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Carter County

Ritche Cemetery
Located off Hwy 91 north
Elizabethton, TN 37643

Directions: Go approx. 7 miles on Hwy 91 north from Elizabethton. Turn left at road next to A-Z Printing Shop. You can see cemetery from road.
Information was retrieved in person by Anita Johnson.
b=born d=death

Enclosed section:
RITCHIE, Infant son of J.R. & Laura b./d.4/14/1936.
RITCHIE, Horace & Ruby infant sons of W.B. & Bessie b./d.July 1914.
RITCHIE, William B. 1871-1936; wife= Bessie D. 1879-1916.
RITCHIE, Edith b.2/2/1904 d.7/13/1924; wife of Dan PIERCE.
UNKNOWN, "Mother" (no dates).

RITCHIE, Jas. P. 1842-1920; Company F 13th Tenn. Vol. Cav.; wife= Mary A. BUCKLES 1846-1926.
RENFRO, Stacy b.1/30/1869 d.3/8/1928; husband= W.C. RENFRO b.5/24/1859 (no death date).
RENFRO, Etta W. b.9/8/1889 d.8/3/1952

RITCHIE, Wiley C. 1875-1957
RITCHIE, Paul Edward b.8/18/1931 d.12/17/1992, CPL U.S. Army Korea; wife= Lu Anne b.3/27/1934 d.1/9/1994.

HALL, Samuel E. b.6/29/1903 d.4/25/1970; wife= Elma E. b.11/2/1903 d.6/6/1995.
SUTPHIN, William John b.4/7/1933 d.4/1/1994, SSGT U.S. AirForce Korea; wife= Helen K. HALL b.10/30/1928.
SUTPHIN, Jonathan Eugene b.11/24/1963 d.6/14/1998, Class of 1982 Unaka High School.

(Starting outside enclosure)
NEECE, Brennan McCloud b./d.1/12/1997
NEECE, Eliza RITCHIE b.6/1/1892 d.2/25/1984
RITCHIE, Rebecca b.6/20/1858 d.3/13/1947.
RITCHIE, W.C. b.5/24/1857 d.2/22/1923
RITCHIE, Cordia E. b.12/12/1895 d.4/30/1996; husband= Andrew R. b.7/31/1889 d.1/21/1970, Tennessee PVT 51 Guard Co ASC WWI.
EGLI, Howard b.10/3/1908 d.4/11/1975; wife= Roberta b.3/13/1912 d.10/6/1957.
EGLI, Samuel Chester b.9/27/1876 d.5/30/1921, Company B PA INF Spanish American War; wife= Matilda R. 1879-1965.
RITCHIE, Alvin P. 1886-1973; wife= Lucreta A. 1887-1969.
McNEAL, Lucille (Tootie) b.6/19/1926 d.3/9/1969.

TAYLOR, Julia C. b.3/29/1880 d.11/19/1904.
TAYLOR, Thomas J. 1875-1956.
TAYLOR, Elizabeth wife of L.D., b.11/26/1848 d.1/25/1902.
TAYLOR, Michael b.1/28/1873 d.5/18/1916
TAYLOR, Mahala F. 1882-1973.
TAYLOR, Lula 1914-1915.
TAYLOR, Oscar J. 1906-1987.
ENSOR, Danna Beryl dau. of D.B. & Sallie d.8/6/1912. 1 yr, 5 mo., 16 days.
LEWIS, Sallie May wife of W.J. COLE b.2/14/1886 d.6/18/1921.

LEWIS, Jas. F. b.8/25/1833 d.5/21/1913, Company F 13th Tenn. Cav. War-1861-1865; wife= Mayra E. b.1/16/1844 d.11/14/1931.
HINKLE, Julia wife of E.W. and dau. of J.F.M. & MA LEWIS, b.2/9/1889 d.5/1/1906.
HAMON, Hurbert H. son of Bruce HAMON b.4/7/1911 d.9/15/1914.
HINKLE, Anderson b.11/12/1896 d.5/18/1914.
HINKLE, Taylor b.10/23/1886 d.1/27/1912.

RITCHIE, Marion son of D.G. & M.J. b.12/2/1872 d.12/27/1872.
RITCHIE, Levica wife of T.J. b.1/22/1872 d.6/24/1898.
RITCHIE, Henry C. son of T.J. & L. b.8/1/1887 d.12/23/1888.
RITCHIE, Marvin R. son of R.T. & R.C. b.5/16/1897 d.6/10/1900.
RITCHIE, Chester b.3/2/1883 d.6/17/1901.
RITCHEY, David C. b.3/8/1839 d.5/21/1908.
CREED, Maria Jane wife of David C. RITCHIE b.9/29/1845 d.5/6/1919. ,br> RITCHIE, Laura wife of H.T. LOUDY b.10/25/1887 d.7/13/1911.
FAIR, Rebecca b.11/3/1863 d.7/7/1922.
HYDER, Eliza RITCHIE b.4/28/1864 d.8/6/1933.
RITCHIE, W.L. 1869-1945; wife= Jennie 1875-1972.
RITCHIE, Pearl G. b.11/11/1897 d.8/23/1966.
RITCHIE, Chester A. b.8/17/1905 d.12/26/1971.
RITCHIE, Minerva M. b.9/18/1899 d.10/19/1987.

