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Littrell/Luttrell Family Tree

Surnames Related: Harpole, Boyd, Carpenter, Berry, Roach, King, Spruill, Lamb, Andrews, Williams.

Page Last Updated: 08/12/2006
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Generation I
Luttrell, Unknown
1)Silas b.before 1790
2)John b.before 1790

1810 US Federal Census of Kentucky.

Generation II
Luttrell, Silas
b.before 1790
d.1820 TN

Wife: Deliliah Harpole

Known Children:
1)Saunders b.1815 TN
2)Metildy b.6/11/1816 TN
3)Wilford b.1/20/1818 TN
4)Molly b.10/1819 TN

1)1810 US Federal Census of Cumberland, Kentucky.
2)1820 US Federal Census of Tennessee.
3)Surname spelling from census records also lists Littrell.

Generation III
Littrell, Saunders
b.March 5, 1818 TN
d.after June 1880 MO

*Wife: Elizabeth Boyd
b.1822 TN
d.after June 1880 MO.
*Married: September 14, 1838 Cannon Co., TN.

Known Children:
1)Jane b.1839 TN d.after 1860.
2)Laura A. b.1842 TN d.after 1860.
3)Delila Parlee b.1845 TN d.after 1860.
--married James Thomas Gold.
4)Mary J. b.1847 d.after 1880
--married to Jehue Baker 8/20/1876 MO.
5)Eliza Louisa b.9/1849 TN d.after 1860.
6)Sarah Elizabeth b.1852 TN d.after 1860
--married to James Hawk.
7)Malinda b.1854 TN d.after 1860.
8)James Robert b.10/18/1859 MO d.3/19/1923 OK
--married Mary E. Carpenter.
9)Nancy M. b.1861 MO. d.after 1870.
10)Caledonia b.1864MO d.after 1880.

1)1840 US Federal Census of Tennessee.
2)1850 US Federal Census of Arkansas.
3)1860 US Federal Census of Missouri.
4)1880 US Federal Census of Missouri.
5)Early Tennessee Marriage Records.
6)Paula Waller, Littrell cousin's family records.

Generation IV
Littrell, James Robert
b.10/18/1859 MO
d.3/19/1923 Oklahoma
*Married: 1878 Billings, MO.

Wife: Mary Ellen Carpenter
b.1861 IL d.after 1920 OK
*Daugther of Wilie Carpenter.

Known Children:
1)Ace (Acy) Franklin b.9/1/1878 MO d.1939 OK.
--married to Eve J. Berry.
2)Lucy A. b.4/3/1885 MO d.1939 OK.
--married to James Henry Roach.
3)Daisy A. b.1886 MO d.1970 NC.
--married to Arch Spruill.
4)Wiley Sanders b.2/11/1889 MO d.11/2/1959 CA.
--married in OK before 1917 to Laura Andrews.
--Laura b.1899 Texas.
5)Henriettie "Retta" b.11/27/1891 MO d.1/1978 OK.
--married 1913 in OK to Floyd Harper.
--Floyd b.8/5/1892 Arkansas.
6)James Ellsworth b.5/16/1892 MO
--married to Una King before 1919 in OK.
--Una b.1890 Alabama.
7)Loren N. b.3/28, 2893 OK d.1969 OK.
--married in OK to Darcus Dameron.
8)Cordie Reese "Shorty" b.1/5/1895 TX d.11/9/1983 TX.
9)Leonard William b.2/4/1897 TX.
--married to Annie Brooks.
10)Marion Wade b.1904 TX d.1968 OK.
11)Mary Allice b.1/28/1909 OK d.1/1981 OK.
--married in OK to Charles "Mack" Williams.

1)Records of birth for Wiley, Cordie, Acy, Leonard, and Floyd Harper from World War 1 draft registration cards.
2)1920 US Federal Census of Oklahoma, Stephens County, .
3)1930 US Federal Census of Oklahoma, Jefferson County and Stephens County.
4)Stephens Co., OK Marriage records.
5)US Social Security Death Index records.

Generation V
Littrell, Lucy A.
b.4/3/1885 MO
d.5/18/1931 OK
*burial: Marlow Cemetery, Stephens Co., OK.
*married 5/6/1908 Oklahoma to James Henry Roach.
(*For more information on James Roach please view the Roach Family Tree.)

Known Children:
1)Elmer Hollis b.1910 OK d.1989 CA
--married Willie Irene Solomon.
2)Altha Lavina b.1911 OK.
3)Daisy A. b.1913 OK d.after 1930.
4)Jesse Leland b.1918 OK. (living)
--married Pauline Rowell b.OK.
5)Alice May b.12/1922 OK. (living)
6)William Hubert b.1/11/1922 OK d.9/2/1995 CA.
7)Allie b.1923 OK.
8)Wiley M. b.8/13/1925 OK d.1976 OK.

1)1930 US Federal Census of Oklahoma, Richland Township, Stephens County.
2)Bible records of Alice May Roach-Hitt.
3)Bible records of Jesse Leland Roach.
4)1930 US Federal Census of Oklahoma, Hope Township, Stephens County for Solomon record.
5)1910 US Federal Census of Oklahoma, Brown Township, Stephens County.
6)1920 US Federal Census of Oklahoma, Grady County.
7)Stephens County, OK marriage records.

Generation VI
Roach, Elmer Hollis
b.2/26/1910 Marlow, OK
d.8/30/1989 LaVerne, CA
*married in OK on 9/13/1932 to Willie Irene Solomon.
*To view Willie Splomon's ancestory go to the Solomon Family Tree back on the intro page.

Known Children:
1)Wanda Fay b.8/25/1933 Marlow, OK d.12/12/1999 Idaho.
2)Jimmie Junior b.5/23/ 1935 Marlow, OK d.8/2/1994 Fayetteville, Arkansas.
married 6/25/1955 in Pomona, CA to (Living) Dismukes.
3)Living, female, b.OK.
4)Gerald "Jerry" Wayne b.1/30/1942 Marlow, OK d.12/23/1997 LaVerne, CA.
5)Living, female, b.OK.
married to (Living) Griffis.

Generation VII
Roach, Jimmie Junior
b.5/23/1935 Marlow, OK
d.8/2/1994 Fayetteville, Ark.
*burial: National Cemetery in Fayetteville, Ark.
*married 6/25/1955 Pomona, CA to (Living) Dismukes.
*Military service: Naval Corpsman, US Navy, active duty 1954-1972.
*Served: 1965-1966 in Vietnam War.
Retired from Navy 1972.
*Education: B.S. degree Psychology 5/1980 from Eastern Oklahoma State University in Ada, Oklahoma.
**Associates degree Sociology from Warner State College in Warner, Oklahoma.
*Religion: Baptist, became a Decon 11/1967.

6 Living

16 Grandchildren

9 Great-grandchildren

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