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Welcome to the September issue of the WEATHERFUN Newsletter.

Words From Jerry
Hello folks and welcome to the September issue of the Weatherfun newsletter.

Well, after a very warm summer here in the Northeast we are finally into September, and meteorically speaking Sept. 1st. is the first day of fall. The big question on everyone's mind is what will the winter of 2002-03 bring? Some are saying a cold and dry winter, while others are saying that we are in for a very tough snowy winter. Now I know you all know what I am calling for, and looking forward to.

Also as I write this, Steve in Florida, is keeping us all up to date on T. S. Edouard, that will be coming ashore shortly. Up to now the tropics have been very quite, but as September approached they suddenly became active. Well, here is hoping that the results of the storms will only be wet like Edouard, and not destructive as past years. As you all know though we still have plenty of time for hurricane season, and we are moving into the active part of the season.

Well, the big thing for September, is Weatherfun's 1st. Annual Reunion. In just a matter of a few weeks, several of us will be meeting at the Park Inn, in Seekonk, Mass. for our 1st Reunion. Members will be coming from up and down the East coast for our 1st Reunion. Anyone who has not decided to attend we still have plenty of rooms available.

A few of the highlights of the weekend will be a visit to Battleship Cove, in Fall River, Mass., followed by a cookout at Weatherfun Headquarters here in Warren, where we will have a full weather, Weatherfun Menu.

For further details on our 1st Reunion, please go to the website, and click on Reunion, for all the details.
While there why not check out some of the new features that Richard Foreman has added to our already, great Weatherfun website.

That's about if for now folks, but we all look forward to a very active season coming up for Weatherfun. We have just passed 60,000 messages for Weatherfun, and we are now working on the second 60,000. We look forward to a great season ahead. That is just as long as my town of Warren, RI only has a little snow on Christmas Eve, and Christmas morning. After that a nice mild winter, that goes by real quick, and Bill's one inch of dust builds up real fast, on his golf clubs.

See you all next month folks, and please continue to support your Weatherfun Newsletter.

August's Weather
  • Hot & humid conditions from late July until the 6th for New England, the Midwest, & mid-Atlantic states.
  • On the 4th, Tropical Storm Bertha formed just SE of New Orleans and came ashore early on the 5th with heavy rains in SE Louisiana & SW Mississippi, and then drift back into the Gulf as a depression bringing heavy rain to south Texas.
  • 6th Tropical Storm Christobal formed off the Florida coast & headed out to sea.
  • Wildfires in Oregon during the first part of the month caused major problems.
  • 12th-19th Heat & humidity returned in full force in the East.
  • 21st & 22nd, Iowa & parts Illinois have heavy rain. Some places got over 9" in 30 hours.
  • 26th-27th Heavy rain in North Carolina, with some places getting 8" of rain causing major flooding.
  • 28th-29th the heavy rain moved up into Virginia and then the rest of the mid-Atlantic states.
  • 29th Tropical Depression 4 formed way out in the Atlantic and became Tropical Storm Dolly.
  • A stalled front along the East Coast continued to bring rain and cool temperatures to closeout the month.

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What's Dew Point

It's the temperature the air needs to be in order to get condensation. Basically how hot or cold it must be to rain.
The Dew Point varies with the humidity. The more moisture in the air, the higher the Dew Point. The drier the air, the lower the Dew Point. When the humidity is 100%, the Dew Point is the same as the temperature.

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We hope that you enjoyed this month's Newsletter. See you next month, and be sure to visit the WEATHERFUN Website and most of all have fun with your weather.
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