BOWERS, David S. 1850-1936; wife= Jennie P. 1854-1928.
WHITE, Mary b.3/28/1850 d.12/8/1930.
WHITE, Charles b.11/17/1897 d.7/27/1976; wife= Blance b.12/23/1900 d.11/10/1985.
WHITE, Lenore b.1/6/1924 d.7/20/1924.
BLEVINS, Jno. Company F 13th Tenn. Cav. (no dates).

OAKS, Eric S. b./d.1973.
RITCHIE, Shona D. 1940-1988; wife= Faye B. b.1938.
RITCHIE, A.P. Company F 13th Tenn. Cav. (no dates).
BLEVINS, John H. b.12/24/1838 d.3/5/1879, Company F 13th Tenn. Cav.
RITCHIE, no name b.10/9/1877 d.5/28/1881.
RITCHIE, Lester Harold son of A.S. & Sarah b.1/2/1908 d.6/8/1909.
RITCHIE, Wm C. b.10/6/1872 d.9/6/1090.
RITCHIE, Elbert M. b.2/25/1852 d.2/28/1915.
RITCHIE, Josephine C. b.2/19/1856 d.2/9/1938.
RASAR, Pearl dau. of J.N. & Lottie b.6/30/1897 d.1/23/1908.
RITCHIE, C.N. b.4/14/1854 d.4/24/1931.
RITCHIE, Martisha C. b.3/18/1855 d.1/30/1942.
RITCHIE, Lottie RASAR b.5/11/1877 d.7/31/1961.
RASOR, C. Snyder b.1/17/1899 d.5/11/1956.
PETERS, Cindy Mae 1959-1960.
TAYLOR, Elizabeth b.2/3/1857 d.4/29/1927.

HAMILTON, Pearl ANDERSON b.7/13/1893 d.7/31/1946.
COLE, Lonnie dau. of J.S. & Pearl b.12/19/1913 d.11/20/1921.
COLE, REV. J.J. 1842-1922; wife= Maggie H. 1856-1918.
DAVIS, Lillie wife of R.B. b.9/17/1885 d.2/11/1904.
TAYLOR, Delia wife of Allen b.6/20/1860 d.6/20/1913.
TAYLOR, L.B. b.2/22/1855 d.12/23/1933.
TAYLOR, Lottie 1894-1982; husband= Sam B. 1888-1965.
WALSH, Mildred L. b.11/20/1925 d.8/20/1978- mother of Particia and Lewis.

BLEVINS, Ruben b.2/15/1830 d.8/15/1899, Company F 13th Tenn. Cav.
WHITE, Bertha dau. of J.L. & Alice b.7/9/1891 d.4/28/1922.
WHITE, Cora b.7/17/1904 d.6/22/1905.
BLEVINS, Masrl 1874-1926.
WHITE, James L. b.1/19/1867 d.12/18/1933; wife= Alice b.5/1/1870 d.5/17/1927.
WHITE, Daniel S. b.11/5/1888 d.3/13/1929.
BRANCH, Nath b.6/20/1883 d.7/20/1910.
WHITE, Nelle Danna b.10/3/1920 d.10/24/1929.
HENSLE, Norma Faye (dates unreadable)
BLEVINS, Raymond Gordon b.12/31/1940 d.7/12/1941.
HARPER, Vernon David b.9/10/1935 d.6/28/1943.
HARPER, Homer H. b.3/28/1884 d.6/6/1946.
PIERCE, Argina b.12/5/2850 d.3/18/1926.

CULBERT, Joseph C. b.5/4/1873 d.2/23/1931; wife= Mary E. b.11/5/1874 d.1/1/1913.
NIDIFFER, Jane b.9/10/1843 d.11/19/1928.
DUGGER, George b.3/15/1867 d.11/3/1920.
DUGGER, Mary E. b.10/30/1900 d.4/30/1914.
BUCKLES, A.D. 1853-1902; wife= Catherine NIDIFFER 1856-1921.

ROW 10
NIDIFFER, Alice 1906-1911.
ESTEP, Alice WOOD mother of Elsie E. Carden (no dates).
NIDIFFER, William Allen b.2/18/1876 d.11/11/1905.
NIDIFFER, George W. b.5/17/1847 d.7/8/1908; wife= Elizabeth TAYLOR b.8/24/1848 d.1/1/1903.
NIDIFFER, E.W. b.11/15/1844 d.12/13/1897.
NIDIFFER, Sam b.1/16/1851 d.8/30/1928; wife= Maggie COLE b.2/11/1862.
LEWIS, Bessie b.12/3/1882 d.5/1/1900.
LEWIS, A. b.7/3/1805 d.11/1879.
LEWIS, Stephen B. b.10/24/1798 d.12/3/1899.

