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Lewallen Info Page 2
Relatives Info
This page is dedicated to direct descendent on Daniel Lewallen.
If you have information that will help fill in the blanks then email me.
If you have a webpage/homepage let me know and I'll list you on the Cousin's WebPage!
If you would like to have your lineage line posted on the Relatives page email me and let me know.
Good-Luck and Thank you for visiting my Homepage!

Please feel free to cross check records below and if you find an error please email me and let me know. Keep in mind not all census taker in the 1800's were functionally literate so the spellings of some name will be wrong. And also it is possible that the person who gave the information may not be as literate as well. And also that some people do not go by first names all the time when they live at home with parents (as many cases are), one time you may see the middle name used then 10yrs later the first name with middle inital.
If you are not used to these outlines - the first number indicates generation.
Descendants of Daniel Lewallen (Anita's great-great-great-great-grandfather).

# 1       Daniel Lewallen b: ABT 1789 TN (per Tom Lewallen) d: ABT 1849 Jackson Co. AL (per Noma Wolfe)
:wife = Elizabeth Lane b: ABT 1793 (1794 per Noma Wolfe, Tom Lewallen has 1793)   m: ABT 1831(?)

# 2       M J Lewallen
# 2       Polly Lewallen
:husband = ? Hammons b: (name from Noma Wolfe)

# 2       Charles Lewallen b:ABT 1813 date from Tom Lewallen d:Bef 1850
:wife = Caltha b: 1818 KY (1816 from 1870 census)
# 3       Jordan Lewis Lewallen b:11/1838 ALA Jackson County, was 20 when married d:1/24/1905 Canadian OK
    :wife = Priscilla Tyler b:3/1840 ARK, was 18 when married d:4/1917 Checotah, OK m:8/27/1857   Independence County ARK by Thomas Loyd JP (B-367)
# 4       Clara Lewallen b.1/7/1886
# 4       Daniel Lewallen b.1/7/1873
# 4       George Lewallen b.7/4/1865

# 4       James Madison Lewallen b:8/2/1856 ARK (per 1870 census), (age 20 when married, Aug 2, 1856 (per Anita) d:10/12/1912 OK (per Anita)
:wife = Lydia Jane Hearne b:2/14/1856 ARK (per 1880 census), age 18 when married 8/1877 (per Anita) d:9/26/1906 OK (per Anita)
# 5       Alfed Lewallen b:ABT 1888

# 5       Florence Lee Lewallen b:3/16/1897 in Enterprise OK (per Anita) d:8/15/1992 McAlester, OK, buried at the Oak Hill Cemetary, McAlester, OK.
:husband = George Marvin Dismukes b:10/10/1889 Davis, OK(IT) (per Anita) d:9/25/1968. Buried at Oak Hill Cemetary McAlester, OK (per Anita) m:12/23/1916
#6 Telia Dismukes b.9/26/1917 d.11/5/1974.
#6 James "Jim Dismukes b.12/7/1918 d.9/1971.
#6 (living).
#6 (living).
#6 Virginia Dismukes
#6 (living)
#6 (living).
#6 (living).
#6 (living).
#6 (living).

#6 (living).
#7 (living).
#8 (living).
#8 (living).
#8 (living).
#9 (living).
#9 (living).
#8 (living).
#8 (living).
#8 (living).
#7 (living).
#8 (living).
#8 (living).
#7 (living).
#8 (living).
#8 (living).
#8 (living).
#8 (living).
#7 (living).
#8 (living).
#8 (living).
#7 (living).
#7 (living).
#8 (living).
#8 (living).

#6 (living).

#  5       Jordan "Jerde" Lewallen b: ABT 1900   d:? believed to be buried in Checota OK. Married to Lucy.
# 5       William Lewallen d:? buried at the Oak Hill Cemetary, McAlester, OK.
# 5       Emmer "Emma" Lewallen d:? buried in McIntosh County, OK, she lived in the Council Hill community 10 miles from Checotah, OK.

