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This page last updated: 5/5/1999
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From the book: English Duplicates of Lost Virginia Records compiled by Louis des Cognets Jr.

DIGGES, Dudley Justice of the Peace for Henrico Co., VA The Present state of VA 1729. (pg46)

Lists of Patents Signed in April General Court 1706
New Kent Co., VA granted to Dudley DIGGES 1900 acres. (pg79)

A Rent Roll of all Land in York Co., VA in 1704.
DIGGES, Dudley 1350 acres. (pg179)

A true and perfect rent roll of the Land in Elizabeth City County for the year 1704.
Coll. Dudley DIGGS 216 acres. (pg182)

A true and perfect rent roll of the land that is held in Warwich Co. 1704.
Coll. Dudley DIGGS 4625 acres. (pg185)

The Names of Persons as Commanded to Supply Vacancyes in the Counsil the 22 July 1693.
Dudley DIGGES (pg240).

The names of the persons to supply vacanys in the councill 20 April, 1696.
Dudley DIGGS (pg241).

Names of persons to supply vacancies in the council 10 April, 1697.
Dudley DIGGS (pg243).

A list of the names of those Worthy Persons whose services and sufferings by the late Rebell Nataniel Bacon Jr. and his party have been reported to us most Signal and eminent during the late unhappy troubles in Virginia, ect. (pg236) Captain William DIGGS, son to Mr. Edward DIGGS desceased, fought Hansford, one of the chief rebels.

Gloucester Rent Rolls
Kingston Parish
DIGGS, John 1200 acres (pg144).

Virginia Records, Virginia Colonial Militia 1651-17776 edited by: William Armstrong Crozier.

Militia Officers in Virginia 1680
Col. Matthew KEMP Gloucester Co. horse troops. (pg104)

Virginia Militia 1699
Lt. Col. Matthew KEMP Middlesex Co.

Early Virginia Immigrants 1623-1666 by George Cabell Greer.
(*1st=name of immigrant, yr, then name of party who brought them over and where taken to in US.)
DIGGS, Richard 1645 by Wm Cock Elizabeth City County. (pg95)
KEMPE, Kath. 1553 by Christopher Boyce, Northumberland Co. (pg191)
KEMPE, George, and Mary his wife 1653 by Wm Langley, Lower Norfolk Co. (pg191)
KEMPE, Wm 1635 by Capt. Adam Thoroughgood, -- Co.

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