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Trung's wwwland!

Hello! I am Trung. Welcome to my wwwland. Enjoy your visit!

Some links for premed students.

One more attempt


Every time you come up short, brings you one step closer to success. Every "no" you hear brings you closer to hearing "yes." Every effort that does not produce the results you intended, brings you closer to a winning strategy.

Though the outcome may at first be disappointing, with your sincere effort you are on the right track. The goal is waiting to be reached, waiting for you to keep going. When you fail to get the results you want, learn from what you've done, make the appropriate changes, and then do it one more time.

Success is just one more attempt from failure. It would be a shame not to make that one more attempt.

Ralph Marston

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A little about me and what I do.

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The Heros


Other websites that I created (of course they all need MAJOR reconstruction):

1. Golden Key Society at Rutgers,
2. Premed Society at Rutgers,

3. SunPark Dental

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