# 4       John Wesley Lewallen, Sr. b:9/1/1860 Scott County, ARK (1862 per 1880 census, 1860 per 1870 census) d:10/31/1936 Kansas City, KS (buried Memorial Park Cemetery)
:wife = Sarah Elizabeth Pendergraft b:8/1864 Noel, MO d:3/15/1904 Canadian, Indian Territory, OK m:ABT 1885
# 5       John Wesley Lewallen, Jr.
# 5     Oliver Lewallen b: March 1886
# 5       Mirris (?) Lewallen b:12/1889
  # 5       Cora Lewallen   b:8/1891
# 5       Melvin M. Lewallen b:12/19/1892 Enterprise, Indian Territory, Oklahoma d:1949 Kansas City, KS
:wife = Edna Clark b:12/30/1889 Clarksdale, MO d:4/11/1935 St. Joseph, MO (may be 1936)
# 5       Doras Lewallen b:9/1894
# 5       Tony Lewallen b: 10/1896

# 4 Henry Lewallen b: ABT 1861 ARK (per 1880 census) (not on 1870 census)
# 4       Jinsa Lewallen b:5/8/1862 ARK (per 1870 census) d.12/19/1912 Checotah, OK
# 4       Lewis "Lee" Lewallen b:3/23/1870 ARK (per 1870 census) (age 9 on 1880 census) d.1/7/1892

# 4       Dora Emanda/Matilda Lewallen   b:8/7/1874 ARK (Amanda is age 8 on 1880 census) d:8/31/1919 Winchell, TX (buried Winchell Cemetery)
:husband = George Thomas "Tom" Minyard   b:6/30/1870 ARK d:6/19/1940 Melvin, TX (buried Winchell Cemetery) m:7/22/1889 Enterprise, Indian Territory OK
# 5       Willie "Bill" Lorenza/Lawranza Minyard b:7/10/1891 Enterprise,Indian Territory OK d:1/22/1970 Brownwood, TX
:wife = Rachel Frances "Pug" Hester b:2/7/1895 TX (1920 census says born Alabama) d: Brownwood, TX m:8/18/1912 Brookesmith, TX Brown Co.
# 5       Bertha Mae Minyard b:1/3/1894 Enterprise, Indian Territory, OK d.12/7/1970 Brownwood, TX
:husband = James "Jim" Dallas Lewis m:6/1/1919 Winchell, TX
# 5       Pearl "Doll" Lavonia Minyard b:4/16/1896 Hamilton County, TX d:8/25/1959 Brownwood, TX
:husband = Richard Herman "Herman" Wren b:9/21/1886 TN m:5/11/1913 Brownwood, TX
# 5       Nathan L. Minyard b:9/15/1897 Quinton (Russellville), Indian Territory d:6/25/1984 San Angelo, TX. (Buried Resthaven Cemetery in Menard)
:wife = Bertie Wyoma Crisp b.2/16/1903 Menard County, TX - (twin) d:2/13/1977 Lamesa, TX m:8/16/1923 Doole, TX.
*2nd Wife of Nathan L. Minyard: wife = Rosa "Rose" Ethel Gates b:12/17/1901   d:11/5/1970 Menard, TX m: Aft 1950
# 5       Clyde Minyard b:4/22/1899 Russellville, Indian Territory, OK d:8/16/1917 OK
# 5       Claudie Minyard b:4/22/1899 Russellville, Indian Territory, OK d:8/13/1899 Indian Territory, OK, buried Palestine Cemetery near Quinton, OK
# 5       Fawn Priscilla Minyard b:9/13/1901 Russellville, Indian Territory, OK d:4/9/1986 Fresno, CA (lived in Dinuba)
:husband = Andrew Jackson "Milam" Crisp b:4/10/1893 d:8/30/1970 CA m:1/6/1923 Brady, Texas.
# 5       Audie Minyard b:7/13/1903 Quinton, Indian Territory, OK d:11/10/1903 buried Palestine Cemetery west of Russellville, OK (Indian Territory)
# 5       Clifton Minyard b:11/23/1909 Mt. Zion, Bangs, TX d:10/13/1984 TX
:wife = Earnestine E. Mayes m:12/24/1930 TX
#  5       Nona Odessa Minyard b:1/7/1915 Brownwood, TX d:10/31/1987 Annapolis, Maryland
:husband = Scott Melton Sewell m:8/18/1934 TX.
*2nd Husband of Nona Odessa Minyard: William Edward Gibson m:1964 Maryland

