Links to Flute (and some other) Stuff Everywhere!

I've compiled all the links I have into one exhaustive list. If you know of any place that I've left out and think should be added or would like yours to be added, please write me at my e-mail address and let me know. I only ask that you include a link to my page in return. Thanks and enjoy!

Competitions, Scholarships, Funding, Workshops and Festivals

Tracy Harris Three Rivers Masterclass 2005 - July 24-46, 2008

The Anatomy of Sound - A workshop for Flutists - June 10-13, 2007, University of Michigan: Amy Porter, Jim Walker -

Mid South Flute Festival and Competitions – Jr. High through Professional. March 7-8, 2008 with Ian Clarke

Oklahoma Flute Society, Oklahoma Flute Fair - Nov. 16-18, 2007

Raleigh Area Flute Association Flute Fair, body mapping, etc. - Nov. 10, 2007 with Jeanne Baxtresser

Houston Flute Club Flute Fest and Solo Flute Competition - March 8, 2008

Chicago Flute Club Flute Solo Competition - November 11, 2007

Texas Flute Society Myrna Brown Competition and Masterclass Competition - May 15-17, 2008

The Brannon-Cooper FundFunding for Commissioning New Music and Masterclasses and Concerts

The National Flute Association, Inc. Competitions and Masterclasses

Areon Flutes 3rd Annual International Chamber Music Competition Perfurmance Division - April 5-6, 2008, Mountain View, CA. $35 applicatoin fee per student, applications must be received by March 1st. Three Categories: Young Arrist (students 14 yrs. old and under); High School (age 15-18), and Collegiate (must be undergraduates at college or university). Cash prizes of $200, $400 and $600 depending on division will be given. For questions and information, contact

2008 Kentucky Flute Festival - January 18-19, 2008 with Michel Debost. Flute Choir for everyone, Solo Performance Competition, Masterclasses with ichel Debost, etc. Western Kentucky University, contact

Paula Robison Masterclasses - Advanced Participants (high school through professional and auditors of all levels are welcome. October 10, 2007 - 7-9 PM "American Classics" Aaron Copland and Charles Giffes
November 28, 2007 7-9 PM "Theater Pieces for Flute", Luciano Berio, Claude Debussy, Edgard Varese and Toru Takemitsu
February 13, 2008 7-9 PM "Swinging on a Star II" More Love Songs and Melodies
April 23, 2008 7-9 PM "A Walk in the Woods" Camille Saint-Saens, Olivier Messiaen, Eugene Bozza and Arthur Honneger
For application and additional information including audition requirements see the website above or Phone inquiries: 212-369-1484 ext. 23 or

Mid-Atlantic Flute Fair (Presented by the Flute Society of Washington - February 16-17, 2008. Flute Compeitions include: Young Artist (Now with $1000 First Prize Money), Student Honors, High School Flute Choir, Student Masterclass and Guest Artist Masterclass.

Summer Flute 2008 Body Mapping Course, the Alexander Technique and the Feldenkrais Method - July 14-18, 2008, San Rafael, California. Application deadline, April 1, 2008

Flute Players and other Flute People Pages
Larry Krantz - one of the most comprehensive flute sites on the net
Chris Norman - Boxwood Flute Festival - Celebrating Tradition Irish/Scottish/Nova Scotian Flute - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Amy Porter - professor of flute at Univ. of MI
Maria Kostelas and flutes of the world
Tracy Harris
Robert David Billington
Michelle Willis
Alexander Viazovtsev
Marlee Lindon
Keith Pettway
Bruce and Lisa
Sávio Araújo
Chris Potter
Julia Larson Mattern
John Phillip Rush
Shelley Collins
Dean N. Stallard
Sarah's Flute Page - very informative
David Summer - church trumpeter and flutist
Stephen Mark Barchan - UK based flute composer
Abbie de Quant
Mark Weinstein - Jazz Flutist
Vieri Bottazzini - Italian flutist
Terrie Allen
Tiffany - The Flute Place
Marcel Moyse Flute Page
Mareen Kelly- Flute Page
Diane's Music Page
kaci's weird wild and wacky flute and piccolo page
flute: the one and only resource you need
Flutes Fantastique
Paul Cheneour
John Rayworth
Dagmar & Zsapka

Clubs, Ensembles, Associations and Camps
Interlochen Center for the Arts-I'd be happy to tell you about this place!
American Federation of Musicians
National Flute Association - also has a loist of Flute Clubs and Choirs around the country
Utah Flute Association
The Music for Healing and Transition Program
The Atlantic Flute Society
The Allegria Flute Duo
Whispering Winds-Shelly Deliz and Sandy Tedder
James Madison University Flute Choir
Flutee -a flute quartet from Michigan

Military Bands

The Army Band Site
The Army Field Band - The Army's premier touring band
"The President's Own" United States Marine Band
Active Duty Army Bands
United States Navy Band
United States Coast Guard Band
United States Continental Army Band
World Military Bands

