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Welcome to the October Newsletter

Words From Jerry
Hello Weatherfun member, and welcome to an abbreviated version of Jerry's words due to the fall that I had this past weekend.

This is the time of year that our thoughts turn to fall planting, buying mums, and pumpkins to decorate the yard, and leaf peeping. But, it is also a time of the year when the hurricane season sometime reaches it's peak. At this writing we have Lili, that looks like she will be the worst hurricane of this season so far, and Kyle, that just does not want to give up. Lili looks like she will strike somewhere in the Gulf Coast. All members from Texas to Louisiana have their eyes on Lili. At this point they really do not need anymore rain in that part of the country, but it looks like they are in more trouble. It looks like the hurricane season will go on for a while longer.

We have also had a very successful 1st. Weatherfun Reunion. Several members joined Susan and I up here in the Rhode Island area for a great weekend of fun, good company, and good food. Susan and I were delighted to have the 1st. Reunion cookout at our home here in Warren. Everyone enjoyed themselves to food made by different members, and I think we all gained a bit of weight over the weekend.

I thank Bill and Steve, part of the three musketeers, for their help. Lynn for all the great food that she made, and for making it such an enjoyable reunion with her antics of trying to make it snow here in Rhode Island. Did she make it snow? Very close to it folks. Keep watching for my up dates and you will find out. Even though everytime I turned around she was putting some snow related material in front of me, I STILL HATE SNOW. LOL To all of you who took the time to come up here to Rhode Island, Susan and I thank you very much and you are always welcomed in our home anytime.

See you all next month, and please support your Weatherfun newsletter.

September's Weather
  • Labor Day Weekend was a washout along the East Coast.Some areas received up to 4" of rain with temperatures running 15 degrees below normal.
  • 1st - Tropical Depression 5 formed off of the Florida coast, & on the 2nd became Tropical Storm Edouard. He weakened and crossed central Florida with heavy rain.
  • 2nd - Ladysmith, Wisconsin was struck by a severe tornado. The storm touched down west of the downtown area causing damage that extended approximately three blocks wide and 15 blocks long and virtually destroying downtown Ladysmith. Luckily there were no deaths.
  • 5th - Tropical Storm Fay formed just off the Louisiana coastline, and came ashore south of Galveston, TX early on the 7th with heavy rain.
  • 7th - TD #7 formed out in the Atlantic south of Bermuda, and became Tropical Storm Gustav. He came very close to the Outer Banks with gusts to 60 mph, rain & heavy surf, but then went out to sea. He became the first hurricane of the year on the 10th out over the ocean, and raced up to Nova Scotia with gust to 80 mph and up to 4" of rain.
  • The first week saw very warm temperatures in The Plains. Many places saw readings in the upper 90s, and some areas broke 100.
  • 11th - TD #9 formed in the Gulf of Mexico over 200 miles south of the Florida Panhandle, and became Tropical Storm Hanna on the 12. He came ashore at Mobile Bay, AL early on the 14th. Most of the rain and wind was on the east side of the storm. Where winds gusted to 60+ mph with 6-10" of rain in some areas. Hanna, as a depression, moved across GA, SC, NC, & VA, bringing much needed rain to those areas. Hanna's rain combined with a cold front & gave the mid-Atlantic states a good soaking on the 15th into the 16th. Even southern New England got into the act.
  • 19th - Tropical Storm Isidore became a hurricane, I slammed into northern Yucatan on the 23rd. Stayed there for a day and became a tropical storm, then moved back into the Gulf, but in a very weakened condition.
  • 20th-22nd - The First WEATHERFUN Reunion
  • 21st - Several tornadoes touched down in Indiana, one a F2. Luckily no one died.
  • 23rd - 24th - Hot temperatures in California, with some places recording temps over 100 degrees.
  • 26th - Tropical Storm Isidore came ashore early in the morning at the southeast of Louisiana. Rain had fallen from Texas to Florida. Southern LA & MS were flooded with heavy rains, some areas getting over 12" of rain. The remnants of Isidore dumped much needed rain throughout the eastern half of the nation.

Mississippi Gulf Coast

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The Greatest 24 Hour Rainfall in the US was 43.00 inches at Alvin, TX in July 25/26 1979. I wonder if it was rain from a tropical system?
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