# 4       Laura Lewallen b:2/1/1877 Pope Co. ARK (age 3 on 1880 census) d:5/3/1938 Checotah, OK
:husband = John T. Spauding b: ABT 1870 m:7/21/1892 Choctaw Nation IT (both of Enterprise)
# 5       Narah Spauding b: ABT 1894
# 5       Plif Spauding b: ABT 1897 OK
:wife = Effie ? b: ABT 1902 ARK
# 5       James W Spauding b: ABT 1907
# 5       Lee Spauding b: 4/10/1913 Canadian, OK d.3/31/1992 Muskogee, OK, married 3/18/1935 to Arnold D. DeFoor b.7/18/1912 d.9/17/1989 Warner, OK.
#6 Betty Lou Defoor b.(living) OK, spouse= Billy Joe Accord.
#6 Mary Ellen Defoor b.(living) spouse= John Henry Harkey.

# 4       Alice Lewallen b: ABT 1880 ARK (1880 census shows 6 months old)
# 4       Nora Lewallen b:12/3/1879 ARK
:husband = Chas. Martindale b: ABT 1871 m:7/19/1896   Choctaw Nation IT (both of Enterprise)
# 4       Charles "Charley" Lewallen     b:11/1883 ARK (per 1900 census) d.1923 Checotah, OK.
# 4       Lewallen Notes Lewallen b: Aft 1900

# 3       Charles M Lewallen     b:1/1846 ALA
:wife = Elizabeth b:8/1847 TN (or 1849) (per 1870 census). m: ABT 1864 (per 1900 census had been married 36 yrs)
# 4       Caltha Lewallen b: ABT 1865 ARK (per 1870 census)
# 4       Mary C Lewallen b: ABT 1868 ARK (per 1870 census)
# 4       Henry C Lewallen b:12/1869 ARK (per 1870 census)
# 4       Richard Lewallen b:2/1871 Arkansas
# 4       Charles M. Lewallen     b:9/1879 Arkansas
# 4       James Lewallen b:12/1886 Indian Terr.
# 4       Columbus Lewallen b:8/1889 Indian Terr.
# 4       John Lewallen b: ABT 1891

# 3       Almarinda Lewallen b.8/3/1835 Ala d.1904 Pope Co., Ark. married Rev. Joseph E. Venable 6/17/1850 Perry, TN.(per Lynn Garrett family records for Venable.)
:husband J.E. Venable b.5/12/1834 Ala d.2/16/1908 Yell Co., Ark.
#4 Ellen Jean Venable b.1852 Ala.
#4 William J. Venable b.3/24/1854 Ark. married Catherine Owens 1876 dau. of James "Jabez" and Lydia J. Owens.
#4 Andrew J. Venable b.1858 Ark.
#4 James Henry Venable b.1860 Ark. married Martha J. Owens 1883 dau. of James "Jabez" and Lydia J. Owens.
#4 Mary Cordilia Venable b.1864 Ark.
#4 Joseph A. Venable b.1868 Ark.
#4 Sarah J. Venable b.1868 Ark d.1884 Ark.
#4 Becky I. "Belle" Venable b.1874 Ark.
#4 Rev. Ruben Buion "Rub" Venable b.1877 Ark.
#4 George W. Venable b.11/29/1833 Ark.

# 3       Mary Lewallen b.11/28/1842 d.1/13/1925 married to Jasper Lafayette Hamlin. Mary is buried in the Mt.Zion Cemeter Enterprise, OK.
Jasper Hamlin served in Company B 2nd Arkansas Infantry.(*note this is the same 2nd INF Jordan and Charles served in during the Civil War.)

