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the touya&yukito mailing list

Hi and welcome to the T&Y ML main page ^_^ Well, actually, there's another one at ONElist but I prefer to give a general introduction first before going into the, er, details ^_^. My name is Tin Mandigma, big CCS fan, big Touya-and-Yukito fan.  I put up this mailing list as site for big (and maybe not-so-big but still...) T&Y fanatics like me to talk (and, yeah, OK, rave) about, IMO, two of the coolest characters in Card Captor Sakura. I love Syaoran and Sakura, too, but a lot has already been said about them. And I'm not just talking about Touya *and* Yukito but TouyaandYukito (get the drift? ^_~) Some people would dispute an actual more-than-friends relationship between the two but, what the heck, the rampant, er, hints which CLAMP persistently throws out in both the anime and the manga to impressionable viewers/readers like me were just too irresistible to---resist. Hence, this page....

Anyway, this is not the time or the place for me to list the various reasons why I like To-ya and Yuki and why you should like them too *grin* If you want to know more about them, I
suggest you visit other CCS sites in Anipike (I think Kittyhawk-san of the  *Cutie Cutie* Card Captor Sakua page  has a section about them) or go out and buy CCS manga and anime to better have a--feel of what I'm talking about ^_^ Plus I'm currently building up a T&Y site which'll probably available for 'net viewing by September 20, 1999 so if you're interested, just hang in there, 'k? In the meantime, I'm inviting you *come-hither crook of the finger* to join the list ^__^ Thanks!

List Rules and Guidelines:

1. The T&Y mailing list is devoted to T&Y fanwork (fanfics, fan art), T&Y doujinshi,  T&Y ranting, general T&Y worship, T& Y etc. or, in short,  *everything* about Touya and Yukito *only* ^_^ Other CCS characters can be mentioned, sure, but only as long as they relate to T&Y.

2. Absolutely no flaming and spamming on the list is allowed. Violators will be fed to Cerberus and/or icinerated with a simple click of the 'unsubscribe' button by the list admin. Please keep posts in topic. *And* please label posts with spoiler content though you can do away with providing the usually requisite spoiler space in the msg proper. Finally, *no* binary attachments to the list. They will be automatically deleted by ONElist, anyway, so please...

3. As a warning to future subscribers:

        Some of the material in this list may be considered potentially offensive to     conservative viewers. Touya and Yukito are both *males* so be prepared for yaoi (explicit or otherwise) and/or shounen ai underpinnings in a majority of the post.

4. To choose your subscription preferences and/or to view the list archives, please go to following sites:  or

To post to the list, please send your messages to
And if you have any problems/comments/suggestions, please contact the list admin at

Thanks! ^__^