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Titans Timeline


November 16, 1995

Mayor Bredesen and "Bud" Adams sign the deal

On Thursday, November 16th, 1995, at 10:47 a.m. CST, Nashville Mayor Bredesen and Oilers owner Bud Adams signed the agreement to bring the Houston Oilers to Nashville, Tennessee. Mayor Phil Bredesen later outlined the requirements for the agreement to move forward.

November 21, 1995

City Council supports Oilers Move to Tennessee

On Tuesday, November 21st, 1995, the Davidson City Council overwhelmingly voted to continue the plan to build the new Stadium and bring the Houston Oilers to Tennessee.

November 27, 1995

Mayor Bredesen Announces Tennessee Pro Football Organization

On Monday, November 27th, Mayor Phil Bredesen announced formation of Tennessee Pro Football, an organization combining the efforts of the private and public sectors to help fund construction of a stadium. Formation of Tennessee Pro Football is another step in the city's quest for the Houston Oilers. Oilers President K.S. "Bud" Adams has said he will ask the NFL for permission to relocate his football franchise to Tennessee if the city reaches certain milestones.

November 27, 1995

Mayor Bredesen appears on NBC's TODAY Show

At 7:15 am CST on Monday, November 27th, Mayor Bredesen, Nashville and Tennessee enjoyed 5 minutes of national exposure with Bryant Gumbel on NBC's TODAY Show. Mayor Bredesen offered many positive reasons to bring the Oilers to Nashville. Among those include economic rebuilding of the downtown corridor, sports entertainment for Tennessee and surrounding states, plus national and international exposure for Nashville and Tennessee, adding to Nashville's (aka "Music City U.S.A.") and Memphis' reputation for music. The exposure on the TODAY Show certainly supports that argument.

December 4, 1995

Luxury Stadium Suites Go On Sale

On Monday, December 4th, at 8:00 a.m. Stadium Suites went on sale. There were six price ranges on 82-120 luxury suites, with prices from $50,000 to $125,000. The sale ended January 20th, 1996. The most expensive are to have restrooms and will look out on the 50-yard line. The suites come with carpeting, two-rows of six seats to watch the game, a bar and food service or "suitesters" may prepare their own, in their "suite kitchen" or "personal cocktail bar".

December 12, 1995

Luxury Stadium Suites Sales Goal Exceeded in Eight Days!

On Monday, December 4th, at 8:00 a.m. Stadium Suites went on sale. By the close of business on Tuesday, December 12th, only eight days later, more than 85 suites had been sold! This sent the sports world the strong message that Tennessee is both the home to "Music City," and possibly, the greatest sports fan base in the World! To meet the next milestone to bring the Oilers to Nashville, 82 Luxury Suites needed to be sold by January 20th, 1996. Tennessee beat that deadline by 40 days, one-sixth of the time alloted.

January 18-22, 1996

Unveiling the Tennessee NFL Stadium

The new Tennessee NFL Stadium Model went on public display.

May 1, 1996

NFL Owners Give Go-Ahead to Oilers Move to Nashville

National Football League owners approved the Houston Oilers move to Nashville, Tennessee in a 4 1/2 hour meeting in Atlanta.

May 7, 1996

Nashville Votes Yes! Tennessee Gets the Oilers

On Tuesday, May 7, 1996, a city-wide referendum was held to determine whether or not the voters would approve funding for a stadium that would bring the Houston Oilers to Nashville. With an incredible turnout of over 125,000 voters, Nashville voters overwhelmingly approved the Stadium's construction by a 60% majority. The win was so decisive that only 2 districts voted no; this gave the green light to the construction of the new NFL Stadium.

April 16, 1998

Tornado downs three construction cranes at new stadium

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Apr 16, 1998 - 20:55 EDT) -- A tornado snapped three of four cranes at the new stadium and a manager said a two-week delay in construction is expected. The cranes fell into the middle of the 65,000-seat stadium.

"It's going to take us a while to get the cranes out of there," he said. "It's incredible that nobody was hurt. It's fantastic. The good Lord was looking after us."