# 2       Madison Lewallen b: ABT 1825 Jackson Co. ALA (per Tom Lewallen) (1823 per Noma Wolfe) d:12/25/1882 (per Tom Lewallen)
:wife = Sarah "Sally" Taylor b: (name from Noma Wolfe) d:7/8/1902 m: ABT 1843 Jackson Co. ALA (per Tom Lewallen)[abt 1842 per Noma Wolfe]

# 2       Monroe Washington Lewallen     b: ABT 1825 ALA (per 1860 & 1850 census)
          :wife = Mary A ? b: ABT 1827 ALA (per 1860 & 1850 census)
# 3       Andrew A Lewallen       b: ABT 1849 ARk (per 1850 & 1860 census)
  # 3       James Lewallen b: ABT 1851 ARK (per 1860 census)
# 3       Geo W Lewallen b: ABT 1853 ARK (per 1860 census)
  # 3       Daniel M Lewallen b: ABT 1855 ARK (per 1860 census)
# 3       John R Lewallen b: ABT 1857 ARK (per 1860 census)
# 3       Martha E Lewallen b: ABT 1859 ARK (per 1860 census)

# 2       William Preston Lewallen       b:1/7/1832 Fackler, Jackson Co. AL (per Noma Wolfe) d:2/13/1909 Gumlog, Pope Co, AR
:wife = Mary ? b:9/4/1831 AL (per 1880 census) d:10/7/1881 Gumlog, Pope Co, AR (per Noma Wolfe) m: ABT 1854   Jackson Co. AL (per Tom Lewallen)
# 3       Mary E Lewallen b: ABT 1851 MO (per 1880 census)

# 3       Nancy Jane Jenny Lewallen b:2/1854 Fackler, Jackson Co. AL (per Noma Wolfe) d:3/7/1904 Gumlog, Pope Co, AR
:husband = William Howell Jones   b:12/20/1846 AL or TN (per Noma Wolfe) d:8/27/1902 Convenience, Pope Co. AR m: ABT 1870 Fackler, Jackson Co. AL
# 4       Eapharim Richard Jones b:12/20/1883 d:4/5/1964 .
:wife = Elizabeth Jane Jennie Leggett b: 11/2/1881 Dover, Pope Co. AR d:8/20/1970 Richmond CA m:7/2/1903   Atkins, Pope Co. AR
# 5       ? Jones d:5/23/1994 Sapulpa Creek OK
:wife = Eva Ion Stanley b:1915 AR 12/30/1933 AR

# 3       Louisa Lewallen b: ABT 1861 AL (per 1880 census)
# 3       William Preston "WP" Lewallen b:12/1863 (per Tom Lewallen) d: 1931 Henretta, OK (buried Henretta City Cemetery)
  :wife = Mary Francis "Mollie" Griffin b:1/3/1861 marriage notice says she is from Wilson Twp d:8/19/1929 Tulsa, OK (buried Sand Springs Cemetery) m:5/24/1881 Pope County ARK by John Casey, JP (E-493)
# 3       James F Lewallen b: ABT 1866   d: Bef 11/1895 died young
:wife = Mary A Duvall b: ABT 1865 m:8/21/1883   Pope County ARK by J. E. Venable, Elder (F-89)
# 3       Eliza Lewallen b: ABT 1870 AL (per 1880 census)
*2nd Wife of William Preston Lewallen: Amanda Stone   b: ABT 1855 marriage notice says she is from Griffin Twp     m:6/22/1882 Pope County ARK by J. E. Venable, Elder (F-24)
*3rd Wife of William Preston Lewallen: Eva A. ?       b: ABT 1850 marriage notice says she is Mrs. Burton and from Atkins m:8/6, 1885   Pope County ARK by G. W. Burris, JP (F-175)
*4th Wife of William Preston Lewallen: Lucy C. Gullett m: March 12, 1896

# 2       Daniel Lewallen b: ABT 1835 AL
# 2       Andrew J Lewallen b: ABT 1837 Fackler, Jackson Co. AL
:wife = Malinda Davis m: ABT 1840
# 2       unknown Notes 5-16 Lewallen

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