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The Enlightened Soul/Psyche
this is a mystical place....exploring, and celebrating the soul


exploring the unconscious world of Dreams through Myth, Symbol & Metaphor

the psychology of dreams....a Jungian perspective....with Joseph Campbell
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The Dream Sees Beyond the Conscious -Not a miracle, the dream is the unconscious
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The Importance of Dreams In Every Day Life
Carl Jung estimated that he interpreted over 80,000 dreams by the time he retired in his 80s. Through these, he surmised that dreams and their universal imagery seemed to follow a pattern among all individuals with whom he worked over time. By learning to observe the patterns within individual dreams and learning to consciously interpret symbolic content, the process of individuation Ė gaining a higher state of consciousness through a broadened state of awareness Ė can occur. This enables a person to overcome many personal problems, fears and anxieties while realizing their full potential.
Precognitive Dreams
Do Dreams Predict the Future?
Edgar Cayce
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