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Hearne Info Page 1
The following information is not all from my lineage.
If you have information you'd like to share then email me and let me know.
This page last updated: 8/19/2000
The following information may not be used for profit!

***Well I have just found my great grandma's parents and family! I have a new Hearne/Hern surname page created and a new surname page for Owens!***

HEARNE, Lydia Jane
b.2/14/1859?60 ARK
d.9/26/1906 OK
*Married to James Madison Lewallen on 8/23/1877 Pope County, ARK, on the marriage record Lydia spelt her last name Hearne.
*Parents: George W. Hern and Mary S. (Owens) Hern.
*Lydia Jane Hearne Lewallen is my great grandmother.)
**The information below with George W. Hern on it is my 2nd great grandfather.
**If you have a Lydia or Jane Hearne in your family tree then email me with your info. It is possible that when she lived at home with her parents she was called by her middle name. And if your Hearne was from Wilson Township in Pope County, ARK, then we have a connection.

(*I found the following information but I do not know if it is linked to Lydia. If you know email me and fill me in.)

Pope County History Vol. II H-Z (pre-1829-1983) by Jacqueln Bonds.
(This is just an index I found online, I am looking for the book itself and when I get it I will add the info from the pages that corresponde to the names.)
HEARNE, Ellett; Will.
HEARN, Garval; J.A.; M.G.; P.F.

Pope County, Arkansas Federal Land Records
HEARNE, J.A. tax list 1843.
HEARNE, J.A. tax list 1844.
HEARNE, Joshua tax list 1847.

1880 Census of Pope County, ARK
*Index of Head of Household and #.
HERN, G.W. #412**
HEARN, John R. #190
HEARN, Joshua R. #199
HEARN, Marcellus G. #187
HEARN, William P. #181
HEARNE, Burnel F. #92
HEARNE, Joshua #216

1880 Census of Scott County, ARK
*Index of Head of Household.

1910 Census of Scott County, ARK
*Index of Head of Household and Volume #.
HEARN, Jesse P. Vol.-4
HEARN, Lacy Vol.-3

Federal Land Records of Arkansas

Name: Acres: County: Date:
Hern, George W.: 160: Pope: 12/30/1882**
Hearn, Elijah: 80: Union: 4/1/1850
Hearne, Alfred: 40: Clark: 7/1/1859
Hearne, Asa: 160: Howard: 6/10/1876
Hearne, Ebenezer: 160: Columbia: 4/15/1837
Hearne, Ebenezer: 160: Columbia: 4/15/1837
Hearne, Ebenezer: 318.4: Columbia: 4/15/1837
Hearne, Ebenezer: 320: Columbia: 4/15/1837
Hearne, Farmer: 39.56: Union: 9/1/1860
Hearne, George: 160: Columbia: 8/1/1837
Hearne, George: 160: Columbia: 3/1/1843*
(*Cancelled Document)
Hearne, George: 160: Columbia: 4/10/1843
Hearne, George: 320: Columbia: 4/10/1837
Hearne, George: 160: Columbia: 4/10/1837
Hearne, George: 640: Columbia: 4/10/1837
Hearne, George: 160: Columbia: 4/10/1837
Hearne, George: 169.59: Columbia: 4/10/1837
Hearne, George: 329.46: Columbia: 4/10/1837
Hearne, James: 160: Mississippi: 8/1/1849*
(*Assignee of Jesse Lublu and Hetty Reps of -To-Nubbe Deceased.)
Hearne, John F.: 40.09: Union: 4/2/1860
Hearne, John F.: 40: Union: 7/1/1859
Hearne, John F.: 36.74: Union: 5/3/1858
Hearne, John F.: 40.3: Union: 4/2/1860
Hearne, John F.: 37.28: Union: 5/3/1858
Hearne, John F.: 77.89: Union: 11/1/1849
Hearne, Joseph: 160: Mississippi: 7/28/1838
Hearne, Joshua: 80: Pope: 7/10/1844
Hearne, Joshua: 54.53: Pope: 7/10/1844
Hearne, Parnell: 80: Pope: 12/30/1882
Hearne, William: 1440: Columbia: 8/1/1837
Hearne, William: 160: Columbia: 4/10/1837
Hearne, William: 320: Columbia: 4/10/1837

Hearne Lumber Company 40: 5/8/1888
Hotsprings, Arkansas
Hurn, Matthew: 80: Randolph: 4/6/1895
Hurn, Matthew: 160: Randolph: 5/1/1861
Hurn, Matthew: 40: Randloph: 7/1/1859
Hurn, Nathaniel: 160: White: 11/27/1820
Hurn, Peter: 120: Randolph: 5/1/1860
Hurn, Randal: 40: Randolph: 7/1/1859
Hurn, Randal: 190.6: Randolph: 5/1/1860
Hurn, Samuel P.: 80: Randolph: 7/31/1903
Hurn, Simon P.: 135.76: Randolph: 7/2/1860

Franklin County, Arkansas
Federal Land Grants
(*Credited to and by Joy Fisher.)
Hearn, John J.: 80 acres: 8/20/1884

Union County, Arkansas
Marriages Index (credited to Ley O'Connor)

Hearn, A.J. married Cathrine Andrews 1855.
Hearn, B.L. married Lottie Broomfield 1923.
Hearn, Elijah married Elizabeth Hodnett 1847.
Hearn, Howell married Mary Twiter 1873.
Hearn, Benjamin S. married Eliza Keener 1858/6?.
Hearne, Robert A. to Zona E. Barton 1923.

Logan County, ARK: Carolan Cemetery
Name: Date of Birth: Date of Death:
Hearne, Jennie Rebecca b.3/3/1954 d.12/29/1954.

Arkansas County Index

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