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Kempe family information.
This page last updated: 1/5/2001
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The following information was emailed to me and has been posted here to help others researching the Kempe/Herndon family lineage.

Message From:
Carole Colvin, submitter.
Date: Mon, May 3, 1999,

The eldest son, Robert Kempe, was enrolled as a student of Grays Inn on 26 Feb 1614/5, It is unlikely he ever practised as a lawyer, but it seems probably that he obtained some position at the Faculty Office, as for some years a Robert Kempe issued marriage licenses. Young and wealthy as he was, he soon found favour, with the result that he was knighted by King James I on 12 November 1618 at Theobalds, Hertfordshire, and he retired from the Faculty Office the same year. From that date he became closely attached to King James, and doubtless in the company of Sir Francis Bacon, enjoyed both pleasure and profit from the association. He eventually married Jane Browne, the heiress of Sir Matthew Browne of Betchworth Castle, on or before 1626.
From this marriage Robert Kempe secured a royal Descent for their children. their eldest son, Robert Kempe, was born at Walsingham abbey on 2 Feb 1627. Lady Kempedoubtless found Gissing Hall rather quiet after the life at London and the Court, and consequently preferred living there. When a retreat to the country was necessary she preferred antingham as a home, rather than Gissing. The Antingham resident was described as their home in 1643. Sir Robert Kempe was made a Gentleman of the Privy Chamber to Charles I and a Baronet in 1641. See: Frederick Hitchin-Kemp, Daniel William Kemp and John Tabor Kemp, A General History of the Kemp and Kempe Families of Great Britain and Her Colonies. The Leadenhall Press Ltd., London, 1902; and Noel Currer-Briggs, The Search for Mr. Thomas Kirbye, Gent., Phillimore & Co. Ltd., 1986.
Richard Kempe, the Secretary of Virginia, succeeded William Claibourne in this post. He married, as his first wife, Anne Hogg of Hull, Yorkshire, born in 1617. After her death in Virginia, he married, as his second wife, Elizabeth Wormely, the daughter of Henry Wormely of Riccall in Yorkshire, born around 1616. He made a will, dated 4 January 1649/50 and proved in the PCC on 6 December 1656. His widow, Elizabeth Lunsford, alias Kempe, was his executor. He was described as of Kich Neck, Virginia, and left to Elizabeth, his wife, all his estates in Virginia and his money. He asked Sir William Berkeley, the Governor of Virginia, to see his widow and his daughter, also clled Elizabeth Kempe, returned safely to England; and to take care that her upbringing was entrusted to Richard Kempe's uncle, Ralph Wormely.
Elizabeth Kempe (nee Wormeley), his widow, remairred to Sir Thomas Lunsford, Baronet, of London and Virginia, as his third wife; and by whom she had three children, namely Daniel Lunsofrd, Richard Lunsford, and John Lunsford. Sir Thomas Lunsford was the son of Thomas Lunsford of Bexhill, Sussex. His mother was Catherine Fludd, whose brother, robert Fludd (1574-1637), was well known as a Rosicrucian and as a physician.
They were children of Sir Thomas Fludd, Knight. "Sometimes Treasurer of War to Queen Elizabeth in France and the Low Countries", and were born in Bearstead, Kent. Robert Fludd was four times Censor of the Royal College of Physicians. He lived at Fenchurch Street and died, unmarried, on 8 Sept 1637 at his house in the parish of St. Catherine, Colman Street, London. His nephew was Thomas Fludd, or Floyd, of Gore Court, Otham, Kent. another sister married Sir Nicholas Gilbourne of Charing, Kent. Herin lies the connection to John Fludd (Flood), who emigrated to Virginia in 1610 on the Swan. After the death of Sir Thomas Lunsford in 1653, Elizabeth Lunsford (nee Wormely) remarried again to Major-General Robert Smith. Robert Smith was one of three agents, along with Francis Moryson and Thomas Ludwell sent by the Assembly of Virginia in 1676 to King Charles II to attempt to help secure passage of the Royal Charter for Virginia following Bacon's rebellion.

(Thank you Bran for letting us post this on the web and to Ken for forwarding it to me.)

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