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The following information was given to me by and soley credited to Billie Harris, and may NOT be reproduced without proper consent!
Many thanks to her for all her help and dedication to Lewallen family research. Sincerely, Anita

Following is information which I have on Anderson:

1860 Wayne Co., Ky. Census, Town of Monticello 7 July 1860:

Dwelling 601 - Anderson Lewallen, age 22, male, born Tenn. Farm Laborer. Sarah Lewallen, 26 years, female, born Tenn. Columbus Lewallen, age 2, male, born Tenn.

Dwelling 602 - John Lewallen, age 48, male, born Tenn.; farmer. Delila Lewallen, age 44, female, born Tenn. Campbell, age 20, male, born Tenn.; Andrew age 17, male, Born Tenn.; Nancy age 14 female born Tenn.; Columbus age 12 Male, born Tenn.; Eliza Ann age 11, female, born Tenn.; Lucinda Age 10, female, born Tenn. William age 7 male born Tenn.

Dwelling 603 - Andrew Lewallen, age 66 male, born N.C., farmer; Malindaage 29 female born Tenn.; William Slavin age 17 male Born Ky.; Rebecca Lewallen age 58 female born Tenn.; Marlin Lewallen Age 22 male born Tenn.

Dwelling 605 - Walter D. Lewallen, age 29, male born Tenn.; Annie age 28 Female born Tenn.; Andrew R. age 11 male born Tenn.; Nancy M. Female age 9 born Tenn.; Mary Ann age 7 female Tenn.; John G Age 6 male born Ky.k Samuel age 2 born Ky, Rheda E. 2/12 female Born Ky.

Genealogy (submitted by Dora Lewellen Pile)
Joseph Lewellen had children:
John, born Dec. 20, 1788
Christina Lewellen, born June 1792
Rhoda B. Lewellen, born 1797
William Lewellen, born 1800
Moses Lewellen, born Nov. 9, 1794. Died Jan. 2, 1887. Buried in the Lewellen Cemetery in Jennings County, Ind. Moved from Wake County, No. Car. To Jennings Co., Ind. Married Matilda Oliver in Wake County. He had children Thomas Jefferson Lewellen and Hastings Lewellen. One of Hastings' children was Anderson Lewellen.
Emmaline Lewellen, married William Herring.
Permalie Lewellen, died unmarried.
Charles Manuel Lewellen, married (1) Sally Sextine and (2) Louise Goter.
Alfred Lewellen, died at age 23 years.
Mary Lewellen, married (1) Milton Carneal (2) Peter Costello.
Harry Saul Lewellen married (1) Elizabeth Baird and (2) Florence Viola Rudicel>
If you need more on this family, let me know.

Surry County. North Carolina 1800 census shows:
Anderson Lewellin, Jesse Lewellin and Francis Lewellen, all under 45 years Of age.
Alexander Llewellyn had a son by the name of Anderson Llewellyn, born about 1764. Anderson married Lucy Rice on June 8, 1794 in Prince Edward County, Virginia. Anderson's children were:

1. John Lewellen, the first sheriff of Scott County, Tennessee. He was born Feb. 12, 1812 in Scott county, Tenn. And died Nov. 16, 1896 in Shep Community, Taylor County, Texas.

2. Joel Lewellen, born 1800 North Carolina. Married Rachel ? who was also born in North Carolina. They lived in Scott County, Tenn.

3. William L. Lewellen, born Aug. 2, 1809, North Carolina. Married Nancy Wallace, born Tenn. From "History of Knox Co., Tenn", his father, Anderson, brought him to Morgan County when he was 2 years old. One of his sons was named Anderson, born 1834.

4. Andrew L. Lewallen, born Oct. 7, 1795. Died Nov. 30, 1873 Scott Co., Tenn. Married Malinda Davis. The foregoing genealogy was supplied by Everett Hoebbel, Walter Depew Lewallen, John Granville Lewallen, one of Calvin Kingsley Lewallen's children, Roy Floyd Lewellen, and Faye Lee Lewellen Coleman.

