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Battle Pride

The Battle name is an honorable name with a wonderful heritage. It is a name to be proud of and to be carried with pride. I am a direct descendant of Mathew Battle, if anything looks familiar or you are looking for information, please contact me. I have quite a bit of information and would love to share it with you.
The Earliest

September 1066 Walter DeBotteville DeBetuile Walter DeBetuile sailed across the English Channel in heavy winds with William the Conqurer, landed in Prevense near Hastings, preparing for the conquest of England. Walter was from a prominent family in Normandy. Their family residence was at Bouteville in Canton of Sainte Mere Englise, Arrodisement de Valognes. Members of the family were benefactors of the Abbey St. Sauveur. The family held a fiefdom and Walter was supposedly a knight under William the Conqurer(William I).

Early morning October 14, 1066 Among the warriors who answered the role call for battle against King Harold II was: Walter DeBetuile.

Senlac Hill near Hastings, England October 14, 1066 The battle between King Harold II, the King of England and William the Conqurer began at 9:00 am and lasted until 6:00 pm. Harold II was killed in battle and William was the victor. Many of the men who fought with William were rewarded with lands and titles in England.

This is where the family lines start to branch of into many different directions. I'll go from Mathew Battle directly down to me.

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My direct Battle line from Mathew Battle to me:

Mathew Battle m. Anne ?
John Battle I m. Margaret Sowersby
John Battle II m. Mary Warden
Thomas Battle m. Mary Capell
Thomas Battle m. Ann Williams
Benjamin Williams Battle m1) Sarah Greer m2) Beersheba ?
Henry Battle m1) Martha Dunlap m2) Eleanor (Eley) Moore
John W. Battle m. Mary Elizabeth (Mollie) Evans
Clyde Elder Battle m1) Opal Garrett m2) Ollie Mae Woods
Clyde Michael Battle m1) Tonyea Evelyn Adams m2) Dora Fabela
Tina Rene' Battle m. Khalid Salem Saleem Al-Ahmadi Al-Harbi