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Carter County

Grindstaff Cemetery
Located off Hwy 91 north
Elizabethton, TN

Directions: From Elizabethton go to HWY 91-North (better known as Stoney Creek Road); Going approx. 8.7 miles on Hwy 91-N to Carter Community and you will go just past A.D. Fletcher's gas station and turn right at Grindstaff Hollow Road, then turn right immediately on Creekbank Road and follow along the creek less than 1/4 mile, turning left on Eggers Road, this is the first street on the left you will come to and follow that road up hill where it will split taking a right into the Grindstaff Cemetery.
All information was retrieved in person by Anita Johnson and completed 7/13/2000.

Beginning with ROW 1 going right to left::
Taylor, Lonnie Bryant b.11/13/1940 d.9/9/1941
Taylor, Robert "Bob" b.4/30/1899 d.6/28/1976
Taylor, Eva (wife of Robert) b.4/29/1904 d.8/31/1990
Taylor, Robert "Bobby" Lee b. 4/3/1944 d.11/17/1998
Taylor, unknown name (no dates)
ROW 2 right to left::
Grinstaff, unknown name (no dates)
Pierce, Jennie (Aunt) (no dates)
Pierce, Abert b.2/25/1862 d.2/8/1937
Pierce, Mary F. (wife of Abert) b.8/1/1873 d.5/7/1930
Coleman, Billie Ray b.6/7/1934 d.1/27/1935
Grindstaff, Alfred 1902-1960
Grindstaff, Etta (wife of Alfred) 1907-1995
Grindstaff, Unknown
Grindstaff, Unknown
Grindstaff, Unknown
Grindstaff, Unknown
Grindstaff, Unknown
Grindstaff, Unknown
Grindstaff, Unknown
ROW 3 right to left::
Taylor, Everette E. b.10/16/1886 d.2/9/1951
Taylor, Jane C. (wife of Everette) b.1/11/1894 d.9/28/1929
Taylor, Layton (son of Everette & Jane) b.9/12/1925 d.10/16/1928
Taylor, Edith "Edie" R. b.1/30/1918 d.7/7/1986
Eggers, Charles W. b.2/7/1921 d.7/10/1990 CPL U.S. Army World War II
Eggers, Ruah T. (wife of Charles W.) b.6/11/1926 d.7/6/1943
ROW 4 right to left::
Taylor, John A b.10/27/1889 d.1/4/1943
Taylor, Rosa Alice (wife of John A.) b.5/28/1891 d.10/17/1927
Taylor, Blanch (dau. of John & Rosa) b.9/10/1912 d.3/5/1931
Taylor, Louise "Tom" b.9/16/1924 d.8/30/1992
ROW 5 left to right::
Eggers, William Robert "Bob" b.2/5/1919 d.9/17/1984 PFC U.S. Army World War II
Eggers, Henrietta J. (wife of Wm Robert) b.3/7/1931 d.3/22/1991
Eggers, Edward S. b.12/15/1914 d.1/29/1993 U.S. Army World War II
Eggers, Dovie M. (wife of Edward S.) 1922-1995
Grindstaff, unknown (no dates)
Hardin, Troy Eward b.11/20/1933 d.2/4/1936
Grindstaff, Bessie (wife of A.T.) b.1/7/1907 d.5/13/1928
Grindstaff, unknown (no dates)
Grindstaff, Frank b.4/11/1900 d.12/28/1962
Grindstaff, unknown (no dates)
Grindstaff, Elbert C. 1895-1954
Grindstaff, Florence M. 1936 Grindstaff, Wilma J. 1933
Grindstaff, Vita M. 1925
Grindstaff, Nancy E. b.8/27/1871 d.4/10/1926
Grindstaff, Wiley K. b.5/30/1898 d.10/31/1953
ROW 6 right to left::