If you want more genealogical information on this family, please let me know. This is only a portion of what I have.
John Lewallen, born South Carolina 1811 married (1) ? and (2) Mary, born Ark. 1827. He had children Moses Alexander, Lewallen (born 10/30/1834 Tenn and died near Temple, Tex.;), James Lewallen, William Lewallen, John Lewallen, Henry Lewallen, Jacob Lewallen, and George Lewallen.
All were born in Tennessee except George who was born in Arkansas in 1848. Moses Alexander Lewallen had a son Anderson C. Lewallen, born January 21, 1887, Temple Texas and died 1947 in Smiley, Texas. He married Florence Mary Bell Joiner on August 30, 1908. For a more complete genealogy, please let me know.

Morgan County, Tennessee 1850 census shows:
Household #364 - Lewallen, William, 41, Tenn.; Nancy 40, Tenn.; Anderson 16, John 14, Rebecca 12, Charles 5, William R. 3, Smith 1.

Scott County, Tennessee, 1850 census shows:
Household 95 - Leuallen, John, 38, farmer born Te.., Delila 38 born Tenn., Isaac 16 born Tenn., Anderson 14 born Tenn., Elizabeth 13 born Tenn., C.C. 10 female born Tenn., Andrew 8 born Tenn., Nancy 5, Louisa 1, Collumbia 3, Lucinda 6/12. Living next door in household 94 was Andrew Leuallen 21 farmer, Elizabeth 20 born Tenn, Euel 2 born Tenn and Redin 11/12 male born Tenn.

Bell County, Texas, 1880 Census shows: Isaac Lewallen 45, farmer, born Tenn., father born Va mother born Ten. Wife Nancy age 44 years born Tenn, father and mother born Tenn. Children: Ardena (or Arlena), 21 born Ky, Anderson 14 born Ark., William H. 12 born Tex, columbus 10 years born Tex., Minnie E., 7 years born Tex., Mattie R 4 years born Tex, Hery (or Henry) 2 born Tex.

Deed Book 7: 1783-1788, page 249 shows (this was a deed book from Virginia, but I didn't record which county, but I presume Prince Edward county: 29 April 1786 Abraham Forrest of Amelia County sells to Anderson Lewelling for 36 L a track of land in Prince Edward County containing 72 acres. Witnesses were John Smith, Richard Lewelling and Jesse Lewelling.

Marriage Bonds 1754-1810 by Knorr (Virginia), page 48 shows: Anderson Llewelling and Lucy Rice June 8, 1784 Prince Edward County, Virginia 1780 census shows:
Anderson Lewelling, Dan Lewelling (1785), Jesse Lewelling (1785) and william Lewelling (1785).

1785 Heads of Families - Virginia shows in Prince Edward County:
Jesse Lewelling, Anderson Lewelling, William Lewelling, Daniel Lewelling

1840 Virginia Census Index shows: Anderson Lewallen, Sally Lewallen, Zaddock Lewallen, Isaac Lewallen, Edmund Lewelin, J. Lewellen, Sarah Lewellen, Abel Lewellen, Asa Lewellin, Doctor Lewellin, Mary Lewellin, Sarah Lewellin, L. Lewellin, William Lewellin, John Lewelling, William Lewellyn, Richard Lewellyn

1850 Virginia Census shows:
Lewallen - Anderson A., John.
Lewallin - Sally. Lewellen, Asa, Cartin, Charles, J. Richard, Margaret, Mary, Sarah, William.
Lewellers, - Eliza. Lewellin, Asa, Benjamin, Jacob, Jesse, Jesse, John, Thomas, William.
Lewelling - Abel, George, John, Wiliam H.
Lewellyn - Abel S., Thomas
I have a genealogy prepared by Mrs. Barbara M. Hunt showing the sons of Daniel Llewellyn, "the first Llewellin (one spelling) to be on record in America" and who patented land in Charles City County, Va. In 1653 as: Richard, Jesse, and Charles. Grandsons of Daniel were: Thomas, Anderson (brother of Thomas), Moses and John. If you need more information on this particular genealogy, let me know.

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