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Various Surnames:
Luttrell, Littrell, Petty, Digges, & Kemp
Brantley, Lewallen, Rowe, & Tyler
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This page last updated: 1/3/2001

North Carolina Marriage Records:
Mecklenburg Co.
ROWE, Peter to Betsy Fetterman on 6/17/1852.
Tyrrell Co.
ROWE, Levi to Rachel Davenport on 4/6/1785.

1790 Census of NC
Craven Co. Name Index
ROWE, Elizabeth
ROWE, John
ROWE, Edmund

Soldiers of the War of 1812
From N.C.
ROWE, Henry

"Tennessee the Volunteer State"
by: John Trotwood Moore
"Dismukes, W. C., speaker of the Senate 1891."
"Only man in history of Tennessee since the election of Edward Ward in 1817, who searved 2 terms in succession as Speaker of the Senate. 1893."

The Douglas Register
Transcribed & Edited by: Wm. Mac. Jones
("The Douglas Registar: Being a detailed record of Births, Marriages, and Deaths together with other interesting notes, as kept by the Rev. William Douglas, from 1750-1797.")

"An Index of Older Wills, Inventories, Divisions, Ect. "
Name: Year: Book: Page:
HERNDON, Benjamin: 1778: 12: 205
HERNDON, Benjamin: 1778: 13: 197
HERNDON, John: 1821: 24: 515
HERNDON, Valentine: 1779: 17: 500
(Pg.387: Goochland Co., VA)

KEMP, Mary and Thomas daughter Anne b.3/28/1742. (Pg.383: King Wm. Parish Records.)

(Pg.18: Marriage Records, Male Index)
DIGGS, Thomas, in Louisa, and Ann Kent in Albermarle 7/9/1775, p.16.
HERNDON, Ben: and Rosana Wade, in Goochland 12/26/1771, p.13.
HERNDON, Ja: and Ninnie Rice, both in Cumberland 1/4/1772, p.13.
HERNDON, Jo: and Mary Clarkson, both of Goochland 12/27/1773, p.14.

(Pg.68: Marriages, Female Index)
HERNDON, Elizabeth and Jospeh Baker, both of yrs parish 7/11/1773, p.16.

Marriages not recorded by Rev. Wm Douglas, but indicated by the Birth Registry.
(Pg.107: Male Index)
HERNDON, Edward and Bettie Minor 8/12/14.
HARNDON/HERNDON, Lewis and Frances Thomson 7/1/1767.

(Pg.187 & 210: Birthand Baptisms)
DIGGS, Thomas and Ann Kent a son John b.8/25/1783. Baptized 10/5/1783, p.110.
HERNDON, Lewis and Frances Thomson a son named James b.7/1/1767. Baptized 8/23/1767, p.78.
HERNDON, Edward and Bettie Minor a son George b.9/12/1784. Baptized 1/28/1785, p.113.

Soldiers of the War of 1812 Buried in Tennessee
Compiled by: Mary Hardin McCown & Inez . Burns.
"LEWALLEN, Shade (--d Scott Co), single at Battle of NO; Scott Co Hist-Sanderson; Old Huntsville Cem at the Pres Academy, Scott Co., TN; PVT mkr." (p.79)

"TYLER, John B. (b.Va-1860 Montgomary Co); md (--); Capt. Cav in NC War of 1812; NCCA; likely Montgomery Co; Unkn." (p.135)

Historical Register of Virginians in the Revolution
By: John H. Gwathmey
(Pg.225) DIGGES, Cole: "Cornet 1st Continental Dragoons 3/31/1777; resigned 5/4/1778; d.1817 Awarded 2,666 ac. BW as Major".
DIGGES, Dudley: "member Committee of Safety of Virginia; member Conventions of 1775.""Refered to as a Colonel in 1776 in mss. ref. to Louisa records in 1782 as a Colonel in private life".
DIGGS, Dudley; name appears in mss. as cornet in 1779, Lt. of State Reg. 6/1779 to 2/1782. Awarded 2,666 ac. and final pay claim, Lt. in Major John Nelson's Cav. d.7/16/1842.

Virginia Company of London:
Index Vol. I 1620
"Sir Dudley Digges(eldest son of Thomas Digges, mathematician, and his wife Anne, daughter of Sir Warham St. Leger, Knight and grandson of Leonard Digges, able mathematician, born at Digges' Court, parish of Bashan; died 1573); b.1583 BA of Oxford 1601; for a time traveled, and was Knighted, led retired life till 1617, when he was sent by James I Ambassador to Russia; commissioned in 1620 with Sir Maurice Abbot to go to Holland to obtain restitution of goods taken by the Dutch from some Englishman in the East." (pg2)

1820 Census of Virginia Index
(Compiled by Jeanne Robey Felldin)
Name: County prefix: Dwelling#.
(*Pg.121, Felldin)
Dismukes, John: HFX: 67A
Dismukes, John: HFX: 78
Dismukes, Lucy: HFX: 78
Dismukes, Richard: HFX: 67
Dismukes, William: SVA: 68
(*Pg.270, Felldin)
Lutteral, Fielding: FRD: 25A
Lutteral, Rebecca: FDR: 6
Lutteral, Sarah: FDR: 6A
Lutteral, Fielding L.; FRD: 40
Luttrell, --y: HEN: 33
Luttrell, Burwell: CPR: 85
Luttrell, Leroy: RMD: 227A
Luttrell, Richard: CPR: 85A
Luttrell, Willis: FKN: 153A

Virginia Tax Payers 1782-87
(by Augusta B. Forthergill & John Mark Naugle.)
Taxpayer: #Poll Tax: #slave tax: county:
Luttrell, Edward: 1-0: Fau.
Luttrell, John: 1-0: Fau.
Luttrell, Richard: 0-0: Fau.
Luttrell, Richard: 1-3: Fau.
Luttrell, Richard: 1-0: Fau.
Luttrell, Robert: 1-1: Fau.
Luttrell, Robert: 1-6: PrWm.
Luttrell, Simon: 1-5: PrWm.

First Census of The United States
Heads of Families- Virginia, 1782
(Genealogical Pub. Co. Inc.: gov. print)
Head of household: Pg: whites: blacks: county/or parish:
Lutterall, (Luttrell), Leroy: 38: 2: 3: St.Stephen's Parish of Abram Brackham.
Luttrel, Richard: 62: 6: 2: Pr.Anne Co.
Luttrell, James: 47: 5: 0: Amherst Co.
Luttrell, Leroy: 38: 0: 0
Luttrell, Richard: 38: 3: 0: St. Stephen's Parish List of Kenner Cralle, Northumberland Co.
Luttrell, Richard: 48: 6: 0: Amherst Co.
Luttrell, Moses: 38: 7: 0

Supplement to the 1810 Census of VA
(transcribed & edited by Netti Sehreiner-Yantis)
"Tax Lists of the counties for which the census is missing."
(pg. T-2) Head of household: #of free white tithables: #slaves over 12yrs old: #horses:
Litteral, Abigail: 1-0-2
Litteral, John: 1-0-0
Litteral, Samuel: 1-0-1

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