Lowe, Bernice b.2/21/1923 d.9/17/1924
McLaughlin, Geraldine Lowe 1/24/1934
Hamm, E. Ruth Lowe 2/7/1926
Eggers, Johnny E. b.12/14/1944 d.7/17/1983 U.S. Navy Vietnam
Eggers, Judy C. (wife of Johnny E.) b.1951
Eggers, Doran T. b.10/27/1922 d.9/20/1987
Eggers, Sonny L. 1950
Eggers, Bertha C. 1890-1961
Eggers, Jobe E. b.5/30/1888 d.10/30/1971
Eggers, Norvele Lane b.2/7/1917 d.3/22/1976 SGT U.S. Army World War II
Eggers, Amanda (wife of Norvele) b.3/20/1919
Eggers, Brendan Jake b.12/18/1998 d.12/20/1998
Cable, Dewey Clifford b.5/2/1917 d.4/6/1935
Cable, James L. b.10/26/1893 d.10/19/1973
Cable, Reta D. Grindstaff (wife of James Cable) b.8/8/1901 d.4/4/1976
Cable, Anna Mae 2/12/1919
ROW 7 left to right::
Taylor, Guy Lyde b.11/7/1908 d.2/21/1948
Oliver, Mary Ann b.4/4/1857 d.8/23/1934
McKinney, Bessie Lee b.10/17/1904 d.9/10/1981
Eggers, Travis 1971-1999
Stout, Dana R. b.10/21/1918 d.4/11/1992 (masonic symbol on stone) and served U.S. Army World War II
Stout, Eunice G. (wife of Dana R.) b.10/6/1922
Groce, Roberta C. (dau. of Robert & Lillie) b./d.10/14/1940
Elliott, Austin 1909-1939
Elliott, Anise (dau. of J.P. & Mary) b.6/9/1917 d.9/11/1923
Lewis, Landon T. b.4/12/1879 d.7/9/1966
Lewis, Nina b.2/9/1920 d.7/20/1923
Elliott, Lena Lewis Brooks b.9/16/1890 d.2/1/1991
ROW 8 right to left::
Grindstaff, Luther E. b.10/8/1932 d.2/4/1935
Grindstaff, Wilburn 1881-1956
Grindstaff, Alice E. (wife of Wilburn) 10/1895-8/1984
Sturm, Stanley K. 1907-1990
Sturm, Nettie B. (wife of Stanley K.) 1916-1994
Grindstaff, Lloyd I. b.9/30/1933 d.1/26/1999
ROW 9 left to right::
Oliver, Clara 1888-1977
Taylor, Millardo b.9/24/1889 d.1/15/1927
Campbell, Agnes Jane b.12/6/1918 d.5/10/1994
Campbell, Guy (husband of Agnes Jane) b.7/9/1909 d.4/16/1995
Bess, Alice (wife of A.J. Bess) d.10/10/1918 age 40
Thomas, G. b.9/21/1902 d.5/15/1929 CPL U.S. Quater Masters Corp
Culbert, Robert 1858-1921
Culbert, Nancy b.7/29/1865 d.4/17/1926
Collins, Mahala b.9/41874 d.4/1/1946
Culbert, Alice 1892-1959
ROW 10 right to left::
Culbert, Robert b.1875 (no death date)
Culbert, Mary (wife of Robert) 1888-1950
Collins, William C. b.5/11/1875 d.9/12/1964
Culbert, Unknown (no dates)
Huskins, Letah b.5/15/1907 d.3/6/1932
Culbert, J.N. b.3/26/1916 d.8/27/1934
Culbert, James 1856-1915
Grindstaff, Alice N. b.7/12/1892 d.4/11/1964
Grindstaff, Carl R. b.7/13/1922 d.2/22/1943 Virginia PVT Anti-Aircraft TNG BN
Grindstaff, D.K. b.4/5/1852 d.4/27/1932
Grindstaff, Jane b.9/20/1852 d.12/31/1937
Grindstaff, Billy Jack (son of Odell & Oma) b.10/9/1932 d.7/8/1933
Grindstaff, Virgie (dau of J.H & C.J.) b.10/20/1907 d.1/11/1908
Grindstaff, John b.11/20/1844 d.1/19/1915
Williamson, Ester Lottiel b.1/8/1884 d.2/28/1914
Grindstaff, Dan S. b.5/28/1889 d.8/8/1969
Grindstaff, R.D. "Rod" 1894-1968
Taylor, Eunice F. 1913-1948
