371)

*Marriage Bonds-Lebanon, Wilson County, TN ROACH, William to Ann Sparrow 9/3/1814. (pg431) Also listed same couple married 9/14/1815. (pg437)
ROACH, John to Polly Kirkpatrick 8/19/1815. (pg434)
ROACH, Sally to Israel Moore 6/16/1817. (pg441).
ROACH, Betsy to Hugh Smith 11/23/1820. (pg457)
ROACH, Elizabeth to Cyrus Stuart 10/5/1824. (pg469)
ROACH, James P. to Nancy McNeely 8/13/1825. (pg472)

Early East Tennessee Marriages
Vol. 1 Grooms
Groom: Bride: date of marriage: County:
LITTERAL, Andrew to Margaret Bean on 2/23/1850 (Wa).
LITTERAL, James to Mary Ann Allen on 10/28/1852 (Wa).
LITTERAL, Jesse V. to Sarah Eliz. Nease on 9/27/1865 (Ge).
LITTERAL, John to Sabry Miller on 6/19/1845 (Wa).
LITTERAL, Peter to Susannah Lauderdale on 10/2/1867 (Ge).
LITTERAL, Richard to Elizabeth White on 4/11/1845 (Wa).
LITTERAL, Richard to Mary Treadway on 12/30/1851 (Wa).
LITTERAL, William to Anna Miller on 12/13/1845 (Wa).
LITTERAL, William to Polly Wall on 5/31/1826 (Ge).

SOLOMON, Abraham to Elizabeth Chetty on 6/13/1811 (Gr).
SOLOMON, Abraham to Margaret Long 12/27/1814 (Je).
SOLOMON, Andrew to Margaret J. Evans on 1/10/1870 (Ro).
SOLOMON, Benjamin F. to Allsey Day on 11/7/1860 (Hw).
SOLOMON, Benjamin F. to Catharine Pitts on 6/22/1867 (Ge).
SOLOMON, Bird to Narcissa Ward on 11/16/1841 (Ge).
SOLOMON, Daniel to Jenny Bryant on 8/28/1811 (Gr).
SOLOMON, David to Isabella McMullen on 8/17/1848 (K).
SOLOMON, Drury to Elizabeth Greenlee on 10/28/1812 (Gr)
SOLOMON, Godwin to Ann Myers on 1/14/1835 (Gr).
SOLOMON, Goodin to Peggy Hill on 1/8/1819 (Gr).
SOLOMON, Henry to Margaret Mitchell on 2/15/1860 (Gr).
SOLOMON, Henry to Mary Brown on 4/18/1801 (Gr).
SOLOMON, Isaac T. to Salome J. Simpson on 10/3/1856 (Hw).
SOLOMON, Jackson B. to Lavany Johnson on 6/25/1842 (Ro).
SOLOMON, James to Jane Ferrand on 1/18/1809 (Je).
SOLOMON, James to Mary Reiney on 10/28/1867 (Ro).
SOLOMON, James W. to Sarah C. Riley on 10/6/1869 (Je).
SOLOMON, Jeremiah M. to Sarah Beals on 7/6/1866 (Ge).
SOLOMON, Jesse to Keziah Wilson on 3/22/1852 (Ro).
SOLOMON, Jesse to Rebecca Anderson on 11/4/1843 (Gr).
SOLOMON, John W. to Mary E. Gass on 12/2/1867 (Ge).
SOLOMON, Josiah to Mary Dupee on 8/17/1842 (Ro).
SOLOMON, R.S. to D.J.B. Knight on 1/12/1868 (Je).
SOLOMON, Robert P. to Elizabeth Powell on 12/18/1877 (S).
SOLOMON, Samuel H. to Sarah Collens on 12/12/1868 (Je).
SOLOMON, Sterling to Nancy J. Hickey on 2/4/1846 (Je).
SOLOMON, Thomas to Mahaly Derham on 10/14/1823 (Gr).
SOLOMON, Thomas to Mary L. Satterfield on 1/1/1845 (Je).
SOLOMON, Wm. to Mary Angoner on 5/6/1850 (C).
SOLOMON, Wm. to Rachel J. Rian no 1/23/1866 (Je).

Land Grants for Soldiers from North Carolina.
(*From book of the same title.)
ROACH, Jordan: entry #533: 400 acres: 1783 in Washington County, TN: "joining William Cobb and Callihans lines". (pg13)

Index to Early Tennessee Tax Lists
(*From the book of the same title by Sistler.)
Name: County+year tax paid:
ROACH, Absalem: Gr-1821
ROACH, Bryant: D-1805
ROACH, Drury: Gr-1821
ROACH, Elijah: Mu-1816, Mu-1811
ROACH, Green: Gr-1821
ROACH, Isaac: C-1823
ROACH, James: Wl-1804
ROACH, John: Wl-1804, C-1818, C-1823
ROACH, John Jim: C-1818
ROACH, Jordan: Je-1800
ROACH, Joshua: Gr-1804, C-1818
ROACH, Phano: B-1812
ROACH, Simon: D-1805
ROACH, Sperias: G-1812
ROACH, Stephen: D-1805, D-1811, B-1812
ROACH, William: D-1805, C-1823
(*I will be adding a county abbreviation page tomorrow the 3/24/1999, so check back then.)

Washington County, TN
List of Taxables 1778
ROACH, Jorden 304 acres (Pg13).

Washington County, TN
Records Vol. 1
List of Taxables 1778-1801
by McCown and others.
1779 District 1 & 5
ROACH, Jordan: 3 horses valued at $450.00, 40 cattle valued at $40.00, ready money $44.00, Slaves 0, total sum $534.00

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