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Hello Dragnet fans...there is little recent news to report on the original series. The show remains off the schedule on TV Land for the month of January. The only current release on DVD is on a double bill with Racket Squad. There are three episodes from the original 1950s black and white seasons. Of course word is out on the February premiere of "Dragnet" on ABC. Ed O'Neill stars as Sergeant Friday in the updated version of the series. Ethan Embry stars as Frank Smith. By promotions and the ABC website, it appears to be a gritty police drama. The jury is still out on how true it will be to the originals. IMHO, the show was Jack Webb and any new ideas for it died with him. However, I will be watching like many fans to see how it does.

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Twainy Dragnet Quotes: Enjoy One Now!
"We're gonna ring his doorbell with a piece of pipe"
"He took off like the Russians were in Pasadena"

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