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Earle, Crittenden County, Arkansas

Gibson Bayou Cemetery is located three miles north of Earle on US Highway 149.
This is one of the oldest cemeteries in Crittenden County, Ark.

Gibson Bayou Cemetery 1967 Transcription

Gibson Bayou Cemetery 1967 - 1981 Transcriptions

Gibson Bayou Cemetery 1967 - 2000 Transcriptions

Gibson Bayou Cemetery - Transcriptions, Notes & Obituaries

"The cemetery is still being used, but it is hard to dig a grave without hitting another one. Many of the markers are funeral home markers which have deteriorated because of weather and are now un-readable. Some of the monuments are broken and many are hard to read. There are many people buried here who do not have markers. When the railroad was being built several workers were killed and they are buried here. Included are, some names and dates given me by families of persons who are buried here with no marker. Notes in parenthesis will be my own. This cemetery has been kept in very good condition the past few years by Clifford Chism and other relatives of people buried here. They hold a reunion the third Sunday in August, and donations are accepted at this time for the upkeep of the cemetery. "

- Original Transcription by Pat Isabel Brown, 1967

"We tried to finish the survey that Pat Isabell Brown made in 1967-68, by adding the markers that have been put down since 1967-68, also with the burials since then.  It is possible that a few could have been duplicated, but better to have twice than NOT AT ALL!!  We are sorry if any have been left out, we tried very hard not to do that.  We also are sorry if any mistakes have been made in dates or spellings as some were very hard to read.  It is our wish that someone will carry on this tradition of up-dating the Cemetery Markers every few years, since this is one of our oldest cemeteries in Crittenden Co., Ark. and the first Survey was made in 1967-68 by Pat Isabel Brown who put in a lot of hard work by doing this, a “labor or love”.  Our many thanks to Pat !!"

- Updates by Paige and Pauline (Polly) Miller, 1988

"Many newer graves have been added, a number of which have no markers, or only funeral home markers, and have since become unidentifiable.  Many stones have been added to the older graves, a few of the older stones have since been replaced with newer stones, some with changed or updated inscriptions.  Sometime between these original transcriptions in 1967 and those in 2000, a number of the stones were vandalized and destroyed, particularly those along the west side of the highway. Many of the earlier stones no longer exist.
Gibson Bayou Cemetery was established in 1865 and is the site of Gibson Bayou Church, which was originally located on the north bank of Gibson Bayou.  This cemetery remains active and was recently named as a Historical Landmark.  Relatives of people who are buried here continue to maintain this cemetery through voluntary donations."

- Updates by Deborah Lunsford Yates, 2000