At least three construction trailers were heavily damaged, and one trailer was destroyed. Construction workers took cover underneath the concrete stands.

Don MacLachlan, executive vice president for the Oilers, was among those who ran from the trailers across the street to shelter in the Juvenile Justice Center. "My curiosity made me look back one more time and I saw stuff blowing," he said. "The panels and parts of cars were blowing around like they were Kleenex."

July 29, 1998

Adams announces Tennessee name change

Bud Adams announces that the Oilers will have a new name in 1999.

September 28, 1998

Guess the New Tennessee Nickname

A "Guess the Name" contest will be conducted by the Oilers to allow fans the opportunity to guess which name team owner K.S. "Bud" Adams, Jr. will select as the new name for Tennessee's NFL team. "We already have heard from hundreds of fans throughout the state who have been a part of our research and focus groups and this contest is a fun way for everyone throughout the region to get involved," said Adams. "Our 13-member Tennessee Advisory Council has provided me with helpful feedback over the last month. Their insight into the naming process has been terrific and I will continue to count on their assistance."

The contest will be held from October 1-31 and is limited to residents of Tennessee and six surounding states. One lucky person will win a trip for two to Super Bowl XXXIII in Miami as the contest's grand prizewinner. Interested participants may enter via four routes to be eligible for the Super Bowl trip and 99 other prizes.

November 14, 1998

Oilers Will Become Tennessee Titans in 1999

The Tennessee Oilers will be known as the Tennessee Titans beginning in 1999, team owner "Bud" Adams announced today. We wanted a new nickname to reflect strength, leadership and other heroic qualities, Adams said, and to be equal to, if not better, than great NFL nicknames like Vikings, Giants, Buccaneers and Cowboys. A Titan these days is someone who excels and stands out in his work. He or she is recognized for greatness or special achievement. That's what we want for our football team.

Titans comes from early Greek mythology and the fact that Nashville is known as the Athens of the South makes the Titans name very appropriate. If we continue to play like Titans, well be in the playoffs this January.

The franchise was known as the Oilers since its inception in Houston in 1960. Adams announced last July 29 that the name of the team would be changed to reflect the move to Nashville and to honor Tennessee fans for their tremendous support. The Oilers name will be retired by the NFL - a first in League history - which will allow the Tennessee franchise to retain the teams winning tradition.

To the Tennessee fans, I want to say thank you for your input and patience throughout this process, Adams said. Dozens of fans contacted me directly. Hundreds were involved in the early focus groups and thousands submitted names during our contest in October. Our fans have been involved and invaluable.

Adams announced the new name at a Saturday afternoon press conference. He told his special Advisory Council the news on a conference call earlier in the day.

The Advisory Council members from throughout the state were tremendously helpful during the last two months, said Adams. They helped bring a very valuable historical and cultural perspective from all parts of Tennessee. We deeply appreciate their assistance.

Adams selected the Titans from a list of 39 names that was first shown to him and the Advisory Council by the NFL on September 12. The list of 39 names was compiled over the last 2 ½ years from research and focus groups throughout Tennessee.

It was difficult to trim the list, said Adams. Titans was always a strong contender in my mind. Pioneers and Tornadoes also were popular. Many fans told me they wanted a larger-than-life figure like a Giant or Viking rather than an animal. One of the strong recommendations the Advisory Council made was no snakes or reptiles. That eliminated Copperheads and Vipers. My apologies to the herpetologists.

A new Titans logo currently is being designed by the team and the NFL. It is expected to be unveiled at a Nashville ceremony in December.

The Titans will play the 1999 season in a new stadium on the East Bank of the Cumberland River across from downtown Nashville

Decmeber 22, 1998

"Fire Of The Titans" provides new symbol for Tennessee

The Tennessee Oilers revealed their new logo and colors which represent a tangible symbol of the NFL team's new beginning in 1999 when they will be called the Tennessee Titans. The team's logo features the fire of the Titans and exemplifies the characteristics of power, strength, knowledge and excellence. The three stars represent the state of Tennessee.

The color scheme — columbia blue, navy and red with an accent of silver — retains a link to the team's past, while providing a sleek look that brings the organization into the 21st century.