ROW 11 left to right::
Lowe, Delmar b.9/13/1921 d.11/3/1923
Lowe, Helen b.1/22/1930 d.9/29/1933
Lowe, Kathrine b.1/30/1935 d.9/28/1937
Lowe, Donald b.6/18/1940 d.5/1/1941
Lowe, Ronnie b/d.3/24/1945
Lowe, Charles b.6/18/1898 d.10/18/1970
Lowe, Ima Jean Bales 6/6/1928
Lowe, Lula b.10/5/1902 d.2/23/1991
Grumley, Jane R. (wife of J.N. Anderson) b.6/22/1845 d.1/1/1921
Davidson, Mellie (wife of L.H. Anderson) b.11/17/1872 d.2/25/1913
Anderson, L.H. b.8/3/1866 d.3/18/1903
Grindstaff, Sarah b.9/18/1836 d.10/5/1905
Grindstaff, W.R. b.10/4/183 d.4/7/1905
Taylor, Unknown (no dates)
Taylor, Myrtle d.1985
Campbell, Frances A. b/d. 1970
Campbell, Noah 1904-1971
Campbell, Maggie b.8/27/1892 d.3/18/1984
Grindstaff, Myrtle F. 1926-1964
ROW 12 right to left::
Taylor, Elizabeth b.8/3/1881 d.4/2/1904
Taylor, Fred A. died 1 year old (no dates)
Roberts, Dellal (dau of E.M. & Jessie) b.2/25/1908 d.6/20/1908
Grindstaff, Nora A. Angel (dau of J & N.C.) b.10/14/1887 d.10/20/1915
Grindstaff, Eliza Maud (dau of JR & Elizabeth) b.5/16/1895 d.7/27/1897
Pierce, Lisa Marie b.9/20/1971 d.12/16/1971
Grindstaff, Mildred A. b.5/26/1935 d.10/6/1970
Grindstaff, Robert E. (husband of Mildred A.) b.10/13/1922
Grindstaff, Unknown Infant b/d.5/6/1923
Grindstaff, Floyd b.4/29/1921 d.7/14/1923
Grindstaff, Jennie M. b.12/14/1903 d.9/21/1968
ROW 13 left to right::
Taylor, Elizabeth b.11/11/1872 d.6/16/1906
Taylor, Jennie Lee (dau of J. & S.R.) d.5/1896
Grindstaff, Bertha Mae (dau of David M. & Nancy E.) b.9/28/1893 d.4/15/1900 16yrs 6 mo 18 days
Grindstaff, Susan M. (dau of David M. & Nancy E.) b.5/1/1907 d.7/30/1908
Grindstaff, David M. b.8/1/1870 d.5/11/1911
Grindstaff, George H. (son of William & Hayley) b.7/1/1876 d.4/3/1899
Colbaugh, Mary b.8/17/1861 d.10/20/1929
Grindstaff, John H. b.11/19/1855 d.6/11/1917
Grindstaff, Martha Myrtle b.6/20/1894 d.6/14/1898
Grindstaff, Sarah Catherine b.3/19/1886 d.9/4/1886
ROW 14 right to left::
Lewis, Sarah C. b.10/10/1873 d.715/1904
Lewis, Angeline b.3/15/1848 d.11/8/1907
Unknown name (stone broken in 1/2) b.9/2/1822 d.8/5/1904
Lowe, Lillie B. (wife of N.S) b.6/4/1881 d.12/19/1903
Housley, H.H. COL. (no dates: badly weathered stone)
Lewis, Delia C. b.5/6/1878 no death date
Love, C.W. b.52/1833 d.4/29/1886
ROW 15 left to right::
Elliott, D.J. (age unknown)
Culbert, Matilda 1815-1890
ROW 16 left to right::
Taylor, Clifford M. (son of E.E. & Jane) b.4/5/1912 d.7/10/1913
Taylor, J.C. b.9/6/1867 d.4/2/1904
Elliott, Mollie (wife of J.C. Taylor) b.7/30/1881 d.9/2/1903
Taylor, John W. 1826-1900 PVT CO. B TENN CAV
Taylor, Luvicy J. (wife of John W.) b.7/25/1828 d.1/17/1898
Taylor, Matilda b.1872 d.3/27/1896 (dau of John W. & Luvicy Jane)
Taylor, Jess H. b.3/1895 d.6/8/1895 (son of John W. & Luvicy Jane)
Pierce, Buford G. 1915-1931 (brother of Lydia C.)
