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Street Survivors

Street Survivors

These are the songs on this album

  • What's Your Name - Lyrics
  • That Smell - Lyrics
  • One More Time - Lyrics
  • I Know A Little - Lyrics
  • You Got That Right - Lyrics
  • I Never Dreamed - Lyrics
  • Honky Tonk Night Time Man - Lyrics
  • Ain't No Good Life - Lyrics

  • Lynyrd Skynyrd is...
    * Ronnie VanZant-Lead vocals
    * Gary Rossington-Lead, rhythm guitar
    * Allen Collins-Lead, rhythm guitars
    * Steve Gaines-Lead, bass guitar
    * Leon Wilkeson-Bass guitar
    * Artimus Pyle-Drums
    * Billy Powell-Keyboards

    This is the cover of Street Survivors before the terrible plane crash.
    This is the cover of Street Survivors after the terrible plane crash.

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