Owner Bud Adams unveiled the new logo at a press conference held at the Parthenon Museum in Nashville. The site was fitting as the team's name, Titans, is derived from Greek mythology and the fact that Nashville is known as the "Athens of the South." In Greek mythology, the Titan Prometheus lit a torch from the sun, giving man the gift of fire. "I feel we have developed a logo that fans throughout the state of Tennessee and around the country will embrace for years to come," Adams said. "It is a logo worthy of the nickname and of the brand of football I hope our team will play next year."

Also speaking at the ceremony were Governor Donald Sundquist, vice mayor Jay West and Wilma Dykeman and Denny Bottorff, two of the 13 members of the team's Tennessee Advisory Council. The Council, comprised of political, business and civic leaders from throughout the state, served during the naming process as a resource to help identify traditions and key cultural and historical aspects unique to Tennessee. Joining in the unveiling were youth groups from the Bethlehem Center and Big Brothers of Nashville. These children wore the first t-shirts bearing the new logo and represent the youthful exuberance of the team's new beginning in Tennessee.

Logo unveilings also took place simultaneously throughout the region in Chattanooga, Knoxville, Memphis, Jackson, Mississippi, and Huntsville, Alabama.

With the direction of Mr. Adams, the advertising and design department of New York-based NFL Properties created the logo. Numerous focus groups held in Nashville and throughout the state helped shape the design process and inspire the final logo. The focus groups echoed Mr. Adams' desire for a clean, classic recognizable football logo for the NFL team that represented the entire state. "I want to thank the local fans who participated in focus groups for providing feedback on the design," said Mr. Adams. "It was important to include the fans since the logo will serve as a tangible symbol around which fans can rally."

The color scheme retains the columbia blue prevalent throughout the team's 39-year history as the Oilers. The three stars, meanwhile, evoke the image of the Tennessee state flag but are designed differently to provide the team with a unique identity.

Beginning December 22, 1998, fans will be able to purchase t-shirts, sweatshirts and caps featuring the new logo. Other team merchandise, from computer mouse pads to Nerf footballs to jackets, are now being produced and will be available in the next few months.

The team's uniform will be unveiled at a later date. The design of the new uniform is well underway and is expected to be completed in January. The team will wear the new uniforms next season in a new stadium on the East Bank of the Cumberland River across from downtown Nashville.

The franchise was known as the Oilers since its inception in Houston in 1960. Adams announced last July 29 that the name of the team would be changed to reflect the move to Nashville and to honor Tennessee fans for their tremendous support. The Oilers name and logo will be retired by the NFL — a first in league history — which will allow the Tennessee franchise to retain the team's winning tradition

December 26, 1998

Farewell Oilers

Tennessee played its last game as the Oilers December 26, 1998, versus the Vikings. After being known as the Oilers for 39 seasons, next season the team will be known as the Tennessee Titans. This was the 602nd game, including post-season, the franchise has played under the Oilers name. Under the Oilers name the franchise has been the home to four Pro Football Hall of Fame members: George Blanda, Ken Houston, Earl Campbell, and Charlie Joiner. An original member of the AFL, the Oilers won the first two AFL championships and have totaled 15 playoff appearances in their 39 year history.

January 22, 1999

Titans Hire Coaches

The Tennessee Titans hire Jerry Gray as defensive backs coach and extended the contract of Strength and Conditioning coach Steve Watterson.

February 7, 1999

Oilers retire after 20th Pro Bowl

The Oilers era was officially over after three Oilers helped the AFC win the 20th Pro Bowl. RB Eddie George, P Craig Hentrich, and TE Frank Whycheck appeared in the game representing the Tennessee Oilers. This was the last game the Oiler helmets were worn during a NFL game.

February 8, 1999

Titans Official Website Opens

The Tennessee Titans official website, TitansOnline opened. Also the Titan logo replaced the Oilers logo on

Titans waive WR Willie Davis, G/C Erik Norgard 2/12/99

— The Tennessee Titans parted with a pair of veterans Thursday night (2/11/99), waiving wide receiver Willie Davis and guard-center Erik Norgard in anticipation of the free agency period.