Pierce, Lydia C. 1929-1930 (buried with same marker as brother Buford G.)
Pierce, Lilburn L. b.3/29/1861 d.10/28/1924
ROW 17 right to left::
Taylor, Michael b.7/1/1921 d.10/15/1929
Taylor, Michael (badly weathered old tomb stone) dates unreadable
Taylor, David J. b.5/24/1881 d.6/8/1881
Taylor, infant no name 1880
Taylor, William T. b.6/1/1853 d.7/23/1888
Taylor, J.J. b.9/1/1856 d.6/21/1915
Markland, D. Elwood 1906-1976
Markland, Mattie Belle (wife of D. Elwood) b.1913
Markland, Charlie Daniel b.9/15/1938 d.4/1/1985 SSGT U.S. Air Force Vietnam
Morgan, Catherine M. 1911-1947
Markland, D.W.1858-1927 (husband of Catherine)
Grindstaff, Unknown name 1869-1952
Davis, Eliza E. (dau of B.G. & M.A. Taylor) d.12/24/1880 d.5/11/1901
Taylor, M.A. (wife of B.G.) b.5/19/1856 d.3/7/1902
Nidiffer, Jennie (dau of B.G. & M.A. Taylor) b.6/10/1878 d.3/29/1904
Taylor Robert F. b.4/9/1888 d.3/9/1914 (husband of Tinkie)
ROW 18 left to right::
Elliott, Charlie O. b.10/2/1892 d.12/8/1961
Elliott, James P. b.3/11/1871 d.6/26/1951 Kentucky PVT 177 CO Coast Arty.
Elliott, Mary (wife of James P.) b.7/3/1888 d.11/17/1918
Colbaugh, Little Jennie b.4/25/1895 d.1/23/1897
Colbaugh, Margaret b.8/14/1865 d.6/14/1901
Markland, James Orville b.10/23/1892 d.7/2/1912
Colbaugh, Lorina (wife of T.N.) b.2/4/1847 d.8/9/1889
Markland, N.J. b.3/25/1884 d.1/20/1908
Markland, Joe b/d.1904
Markland, William C. b.6/24/1881 d.4/26/1903
Markland, Robert H.L. b.8/24/1901 d.2/15/1903
Unknown, (infant son) b.6/9/1895 d.6/10/1895
Markland, Bessie b.8/11/1887 d.11/18/1888
Markland, Jane b.6/16/1862 d.5/6/1888
Pleasant, S.M. (no dates) CO F 13th TENN CAV
Pleasant, S.J. (no dates) CO K TENN INF
ROW 19 right to left::
(*The following list of Hodge are all listed on the same tomb stone.)