Universities, Colleges, Schools, Professors and Sources

Schools of Music Worldwide - if you're looking for a school of music, check here first
University of California Los Angeles Music Department - the Univeristy home page is UCLA
University of Southern California Thornton School of Music - the university's home page is USC
Indiana University School of Music
Northwestern School of Music
Florida State University - Eva Amsler (great teacher!!!) The Flute Studio webpage:
University of Tennessee Knoxville Flute Studio - Awesome Web Page, Great Flute Stuff!
University of Tennessee Knoxville's Flute Page - Shelley Binder
CollegeNet - a college search engine
Appalachiaan State University- Nancy Schneeloch -Bingam
Blair School of Music- Jane Kirchner
Cal Arts - Rachel Rudich
Clevland Institute of Music - Joshua Smith
Colorado State University - Greg LaLiberte
Drake University - Erika Leake
George Washington University - Lynn Hertel
Illinois State University - Kim Risinger
Oberlin Conservatory of Music
Indiana School of Music
Rice School of Music in Houston
University of Missouri
Virginia Commonwealth School of Music
Miami University, Ohio
Michigan State University - Richard Sherman
Rhodes College Department of Music
Royal Conservatory of Music (Toronto)
Eastman School of Music
Julliard School
Boston University College of Fine Arts
Peabody School of Music
San Diego State University"

London Symphony Orchestra
Los Angeles Philharmonic
Nashville Symphony Orhcestra
New York Philharmonic
Atlanta Symphony
Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Vancouver Symphony Orchestra
CBC Vancouver Symphony
Vancouver Youth Symphony Orchestra
The National Youth Orchestra of Canada
New York Philharmonic
Buffalo Philharmonic

Instrument and Headjoint Makers

The Flute Exchange, Inc.. - Bulletin Board of used instruments for sale
Miyazawa Flutes 1-800-967-6733 P
Muramatsu Flutes P,S
Pearl Flutes and Orpheus Music - Phone: 1-800-821-9448, 888-368-7770 in Texas: 210-637-0414 I,P,S
Williams Flutes and Headjoints - Beautiful headjoints, flutes and jeweled crowns! P
Powell Flutes and PiccolosP,Picc
Brannon781-935-9522 – exceptional (and expensive!) Flutes and piccs and Glissando headjoint P, Picc, S
Burkart Phelan, Inc.- Amazing Flute and Piccolos! P, Picc
W.M. S. Haynes Flutes Inc. - Manufacturer of custom-made flutes and piccolos in precious metals. Amadeus Flute for beginners. Phone: 617-482-7456 B,I,P,Picc
Altus Flutes I,P,S
Gemeinhardt Flutes and PiccolosPhone: 219-295-5280 B,I,S,Picc
Sanyko Flutes B,I,P,S
Selmer: Great Names in Music B,I
Mateki Flutes I,P
McKenna Flutes, Headjoints and Gemstone Crowns P,S
Emanuel Flutes P
Jupiter Flutes - Phone: 512-288-7400 B,I
Leonard E. Lopatin Handmade Flutes and I,P,S
Sonare Step-up Flutes by Powell I
Lyric Flutes I
Drelinger Heajoints P,S
Phone: 1-800-426-9832
Woodlight Headjoints by Bob Ogren S
Wesley End-Blown Flute/Headjoint S

Sheet Music and/or Accessories, Gifts, Flute Modifications

Little Piper - cheaper than other stores
Wehr's Music House
Jim Schmidt EngineeringGold Foil Pads, Ergonimic Flute Design, etc.
Altieri Instrument Bags
Discount Music Supplyneed to search a bit for the flutes

Sell-All Stores(instruments, sheet music, recordings, repair, etc.)

J.L. Smith and Co. great deals, new and used flutes, headjoints, saxophones, etc.
JB Weissman Music Company
Flute World
Woodwind and the Brasswind
Carolyn Nussbaum Music Company 1-877-FLUTE4U
Atelier Korri Repair Services
Dagan Fluitatelier
Flute Center of New York - Phil Unger
Flute House Israel
United Musical - Artley and Armstrong
Musical Instruments.Com

Specialty Flutes (Ethnic, Baroque, Contrabass, etc.)

Shakuhachi Flutes
The Abell Flute Compmany - Specializing in Boehm system wooden flutes, headjoints and whistles
Eva Kingma Flutes - specializing in Contrabass flutes and lower octave flutes and the microtonal fingering system
Hamilton Irish Flutes
Cooperman Traditional and Concert Fifes
Burnt Earth Flutes
Healy Flutes, Fifes and Piccolos
High spirits flutes
Flutes of the World


Atelier Korri Repair Services
FluteArts Service and Repair
J.L. Smith and Co.
Flute Repair and Tune Up
Milano Music

Publishers, Publications (sheet music, books/magazines)

Lombardo Music Publications
International Music Suppliers Inc.
C.F.Peters Editionmusic publications and things for hire.
Alry Publications, Etc., Inc.
WindPlayer Magazine and Books1-800-946-3305
Theodore Presser Company
Flute Talk (magazine) - call: 1-847-446-8550 to order
Publishers of Music
Southern Music Co.
Encore Music
The Music Stand-cute accessories!
International Opus
Addresses of Publishers

Pedagogical Aids (teaching) and Research

Blocki Pedagogical Flute Products - great info for teachers and students! - a place to make practicing more fun
Music Careers - wondering what kind of career you can have in music?
Flute History.Com
Flute Classifieds Dot Com
The Flute Family
Improvisor - ear training softwear to help you learn jazz improv
Woodwind Fingering Guide - frames version
Woodwind Fingering Guide - no frames version
Flute News
Contemporary Classical Music Composers
Woodwind Group
Center for the Promotion of Contemporary Composers

Everything Else!

The Flute Network- check it out!
Dowani International – Accompaniment CDs
Custom Tempo Accompaniaments for Flute on Audio CD (with sound samples)
Flute Penpal Page!
The Flute Emporium - lots of flute gifts!
Music Mart Online Sheet Music Catalog
E-Line Hall
Methods for Creating Your Own Flute
Accompaniment CDs available - By Melody Lord
Virtual Accompianist-John DeWitt Music
The Flute