Davis, 31, caught 114 passes for 1,489 yards and 13 touchdowns in a three-season stint with the Houston-Tennessee Oilers, who changed their name after the 1998 season. The 6-foot, 181-pounder made 32 grabs for 461 yards and three scores in 14 games last year.

Over an eight-year career, which started with the Kansas City Chiefs, Davis has 286 receptions for 4,503 yards, an average of 15.7 yards per catch, and 33 touchdowns in 109 games.

The 6-1, 282-pound Norgard, a career backup in his 10 NFL seasons — all with the organization — injured his shoulder in the opener at Cincinnati and underwent season-ending surgery.

Norgard, 33, has made 11 starts in his 108-game game career and has a pair of touchdown catches. He started a game at tight end in 1994.

Titans Sign St. Louis Rams DE Mike Jones 2/15/99

—The Tennessee Titans signed unrestricted free agent defensive end Mike Jones from the St. Louis Rams.

An eight-year NFL veteran, Jones started 15 games and totaled a career-high 47 tackles in his first season in St. Louis in 1998. He also recorded 2.5 sacks, 21 QB pressures and two fumble recoveries.

Titans Select Florida Gator Jevon Kearse

Kearse is LB from the University of Florida. He's 6'4" and weighs 252 lbs. He played in every game for the Florida Gators in 1998.

Other Players Selected in the 1999 Draft:

2nd Round - John Thornton - DL - West Virginia

3rd Round - Zach Piller - OL - Florida

4th Round - Brad Ware - DB - Auburn

4th Round - Donald Mitchell - DB - Southern Methodist

5th Round - Kevin Daft - QB - University of California Davis

6th Round - Darran Hall - WR - Colorado State

7th Round - Phil Glover - LB - Utah

Also signed by the Titans in April 1999:

FB Garett Gould - Michigan State

LB David Stroshine - Weber State

LB Delaunta Cameron - Georgia Tech

T Ian Rafferty - North Carolina State

G Ben Adams - Texas

C Jason Gamble - Clemson

TE Aaron Bryant - Samford

DE Matt Caliandro - Albany State

WR Everett Burnett - Kansas State

DT Albrey Battle - Arizona State

S Kelvin Sigler - Alabama

C Craig Page - Georgia Tech

Buccaneer Lorenzo Neal Added to Titans 3/2/99

—The Tennessee Titans have agreed to terms with unrestricted free agent FB Lorenzo Neal from Tampa Bay on a multi-year contract.

Viking Jason Fisk Added to Titans 3/3/99

—The Tennessee Titans have agreed to terms with unrestricted free agent DT Jason Fisk from Minnesota on a multi-year contract.

Titans MINI CAMP Pictures

Tennessee Titans New Uniforms

NEW STADIUM NAMED Adelphia Coliseum

— (July 4, 1999) The new 67,000 seat home of the Tennessee Titans will be called Adelphia Coliseum under an agreement between the team and the cable TV/telecommunications company the Tennessean reported June 28. It is a 15-year $30 million agreement.

QB Neil O'Donnel SIGNED

— (July 23, 1999) Ex-Bengals QB Neil O'Donnel will serve as either 2nd or 3rd string backup to QB Steve McNair in 1999. He signed a one year deal with the Titans on July 23. Neil O'Donnel played for the Pittsburgh Steelers and in 1995 took them to Super Bowl XXX where the Pittsburgh Steelers lost to the Dallas Cowboys 27-17. He has also played for the New York Jets, and the Cincinatti Bengals.

ALL TITAN DRAFT PICKS NOW UNDER CONTRACT — (July 27, 1999) All of the Titan's 1999 Draft Picks are now under contract without any problems. The last four contracts that were worked out were for 1st pick Florida DE Jevon Kearse, S Brad Ware and CB Donald Mitchell, and sixth-round pick WR Darran Hall.

The Titans have also announced the the signing of two free agents, WR Jeremaine Copeland and CB Shino Prater. The first practice for training camp is scheduled for Wednesday, July 28, 1999 at 9 AM.

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