Hodge, John M. 1850-1899
Hodge, Nancy R. 1861-1899
Hodge, Jessie P.B. 1882-1898
Hodge, Mahala C. 18986-1896
Hodge, Willie D. 1898-1898
Lowe, Cora b.4/16/1890 d.8/6/1923
Lowe, Harry b.9/9/1901 d.7/1925
Grindstaff, Michael b.4/7/1836 d.12/27/1905
Stout, Hilah (wife of Michael Grindstaff) d.11/27/1917
Lewis, Judith E. b.6/22/1853 d.3/12/1936
Lewis, James M. b.9/17/1855 d.6/7/1923
ROW 20 left to right::
Lowe, Keith A. d.1959
Lowe, Cora 1919-1923
Lowe, Martha 1891-1923
Lowe, Steve J. b.8/5/1887 d.3/31/1977
Lowe, Belle J. (wife of Steve J.) b.3/2/1908 d.5/5/1986
Lowe, Clayton 1913-1927
Lowe, Carl L. b.5/22/1916 d.11/10/1990 PVT U.S. Army World War II
Lowe, Steve Junior b.10/2/1932 d.2/9/1999
Lowe, Virginia Aileen (wife of Steven) no dates
Lowe, Nelson D. b.4/19/1873 d.8/16/1875
Lowe, John A. b.3/21/1839 d.5/20/1878
Lowe, Martha b.6/7/1840 d.11/30/1915
Lowe, Mollie
Lowe, W.H. b.6/13/1875 d.3/12/1924
Lowe, Elva 1873-1955
ROW 21 right to left::
Stout, Ina 1907-1987
Lowe, George J. (no dates) CO F 13th TENN CAV
Lowe, Jane 1847-1919
Rains, Eliza L. b.5/18/1901 d.8/3/1988
Rains, Eliza L. 1863-1932
Rains, Charles I. b.9/25/1907 d.11/2/1981
Rains, Jennieve (wife of Charles I.) b.3/19/1911
ROW 22 left to right::
White, Dudley Thomas b.4/27/1907 d.4/10/1975 PVT U.S. Army World War I
White, J. Lowery 1880-1936
White, Ella R. (wife of J.Lowery White) 1879-1989
White, A.T. 1890-1933
White, Verda J. (wife of D.K. Elliott) b.9/9/1878 d.2/5/1925
Unknown (marker initials D.S.) No dates
White, Frances V. (wife of Thomas) b.6/22/1880 d.10/5/1917
Pierce, Mollie (wife of Richard) b.3/20/1883 d.5/23/1908
Rains, James H. 1862-1918
Rains, Lillian L. 1903-1925
Rains, Bertha P. 1893-1925
Rains, G.B. b.9/17/1876 d.5/5/106
Rains, J.P. b.1/18/1828 d.11/15/1905
ROW 23 right to left::
Rains, John b.4/1755 d.11/1848 PVT Continental Line REV WAR
Grindstaff, Rev. M. b.12/8/1805 d.5/15/1875
Grindstaff, Jane (wife of Rev. M.) 1809-1879
ROW 24 left to right::
Hardin, "Little Jim" (son of Hardin) b.9/26/1898 d.10/28/1898
Grindstaff, C.A. (dau of R.C. & M.A. Taylor) b.6/29/1875 d.5/26/1899
ROW 25 left to right::
White, Lewis M. (son of Alex & Julia) b.11/23/1895 d.5/8/1915
Pierce, Lewis (son of J.L. & Sallie) b.10/14/1906 d.10/28/1906
White, May B. (dau of A.W. & J. White) b.12/20/1900 d. 2/1903
Lewis, James (son of Murry & Eveline) b.9/17/1882 d.8/9/1884
ROW 26 left to right (*note this row is a combination of the remaining tombstones which are scattered) ::
Grindstaff, Robert d.11/10/1986 CPL U.S. Army World War II
Grindstaff, Lois Geraldine (wife of Robert married 6/271942) b.6/4/1921 d.10/31/1981
Grindstaff, Jennie Rasar b.9/12/1882 d.5/1/1981
Grindstaff, Dan W. 1885-1971
Grindstaff, Paul Jr. (son of Paul & Frances) b/d.4/27/1938
Hyder, James H. b.7/24/1920 d.4/12/1984 PFC U.S. Army World War II
Hyder, Claude D. b.1/25/1902 d.4/10/1927
Hyder, Blanche (wife of Claude D.) b.1/25/1904 d.1/13/1984
Estep, Dan H. b.6/1/1922 d.12/7/1995 SGT U.S. Army World War II
Grindstaff, Margret White 1898-1968
Peters, Daniel S. 1863-1947
Grindstaff, Jas. B. b.1/2/1862 d.1/22/1932
Grindstaff, Elizabeth Markland (wife of Jas. B.) b.1/4/1865 d.1/24/1940
Grindstaff, Noah L. b.7/17/q884 d.6/7/1976
Grindstaff, Golda L. b.12/23/1900 d.6/11/1999
Grindstaff, Billy 1924-1936 (buried with same marker as sister Grace)
Grindstaff, Grace (sister of Billy) 1931-1934
Taylor, Andy R. 1883-1944
Taylor, Sarah G. (wife of Andy) 1893-1950
------END OF READING---------------