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Hearne Surname Info Page 2
This page last updated: 1/4/2001
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1840 Census of Tennessee
HERN, C.R. WE-284 20001-00001
HERN, Elizabeth SM-217 0-0000001
HERN, G.W. WE-284 0020001-1230001

1850 Census of Tennessee
HERN, Benj. F. 18, Samuel Sullivan Mn-24-4
HERN, Elizabeth 18, Wm Hammond Mn-18-3
HERN, Emily 20
HERN, John 12
HERN, Matthew, Nathan Williams Be-202-583
HERN, William 14, Wm Hammomd Mn-18-3
HERN, J.M 37, Sediction 40, Jas. W. 14, Mary F. 12, Martha 11, Brunitte 8, Jno 6, Louisa S. 4, Josepe. 1 T-T D-781-454

WE= Weakley County, D= Davidson County, SM= Smith County, Be= Benton County, Mn= McNairy.

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