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Herndon Information Page

This page last updated: 08/13/2006
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(*From the book: "American Militia in the Frontier Wars 1790-1796" by Murite June Clark.)
Pay Roll of Cpt. Robert Mercer's Troops of Cavalry from Fredericksburg, VA. Under the Command of Major George Lewis, Commencing Sept. 24 and Ending Nov. 30, 1794 being 2 months and 2 days.
HERNDON, William rank Cornet Virginia Cavalry. (pg.180)

Muster Roll of Detachment of Militia Dragoons under the command of Capt. John Stokes, Fifth Reg. of Washington Co., stationed at the Oconee River in the Service of the United States from Feb. 1 to May 10, 1794. (pg211)

Virginia Wills Before 1799 by William Montgomery Clemens. (pg45)
HERNDON, David of Campbell Co., VA filed 9/3/1795; son Edmund Herndon, Dau. Frances Moorman, grandson David Moorman mentioned in will.

Virginia County Records, Virginia Colonial Militia 1651-1776 edited by: William Armstrong Crozier.
Spotsylvania Order Books
1730-1738 Richard Phillips, Gent., Lieutenant and Edward HERNDON Jr. Gent., Cornet, produced their commissions and took the oath, ect., as officers to a troop of horse under Capt. William Waller on 11/1/1737. (pg122)

Edward HERNDON, Jr. Gent., commissioned to be Lieutenant of a troop horse, commanded by Capt. Richard Tutt, took the oath on 3/5/1744. (pg123)

John HERNDON, Ensign of company under Capt. Miller commissioned dated 8/2/1755. (pg124)

Edward HERNDON, Jr. 2nd Lieutenant of Foot in Spotsylvania Co., commissioned dated 5/4/1756. (pg125)

John HERNDON commissioned to be Ensign of a company of Foot; took oath 4/5/1757.

A True Account of Land in King & Queen Co. as it was taken by Rob't Bird Sherriff in the year 1704.
James HERNDON of King & Queen Co. owned 100 acres. (pg.151)

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