ROW 11
WHITE, Franklin (no dates) Company L 13th Tenn. Cav.
WHITE, Mar. wife of F.M. b.11/15/1856 d.1/8/1906.
WHITE, R.L. (no dates) Company F 13th Tenn. Cav.
WHITE, Lillie b.2/14/1900 d.5/27/1901.
FERGUSON, Benjamin B. b.11/14/1832 d.4/7/1905.
LEWIS, Margaret Ellen 1874-1903.
LEWIS, Wm. H. b.11/26/1867 d.6/3/1919.
LEWIS, Orville E. b.2/19/1896 d.7/20/1918 CAPT. U.S. Army WWI.
LEWIS, Mildred (no dates) mother of Capt. Orville Lewis.
NIDIFFER, James C. b.3/24/1851; wife= Martha A. b.7/2/1850 d.3/14/1932.
NIDIFFER, Tom 1974-1957; wife= Rosa 1879-1975.

ROW 12
HYDER, Cecil R. 1892-1979; wife= Amanda 1890-1935.
NIDIFFER, Robert b.4/7/1858;wife= Lizzie GARLAND b.2/25/1864 d.5/14/1932.
HARRELL, Sam 1869-1948; wife= Evaline STREET 1870-1934.
WILLIAMS, Ralph E. 8/21/1939.
WILLIAMS, Dill b.7/22/1802 d.7/5/1927.
Jemleues?, two infant of A. & W.J. Jemleues? b.7/22/1902 d.4/21/1905.
JENKINS, W.D. b.8/18/1826 d.5/16/1887 CAPT Company C 13th Tenn. Cav.
JENKINS, Matilda b.7/10/1831 d.12/11/1907.

ROW 13
BOWERS, Lucretia INSOR wife of Landon b.9/12/1832 d.6/3/1905.
BOWERS, Beckie died 18yrs (no dates).
BOWERS, Beatrice wife of T.A. ELLIS b.9/24/1888 d.6/24/1911.
SHANKLE, Florence b.7/15/1907 d.11/20/1997.
SHANKLE, Donald E. b.1/28/1930 d.6/19/1990.
SHANKLE, Ralph 12/1927-12/1931.
NIDIFFER, Nick b.9/27/1898 d.11/14/1976; wife= Minnie b.5/28/1902 d.9/25/1972.
NIDIFFER, Infant of Nick & Minnie 1926.
GRINDSTAFF, Bernice Irene 1922-1924.
GRINDSTAFF, Vaught b.1/22/1900 d.12/5/1980; wife= Lina b.12/6/1901 d.4/19/1980.
GRINDSTAFF, Hilley Herman b.1/22/1893 d.9/18/1987 PVT U.S. Army WWI; wife= Fina STOUT b.12/9/1897 d.12/29/1986.
GRINDSTAFF, Jacob D. b.9/6/1866 d.3/3/1932; wife= Lizzie WILSON b.9/17/1870 d.9/12/1922.

ROW 14
(This is a combined last row because of the amount of scattered tombstones.)
ALFORD, N.B. 1872-1937.
ALFORD, Myrle 1890-1983 age 92.
UNKNOWN, Patsy 9/27/1974.
ALFORD, James A. 1848-1923; wife= Pheobe C. 1851-1926.
ALFORD, George 1874-1892.
ALFORD, Blonnie B. 1/9/1910 d.5/20/1998 88 yrs.
ALFORD, John H. b.12/27/1876 d.2/10/1960 Tennessee PVT Company B 2nd Reg. Infantry; wife= Dora B. b.12/7/1881 d.12/22/1917.
ALFROD, George W. b.12/3/1901 d.12/24/1917.
HARDIN, Hobert O. b.1912; wife= Sallie M. 1908-1958.
TAYLOR, William C. b.5/5/1878 d.11/22/1936; wife= Eva b.7/4/1888 d.3/2/1972.
BOWLES, R.L. b.7/20/1869 d.9/5/1937.
ELLIOT, Robert b.8/21/1918 d.9/24/1985; wife= Margaret b.12/23/1925.
ELLIOTT, Mack b.9/28/1896 d.1/5/1931; wife= Nora b.2/28/1899 d.4/1/1978.
ELLIOTT, Eva b.7/9/1918 d.8/14/1919.
ELLIOTT, James P. b.10/29/1848 d.10/26/1934.
ELLIOTT, Jennie B. 1857-1944.
REED, Elliott S. (no dates) Company A 23rd Mass. Infantry.
ELLIOTT, Mark 1893-1949.