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Barbados Queries

Posted by:Margie Nelson <> on Tue, 09 Jun 1998
We are researching The Higginbotham family history and it has lead us to Barbados. We show Anthony Higginbotham was born in England and died in Barbados. We are looking for the name of his wife and the dates of her birth and death. They had a son named John Higginbotham. He was born 1614, and died 1673. He was a Lt. Col. in some type of British service and he married Alice and we need her surname. They had one son and he was John Higginbotham and he was in the service and had the rank of a Capt. He was born in 1636 and died in either 1713 or 1714. He married Ann born in 1638. We need her surname also.

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