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Lewallen Info Page 3
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1860 census Pope County, Ark: Dover Twp
Melvin L. BRIGANCE age 29 (farmer) b.TN
Mary A. (Lewallen) age 30 b.TN
Albert H. age 1 b.ARK
Elnora J. (f) age 1 month b.ARK
Daniel G. LEWALLEN age 11 b.ARK
John A. LEWALLEN age 8 b.ARK
Elizabeth WELLS age 20 b.NC

1860 census Pope County, Ark: Dover Twp
Jackson WHEELER age 42 b.TN
Delina age 35 b.TN
Caroline age 9 b.ARK
S. E. (f) age 7 b.ARK

1870 census Pope County, Ark: Dover Twp
Jackson WHEELER age 53 (farmer) b.TN
Delana age 45 b.TN
Caroline age 17 b.ARK
Samantha C. age 16 b.ARK
William L. age 8 b.ARK
John LEWALLEN age 18 (laborer) b.ARK
Robert BARNETT age 9 b.ARK
Margaret A." age 6 b.ARK

1870 census Pope County, Ark: Illinois Twp, Dover PO taken 7/25/1870.
Daneil LEWALLEN age 20 (works of farm) b.ARK
Elizabeth age 17 (keeps house) b.ARK
Mary E. age 2 b.ARK
(census states that Elizabeth is deaf, dumb, and blind, insane or idiotic.)

1870 census St. Francis County: Franks Twp

1870 census Pope County, Ark: Gally Rock
James F. LEWELLYN age 33 b.VA
Lucinda A. age 18 b.ARK
James A. age 3 b.ARK

Pope County, Arkansas Marriage Records
*Elizabeth LEWALLEN age 24 of Wilson Twp married R.C. Caldwell age 35 of Griffin Twp on 11/13/1881.
*Jeney LEWALLEN age 15 married Thomas J. Wade age 20, both of Moreland Twp on 12/6/1877.
*Louisa LEWALLEN age 21 married A.J. Mathews age 31, both of Wilson Twp on 12/23/188?.
*Nancy B. LEWALLEN age 29 married S.D. Vaugh age 52, both of Caglesville on 12/24/1882.
*Martha LEWELLYN age 29 married N.S. Walters age 34, both of Hector on 2/19/1891.
*Mandy LUALLEN age 21 married Andrew Jackson age 17 on 9/17/1869.

Marriages of Hot Springs County, ARK
(*Credited to and by Nadine Hensley.)
LLEWELLEN, Nancy married Wm. McDowell on 5/10/1845.

1860 Mortality Schedule of Arkansas
*Charles LEWALLEN age 67 b.TN died 1/1860 of Cong of Br, St. Francis County.
*William B. LEWALLEN 9 months old died 11/1860 of whooping cough, Greene County.

1870 Mortality Schedule of Arkansas
*Eliza Jane LEWALLEN age 28 b.ARK died 2/1870 of fever, Pope County.

1860 census of Pope County & Marriage Records
*Mary A. LEWALLEN age 28 married M.L. Brigance age 28 11/29/1857.
*James LEWALLEN age 20 married Mary A. Duvall, both of Atkins on 8/21/1883.
*Daniel LEWLLEYN married Mary Elizabeth Kyle 1/7/1867.

Independence County, Ark Marriage Records 1826-1877 Books A-D
*Mary J. LEWALLEN age 18 to William B.P. Jackson age 21 on 7/29/1877.
*Martha A. LEWALLEN age 18 married William E. James age 23, of Sharp Co. on 2/13/1876 at Missionary Baptist.
*D.M. LEWALLEN age 21 married to Evaline Stephens age 17 on 4/14/1876.

Carter County, Oklahoma Cemetery
List 1, Index 1
LEWALLEN, D.M. b.4/28/1888 d.8/4/1964
-wife Essie A. b.2/7/1891 d.8/23/1982
LEWELLEN, Billie b.11/6/1874 d.1/31/1917
-wife Celia V. McInteer b.1/23/1900 d.10/9/1942
LEWELLEN, James W. b.9/13/1911 d.8/3/1978
LEWELLEN, John R. b.9/27/1861 d.6/11/1944
LEWELLEN, Mandy May b.4/27/1909 d.2/22/1913
LEWELLEN, Mildred b.2/14/1923 d.2/14/1923
LEWELLEN, Moodey b.9/16/1913 d.1/26/1917
LEWELLEN, Oscar Lee b.3/7/1892 d.3/12/1960
-wife Pearlea M. 1903-1994

1850 Federal Census Morgan County, TN
LEWALLEN, William age 41 (m)
LEWALLEN, Nancy age 40 (f)
LEWALLEN, Anderson age 16 (m)
LEWALLEN, John age 14 (m)
LEWALLEN, Rebecca age 12 (f)
LEWALLEN, Charles age 5 (m)
LEWALLEN, William R. age 3 (m)
LEWALLEN, Smith age 1 (m)

Death Certificates Campbell County, TN
name: LEWALLEN, Gerty
age: 19
marital status: single
place of death: 2 miles North of Coal Creek
cause of death: Consumption
place of birth: 2 miles North of Coal Creek
occupation: housekeeper

name: LEWALLEN, Susan
age: 47
marital status: married
place of death: Elk Valley
cause of death: Consumption
place of birth: Elk Valley
occupation: farmer

name: LEWALLEN, Willie
age: 18 months
place of death: Campbell County
cause of death: Measles
place of birth: Campbell County

Knox County, TN Marriage Records
LEWALLEN, William A. married Belle Larew on 4/16/1883
LEWELLEN, Charles H. married Sarah E. Dickey on 3/6/1880
LEWELLEN, Emeline married Wm. Milligan on 3/14/1880
LEWELLEN, Freeman married Emeline Bolen on 4/22/1869
LEWELLEN, Joseph married Augusta Brown on 7/31/1878
LEWELLEN, Nannie J. married Thomas B. Acocke on 4/17/1884
LEWELLEN, Nannie J. married Joseph Fox on 1/26/1881
LEWELLEN, Rufus married Sarah Lusby on 7/8/1883
LEWELLEN, Smith married Sarah E.J. Tilson on 4/18/1868
LEWELLEN, W.R. married S.S. Hendricks on 7/10/1870
LEWELLYN, Harriet married Charles H. Jones 8/27/1868

Pond Cemetery, LaFollette, Campbell County, TN
LEWALLEN, James W. (no dates) -wife: Susan b.1/14/1845 d.7/10/1916

McMinn Memory Gardens McMinn County, TN
LEWALLEN, Garand W. b.9/23/1924 d.10/21/1994
-wife: Juanita M. b.5/26/1924

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