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Welcome to the October, 2004 issue of the WEATHERFUN Newsletter

Words From Jerry
Greetings fellow Weatherfun members and welcome to the October Weatherfun Newsletter. How do I know it is October? Well, just the other night I went outside around 10PM on the Weatherfun Deck, to put some chemicals in the pool water. I looked up toward the light and I could see my breath. Yes, the cold weather is on the way. The leaves have started to turn, and before you know it the snow will be in the air.

This year's hurricane season as you know has been a very violent one, with Florida taking the full brunt of the severe hurricanes. Much damage has been done to the great state of Florida, and lives have been lost. Even at this time residents are still cleaning up from the destruction. They are out of water, and some will be without electricity for weeks to come. But, we are finding that even with terrible tragedy like this, fellow Americans are banning together to help one another out in a time of need like this. One in particular is fellow Weatherfun member Jean from Florida. She decided that she wanted to join the Red Cross to help out with the clean up. They decided to use Jean in the best way that they could, and put her to work cooking. Jean did such a great job that they have made her the head cook. She is working so hard that they wanted her to take a day off, but Jean wanted to make sure everyone was fed first, and Jean did exactly that. They finally did get her to take a day off though. Jean our Weatherfun hats are off to you, in doing such a great job, and we are all proud to have you here on Weatherfun.

The tropics have quieted down for now, and we hope that no more serious storms develop this year.

Also we have John Jensen back as a moderator of Weatherfun. Some of you know John as the owner of Wx Warn. John sends out weather warnings for your area directly to your e-mail address. John welcome back to our moderator group. We have a great group of moderators folks, and they are a great help to me. Without them I would not be able to keep Weatherfun going. Welcome back John.

Also because of a very busy hurricane season a very important date slipped by us. Our 6th Birthday. Weatherfun is now 6 years old. Six great years I might add for Susan and Me. Six years of not only great weather observing, but also six years of great friendship. Now, watch us grow and get even better in our new year ahead of us. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEATHERFUN.

Please keep the good reports and weather related articles coming folks, as we enter our 7th year.

Remember this is your newsletter. Please support it, and send your ideas to either Bill or me.

September's Weather
  • September 4th: Hurricane Frances, once with winds to 145 mph, starts to effect Florida packing 105 mph winds.
  • 5th: The center of Hurricane Frances eye comes ashore around 1 AM just south of the Ft Pierce area with 105 mph winds. She slowly creeps across Florida getting north of Tampa by midnight and downgraded to a Tropical Storm. Many areas received over a foot of rain. Power outages and billions of dollars were caused by her. By midnight, she reached the Gulf of Mexico. A number of cities in California hit record Highs.
  • 6th: TS Frances moves across the NE part of the Gulf to hit the Panhandle of Florida and move into SW Georgia with 40-50 mph winds and very heavy rain.
  • 7th-9th: The remnants of Frances crawls northward to New York and then into New England with flooding rains and many tornadoes. Some areas received over a foot of rain and Frances spawned over 80 tornadoes. At least 20th deaths were due to the storm.
  • 8th-12th: Hurricane Ivan, reaching Cat 5 at times, roars into and across the Caribbean causing destruction and at least 68 deaths.
  • 15th: Tropical Storm Jeanne strikes southern Puerto Rico with 65 mph winds and flooding rains. At least 7 deaths were reported.
  • 16th: Jeanne sits on the north coast of Hispanola causing flooding rains and damaging winds that resulted in over 1500 deaths, mostly in Hatti. Hurricane Ivan, packing winds of 130 mph, comes ashore in Alabama causing massive flooding rains, storm surge of 10 to 16 feet, damaging winds and tornadoes. At least 12 deaths were reported, most of them from the tornadoes.
  • 17th-18th: Ivan's remnants slowly moved up the southern Appalachians dropping 3 to 10 inches of rain as far north as New York. Over 100 tornadoes were caused by Ivan. The death toll rose to at least 56.
  • 18th-19th: Record High temperatures in several cities from Texas to South Dakota.
  • 20th-23rd: Part of Ivan's remnants went off the East Coast, went south and then west across Florida with heavy rain, and finally into the Gulf of Mexico and reformed into a Tropical Storm coming ashore in Louisana with 3 to 5 inches of rain.
  • 22nd: Colorado a taste of winter on the last day of summer, nearly 17 inches of snow in some parts of the high country.
  • 25th: After doing a loop, Hurricane Jeanne headed towards the east coast of Florida and came ashore just before midnight near the southern end of Hutchinson Island just east of Stuart with winds near 120 mph.
  • 26th: Jeanne moves across to near Tampa and then north towards Georgia. She was downgraded to a tropical storm. 5 to 8 inches of rain with a few tornadoes. At least 6 deaths so far.
  • 27th: Jeanne becomes a depression as she moves through Georgia with 4 to 6 inches of rain and several tornadoes in the Carolinas.
  • 28th: The remnants of Jeanne bring heavy rain from Virginia to New England, with Virginia having several tonadoes.

Cape Canaveral

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We hope that you enjoyed this month's Newsletter. See you next month, and be sure to visit the WEATHERFUN Website but most of all have fun with your weather.
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