Eric's Back to the Future & DeLorean Page
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Eric's Back to the Future & DeLorean Page

This is your DESTINY!!! 

Hello! Welcome to my home page. This is my tribute to the greatest movie of of all time(past, present, or future) Back to the Future and the greatest car of all time(that sometimes traveled through time) DeLoreans. 

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My name is Eric Plunk. I'm 15 yrs. old, 6'4", and in the 10th grade. The very first movie I saw in theaters was Back to the Future II. I've been a BTTF fan ever since I can remember, which is about 4yrs. old, the first time I saw BTTF. My hobbies include playing basketball, watching Back to the Future as much as possible, defeating my Nintendo 64 games as quickly as possible, and hanging out with my friends and going to the movies with them and my date. I am currently on a Back to the Future and a DeLorean mailing list. My main goal in life is to own a DeLorean.When I get one I'll cruise around for dates and hit people in the head with the gullwing doors. Who knows? Maybe I'll become the worlds first time traveller! I got to experience Back to the Future the Ride!!! A description of it was given to me by a guy named Bryan. His link is on my links page. This page will get better so please keep visiting it and spread the word about my page. Well, good luck in the future and hope to see you again.

MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT!!! My mom has cancelled our internet account since about January. I'm updating from a friend's PC. I may be on the net again soon!!!! Threre's so much I need to tell everyone!!! I just got back from the Institute of Future Technology at Universal Studios Florida where I rode Back to the Future the Ride. I also picked up some cool BTTF merchandise!!! The OUTATIME liscence plate, a Hill Valley High class ring, and a key chain. Watch for more updates!!!!


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