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Welcome to the August, 2004 issue of the WEATHERFUN Newsletter

Words From Jerry
Here we are folks the beginning of August and well into the hurricane season. Problem is nothing big in the tropics so far this season. But, as of this writing we now have some activity off of Bermuda, and everyone on the East coast is monitoring this system for further development. Of course we do not expect anything big from this system, but we do have to keep an eye on it.

The big news is our Third Weatherfun Reunion is now history. Yes, our reunion has come and gone. Folks, I did not think that we could out do the first two reunions, but we did. A great time was had by all. Our first part was the ride on the Bay Queen and was just great, and everyone said that if we have another reunion in this area we have to include a trip on the Bay Queen to the City by the Sea, Newport, Rhode Island.

You have all heard me say that you do not really get to know our members until you meet them in person, and I will say that again this year folks. Everyone who attended this years reunion was just great. We met a few newcomers this year, and it was a pleasure meeting them for the very first time. The activities that we attended we also great. Tall Ships although the lines were long it was a once in a life time experience. I did not go aboard the ships, but believe me when I say I enjoyed them very much from my viewing point. Our visit with Bill Gile was fantastic. Bill took a lot of time with the children this year, and focused his talk toward them. He also made sure for the first part of the program that he had all of the children in the weather center so that they could get a first hand view of him as he presented his forecast to Rhode Island. Bill, I for one, thank you very much for the great job that you did for us, and appreciate you taking the time. You are not only a great meteorologist, but also a gentlemen. The Grand Finale cookout was also just great. Great food, and great friendship. My cousin Tony, wife Shirley and grandson joined us, and he liked it so much he became a member of Weatherfun. He said to me, Jerry I have heard a lot about this group from you, but never though it was this great, and I thank everyone for welcoming us with open hands.

Professor Bill's weather quiz as usual was fantastic. Bill where did you get such great weather questions? It shows that Bill has been working on this for many months.

Prizes! What can I say folks? Lynn, you out did yourself this year. Folks, these were not cheap prizes, but first class weather instruments, and weather related material. I myself have a graph thermometer that I will set up today, take some pictures and show you what a great prize that I have. The wholesale cost of my prize alone is $500. Lynn was able to literally get thousands of dollars worth of prizes folks. She even had vendors calling her to see if they could take part in this year's activities. Now, this is something when they come to us without us going to them. Lynn, my hat is off to you on a great job. I will be addressing the reunion in the up coming week folks, with some words from Jerry, and I will go into it much further, and thank some very special people. For now though to all of you who had something to do with this year's reunion, I thank you very much for your hard work, and kindness.

All I can say in closing folks is look out Weatherfun Reunion 2005. I know that more of you will be attending, and this will make it even better. Susan and I enjoyed very much hosting the reunion and we would do it again in a New York minute folks. Matter of fact we had such a great time that we had two activities that we could not attend this year, but will hold them off for future activities. This shows you what a great success this year's reunion was.

Remember folks, this is your newsletter. Please support it, and take part in it. If you have any articles that you would like to see here, please contact Bill or me, and let us know what they are. But, please support your Weatherfun Newsletter. Till next month have a great summer, watch out for the tropical activities, and above all stay safe and keep an eye to the sky.

July's Weather
  • 2nd: Cooler weather moves into Alaska helping firefighters with the wildfires.
  • 4th: Severe storms in Kansas & Missouri with flooding rains, damaging winds, hail & a few tornados.
  • 7th: Storms in northern Florida and the Baltimore area with flooding rains and damaging winds.
  • 9th: Storms in Indiana with heavy rain, hail, and damaging winds.
  • 11th: Storms in northern Florida with flooding rains, damaging winds and hail. There was one death due to lightning.
  • 12th: Storms from Philadelphia to New York City brought flooding rains and damaging winds. Parts of southern New Jersey had over 10 inches of rain in less than 24 hours.
  • 13th: Severe weather in the midwest with several tornadoes in Illinois.
  • 14th: Severe weather in Pennsylvania and the Maryland/Virginia area with heavy rain, damaging wind and lightning and a few tornadoes.
  • 17th: A small area of snow showers in Warren, RI.
  • 21st: Storms in Illinois & Indiana with heavy rain & damaging winds.
  • 22nd-24th: Record High temperatures in Washington and Oregon.
  • 22rd-25th: Record cold throughout the Upper Plains that spread in the rest of the Midwest.
  • 23rd: Flooding rains in New Jersey with some areas reporting over 6" of rain.
  • 26th-27th: Cold Canadian air brought record Lows from North Dakota to Texas.
  • 27th: Heavy rains along the East Coast with an F-1 tornado in New Jersey.
  • 28th: Up to 13 inches of rain fell in the Dallas, TX area that resulted in 3 deaths.
  • 31st: TD #1 forms just off the northern Florida coast.

Shinnecock Inlet
Long Island, NY

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WEATHERFUN Reunion 2004 was a huge success. A webpage will be done in the near future showing pictures of members at the various events. Now's the time to start planning for our next Reunion. Good times and fun are guaranteed.

We hope that you enjoyed this month's Newsletter. See you next month, and be sure to visit the WEATHERFUN Website but most of all have fun with your weather.
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