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Mathew Battle

Mathew Battle was born in the early 1600's in England. He is the son of William Battell and Margaret Dukes. Mathew had two brothers: Richard, who married Katherine Cossins on November 17,1637, and John, who married Mary Rame on July 30, 1638. Mathew's brother John and John's second wife, Elizabeth, immigrated to America in 1654. Mathew Battle immigrated to James City, Virginia from England in 1647, he is the first in our line to come to America. His passage was paid for by William Egberows of the James City Company. Mathew is listed on Filby's ship passenger list. More than likely, Mathew was an indentured servant that worked off his passage to America, since his first legal transaction did not take place until March 21, 1653. On this day Mathew bought land in Surry County, Virginia. Mathew was a cooper by trade. On November 5, 1662, Mathew was one of sixteen jurors on the Coroner's Jury investigation into William Billingsley's death. Mathew was married to Anne ?, there is not any information as of yet on her. Mathew Battle and Anne ? had three sons: John Battle, Thomas Battle, and William Battle.