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My Owens Family Tree
This page last updated: 2/23/2003
Information on this page may not be used for profit! And may NOT be reproduced in any form without proper consent from the person who submitted the info!!

b.1814 GA
*Also known as Jabez OWENS.
*Married to Lydia W. --?-- about 1831 in GA.
*Known children:
1)Reuben S. b.3/13/1833 SC d.7/31/1897 AR
2)Thomas E. b.1835 SC d.ARK
3)Martha Jane b.1/9/1836 SC d.?1876? ARK
4)Mary S. b.1837 SC d.ARK married to George HERN 1857
5)Andrew F. b.1841 ALA
6)Julia Ann b.1843 ALA d.?1872? ARK
7)Carolina Elizabeth b.1845 ALA
8)William F. b.1852 married to Nancy C. Ownes 8/22/1869 in ARK
9)Lucy R. b.1850
10)Asminta b.1847 married Allen S. Brown 2/22/1868 in ARK.

1)*Land records for Pope County, Arkansas show Jabez owning 40 acres 5/1/1861.

b.1837 SC*
d. after 1880 ARK*
*Married to George W. HERN 1/15/1857 in Pope County, Ark. (Pope Co., AR marriage books.)
*Known children:
1)Lydia Jane b.1860 Ark.
2)Mary E. b.1861 Ark.
3)Delia A. b.1863 Ark.
4)Hariet Lee b.1866 Ark.
5)Amos W. b.1871 Ark.
6)Joseph A. b.1873 Ark.
7)Nancy E. b.1875 Ark.
8)Abner T. b.1877 Ark.

(**Information for Mary S. Owens, Jabez and Lydia Owens and children credited to Ina Dollins descendent of Thomas E. Owens, and may NOT be reproduced in any form without her sole consent nor used for profit or gain.)

1)Children names, dates and place of birth as detailed on the 1880 census Pope Co., Ark.
2)Date and place of birth for Mary as she reported it on the 1880 census.

b.2/14/1859?or60? Arkansas
d.9/26/1906 Oklahoma
*Married to James Madison LEWALLEN age 20, 8/23/1877 in Pope County, Arkansas, Lydia was listed as age 18 and her last name is spelt different than her parents.
*1880 Census of Pope County, ARK lists James age: 21 and Lydia age 20. *Children:
1)Alfred b.Ark
2)Emmer "Emma" b.Ark d.OK
5)Florence b.OK d.OK
6)Jordan "Jerde" b.OK d.OK
7)Mary Bell b.OK d. OK*
*Mary died in youth of birth defect.

b.3/16/1897 Enterprise, OK
d.8/15/1992 McAlester, OK
*Married to George M. DISMUKES 12/23/1916 in OK.
1)Telia b.OK d.CO
2)James "Jim" b.OK d.OK
3)Luther "Luke" b.OK d.2002 OK
4)Ellen b.OK d.2002 TX
5)Virginia b.OK d.OK
6)living, 7)living, 8)living, 9)living, 10)living, 11)living, and 12)living.

DISMUKES, (Living)
*Married to Jimmie J. ROACH 1955 in Pomona, CA.
*Children: 6 (Living).
*Grandchildren: 16 (Living).
*Great-Grandchildren: 4 (Living).

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