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Tired of the high prices of replica & prop sabers?

Want one you can afford & actually fight with?

LÃZERSÃBERS© is proud to present our line of Saber props.

These Sabers are hand-crafted and unique!
Made to hold a prop blade (pvc or dowel rod 1"x48"not included) these sabers would be a great addition to any filmmakers' arsenal, or just a lovely piece to display.
They are constructed out of home improvement parts, built very durable and are intended for use in staged combat for making fan films and for the all around fun of futuristic sword fighting. They are hand made and do take a few days to produce. (There are no electronic parts to these sabers) FREE Priority Shipping On All Sabers Withinh The US. ONLY!

Choose the style you like email:
as to which style you are interested in & make payment by money order, postal money order or through pay-pal. Once we receive your payment, your saber will then be constructed & shipped to you within 5 days. You will also be notified of when your order was shipped as well as given a confirmation number to check the order status.

If mailing payment, email for info.

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LÃZERSÃBERS© Lightsaber "How To" Build Guide

What fan hasn't wished that they could make their own lightsaber? Constructing a custom lightsaber after all, is the ultimate trial of a Jedi Apprentice & a true satisfaction to build one's own weapon. So build a lightsaber & choose your role in the epic battle of Good Vs. Evil!

"50 Page" guide contains instructions, lots of photos, tools list & parts list for building your own custom lightsaber prop. This is a “How to Guide” on the construction of a custom single or double blade lightsaber. Included with the kit is a handle stencil for making the saber style like the ones pictured below & a blank stencil to create your own design. As cool as it would be to build a lightsaber replica prop like the ones in the movies, the fact is that it’s not that easy finding the parts needed, so that's what inspired me to design this method of lightsaber construction. If you're going to build one, wouldn’t you rather spend time building your saber than hunting the parts? All the parts needed for making these sabers can be purchased @ the local hardware store. After building these sabers for several years and countless people asking, “How do you make these sabers?” which couldn’t just be answered through a simple email, I decided to write a tutorial guide & release this unique & original idea to the general public, Fan film makers & Star Wars fans alike to enjoy. The PDF guide will be EMAILED FREE to your Pay-Pal email address as soon as payment is made through Pay-pal. Money orders are accepted too, once received, the guide will then be emailed. If mailing payment email for info.

Price for the PDF Guide is $6.95

(Guide contains stencil for this handle style)

The sabers pictured above can also be purchased pre-constructed

The double also unscrews at the center so that it can be used in a "Florentine"

type fighting style

The single saber for $60.00 + FREE Priority Shipping US ONLY!

The double saber for $120.00 + FREE Priority Shipping US ONLY!



~Single Sabers~

Style #1 $60.00


Style #2 $100.00


Style #3 $80.00


Style #4 $90.00


Style #5 $60.00


Style #6 $60.00


Style #7 $80.00


~Double Sabers~

Style #8 $120.00


Style #9 $120.00


Style #10 $120.00





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