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Lewallen Info Page 6
This page last updated: 8/19/2000
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Index to Early Tennessee Tax Lists
(*From the book of the same title by Sistler.)
name: county+yr tax paid:
LEWALLEN, Claiborne: Mu-1816
LEWALLEN, Richard: A-1805
LEWALLIN, Richard: Gr-1799
LUALLEN, Richard: A-1812

1870 Census of Tennessee
Household head: age: county+census#:
LEUELLEN, Wm. 54: P-425
LEUALLEN, John 26: A-113
LEWALEN, Charles 25: K-178
LEWALLEN, ---- 32: P-463
LEWALLEN, Anderson S. 34: S-235
LEWALLEN, Andrew 20: Mg-30
LEWALLEN, Andrew B. 45: S-252
LEWALLEN, Ashley N. 30: Se-436
LEWALLEN, Elizabeth 55: A-44
LEWALLEN, Jas. G. 35: Se-435
LEWALLEN, Joel 70: S-288
LEWALLEN, John 16: S-287
LEWALLEN, John 35: K-168
LEWALLEN, John 47: Se-400
LEWALLEN, John W. 28: Li-424
LEWALLEN, Martin 30: Fe-533
LEWALLEN, Sterling 28: S-243
LEWALLEN, Walter D. 39: S-250
LEWALLEN, William 22: Se-405
LEWALLEN, Wm. 23: S-260
LEWALLEN, Wm. 60: Se-444
LEWALLIN, William 60: K-178
LEWELLEN, Alexander 75: Se-436
LEWELLEN, Jno. 28: P-422
LEWELLEN, John W. 30: B-359
LEWELLEN, William 30: B-178
LEWELLEN, Wm. 58: K-434
LEWALLER, Andrew 76: S-290
LEWALLER, Redin 21: S-289
LEWELLER, James 28: Gi-74
LEWELLING, Alfred 47: He-184
LEWELLING, Rebekah 65: Dy-71
LUALLEN, A. Grude 55: K-465
LUALLEN, Angeline 44: B, A-22
LUALLEN, Cathran 63: A-22
LUALLEN, Francis C. 38: A-21
LUALLEN, Isaac 19: Br-275
LUALLEN, James 21: Un-266
LUALLEN, James 22: Br-277
LUALLEN, James 25: Gl-81
LUALLEN, Sarah 40: A-56
LUALLEN, Seraphina 40: Jo-3
LUALLEN, Susan 41: C-88
LUALLEN, Susan 52: A-23
LUALLEN, Thomas 23: La-108
LUELLEN, George 28: L-611

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